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The Exchange Student (Frenchie)
The Exchange Student (Frenchie)

This story is true, and it happened when i was about 19 yrs old, and had just finished school. It was a summer, and after a few weeks of bumming around, I worked in a big electricity company in the city nearby, where for the first time in my life, I was making great money with little effort. All I had to do was take the tram two stations, get out the car, walk 40 meters, ring the doorbell, and I was in the living room of the parents of a certain girl. That girl had been in my volume, or age group in school, cause in our school system, there is 13 grades, preparing you for university, and the last 2 of those, all students pick and choose individual courses to their liking, before that, it is divided into 4 separate classes. So this girl was, among the whole pool of probably 50 other girls of our volume, one of the least attractive. Why was that ? She had a slender body, not too tall, short brown hair, a very plain face, but the worst part was the huge thick glasses she wore, which really were a turn-off for me, and obviously most other guys too. At that time i was doing a lot of sports, and thought myself that by doing so, it would somehow upgrade my market value, feeling like such a jock, which was an illusion, for the reason that I simply did the wrong sports. I played volleyball, and beach volleyball, and sometimes went jogging, and also once a week we played indoor soccer at the local YMCA, which was always a good crowd, and would get your sweat-glands going.. But at that age I had always hated circle-training, lifting weights, muscle workout.. Also basketball just didn’t do it for me, cause I thought the rules were lame, and guys would just grab the ball you had, and run with it, but if you did the same, the ref would blow his whistle every time. I never read any men’s magazines and it wouldn’t enter my head that there was a benefit in working your muscles in the studio, cause that’s what the ladies want. Instead all I thought about was volleyball and beach volleyball, a sport that in retrospect is almost a gay sport, at least for guys.. Also any sort of martial arts, which is highly useful and gives you a great full-body workout, was completely out of question, cause my parents told us any sort of fighting, no matter how, is always wrong.

So why had I ended up taking a 4-week-job for the company the father of said girl was working for ?
I’ve had a crush on her bestie, who was the complete difference from her, she was a blonde bombshell, not too tall, had the most beautiful face you can imagine. She was so good looking, that you’d feel ashamed every time she looked back. Her father was a lawyer, and in retrospect I think, she might have had quite some mileage on her, even at that age (19), whereas I still had the mind of a c***d. So there was easily a 10yr gap, but probably much more between us. I had no chance in a million years to get with her. Even tho i wrote her notes couple times how much i liked her, but she gave me the usual friendzone stuff, which i got all the time from other hot girls too..
She was so incredibly hot, that in the changing cabins of the gym, there were writings on the wall, about what guys wanted to do to her. That’s how hot she was. She was probably around 5’5, had beautiful blonde long hair well past her shoulders, looking like a shampoo model, clear endearing eyes, an even and well proportioned face. The complete opposite of her bestie with the thick glasses.

She also was quite full of ruse, which i learned when she invited me with her bestie to a big contest for a certain sport, that was quite popular at that time, and it was the biggest contest of that kind in europe, happening every winter. I really was into that sport, and wanted to go, but always was broke, and it was a big dream of mine. Suddenly the girls approached me telling me I could have a ride with them, they had relatives in a village nearby where we could sleep, and attend the contest. It was a dream come true.. We rode there, and it was a complete setup. While I had a crush on her, unable to see that she was lightyears out of my league, a weird looking immature sports-nerd, but with little to no shoulders, 6’5 tall, raised in a famly thats the equivalent of a bunch of trailer park rednecks, and her, who could easily have every guy in the entire school, including every teacher.. She tried to set me up with her bestie, and kept doing so. With much abandon. But i had no interest in getting with glasses-broad at all. On said contest, she had arranged me to sleep in the same bed with her, which I did, glasses and me slept side by side, but i only looked straight to the ceiling, being pissed off for having been set up. When I talked to her while lieing in bed, i kept the tone of my voice rather stern, as to not give glasses a wrong signal. But in retrospect that trip was a good life lesson. I had gotten my worth weighed out in copper. The contest was awesome tho, i really enjoyed it so much, and am glad I had that opportunity, cause prior, i had only seen it on television each year.

So there i was, working in a spacy, well-lit and air conditioned office, making almost 20 bucks an hour, for doing not much more than sitting there for 8 hrs a day, typing numbers into a computer, checking booking sheets for the costumers of said company. it was boring work, but I was glad to have it. Sometimes we would joke around and wear big oversized paper hats we made ourselves out of gigantic newspaper sheets, and other stuff like that. So me and the two girls would hang around, I was glad i was near the bombshell, and her bestie was glad to be around me, and everyone got something out of it.

At that same time, one of my sisters, who is like 4 yrs my minor, had a pen-pal over for like 2 weeks. who was from another country, France. I was learning french at that time, and already could talk a little. She had been with us before, the year prior, where she got this beautiful wavy long black hair, down to her navel, she was mixed race, not a real jigaboo, but had some tender brown or darker tones in her skin. Something you’d rarely see around here, she had curious eyes that hid sometimes güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri behind cheeky glasses. A cute face, not an outstanding beauty, but definitely endearing. Sometimes we would talk a bit while having lunch or dinner, and i was wearing a cheap t-shirt from the market at a vacation in France, with a weird print on it, but it was written in “Argot”, a form of french slang that uses word reversal, and is hard to understand. She explained to me what it would mean, something I still remember. She was an artsy character, and made her own clothes, bags, skirts etc. The year prior she had already been with us, also for two weeks or so, and had had this beautiful long hair that turned her into an irresistable little sex goddess, but now she’d cut it all off to a stubble, which i thought was not that beautiful, but she still was fair game, definitely. We’d met her famly once while driving to vacation in france for a stop-over, since it was convenient. And visited the house where she lived. She had a brother who liked to play the electric guitar, and had a practice room, one of the sort that i always dreamed of having. Her mom was a bit chubby, but happy and bubbly, also with a darker skin color, like a Berber, South Asian, or Lady from the Maghreb probably, always incredibly forthcoming, and always found something nice to say or compliment.
She had a little sister that was very young at that time, probably under ten. The father was a cop, and was a patient soul, and helped my dad with planning the route.. So that was the house she lived in, and I had seen it.
Her parents both had darker skin, but these strange sparkly green or blue eyes, which was a really alluring combination, whereas my hair is dark blonde or even brown, and eyes are hazel. Completely bland, compared to the DNA she carried.

That summer she was with us, and i left the house every morning early, and coming home at around 6PM, pretty plastered from work, just had a couple more hours to hang around, do stuff, then sleep and go back to work. And all the time i thought how great it would be to make out with this french girl. I thought it to be my right, and that life would owe me, since I had never ever had a girlfriend at school, like almost everyone else, with making out and carrying on and all that. We had many parties those days, and constantly people were smooching around, changing partners, smooching some more, everybody would gossip who was now with who, had had sex with who, or got caught with who, and i felt completely left out. So i thought nothing about it, or that i was doing anything wrong. To me, girls were simply there to fill a void. My void. Boy, how wrong I was.

I kept making attempts at frenchie, but they all failed. She was nice to me, but nothing more. We talked, but I didn’t impress her. At that time i watched a lot of late night TV, cause we had just gotten cable, and suddenly there was like 100 channels to choose from. And at 10PM sharp, there was the fantasy channel, a british erotic channel that had real actual sex in it, hosted by Ben Dover, a famous porn actor, and the posh british accent (i had always liked english and excelled at it in my class) and the stuff they would broadcast was such a turn on. I often would watch TV til everyone was in bed. Then continue to swap the channels to watch something more nasty. And masturbate to it, while lieing on the floor. Also at that time we had the internet, and there was a website called the pussyboard, which was my go-to porn website. I remember the very first porn picture i ever saw in my life, apart from the dirty magazines we found in the bushes on our way home from school, and would with much curiosity study and analyze them, and elaborate on it. My first ever porn picture I saw on the pusyboard at age 13, it was two young women, kissing each other, naked, facing the camera, riding the cocks of two guys, reverse cowgirl, while they sat on a sofa. This picture had such an incredible effect on my body when seeing it. I could barely believe it. It went off like a bomb. Even tho at that time, internet was so slow, it would take 3 or 4 seconds for the picture to load. But growing up protestant, shielded from any ‘harmful influences’, this was a view never seen before.. And something I was hooked on for the better part of my adolescence, and even now my adult life.

Back to the story, I was trying to romance frenchie, but failed miserably, she wouldn’t bite the hook. I obviously had the wrong lure. Back then i didn’t know that girls from age 16 on, could easily have sex with anyone or anything, girl or boy, man or woman, from 16 up to 60, without any effort whatsoever. So powerful is the gift nature has given them. Our school system was integrated, boys and girls were together, and i had the strange impression in my head that in order to get laid, you needed to be good at sports, but most of all, good looking, like the guys in the movies. I was unaware of the fact that plain or average looking people, or disabled people, had sex too.. I also was thinking that only people of the same age can have sex, like a 18yr old guy and 16 yr old girl, or 30 yr old woman with a 29 yr old man. Back then, old people to me had no attraction at all, so anything or anyone above 50 or 60, or some people even younger, were completely out of the picture. This was what I was actually thinking!

Anyway, at that time, I had about given up on frenchie, and didn’t think much about her anymore, even tho she still roamed our house, spending time with my sister, and I went to my usual late night TV routine. One time she watched me play the guitar, and liked it, which i thought was cool, probably it was because her brother also played the guitar, and we know that sisters often have a secret admiration for their brothers. So that fateful night me and frenchie were sitting in the living room, watching TV as usual, my dad had watched the evening news and went to bed, to be fit for work tomorrow. Me and frenchie were talking and talking, my french was obviously still lacking, but we could communicate, with hands and feet. I enjoyed it, and she didn’t seem to mind. Sometimes I tried to perabet tell her some dirty jokes in french, but either i didn’t get the suspension curve right, or my french just sucked too much, cause it didn’t impress her either. Then at about 10PM, i showed her the fantasy channel, and she didn’t say anything, she obviously wasn’t a prude. We kept talking and lieing next to each other. And more and more, we would get closer to each other, not looking into each others face, but simply looking at the TV, where i flipped the channels. Obviously she didn’t mind the warmth of another body, and it was fine with her. I moved a bit closer. we kept watching. she moved a bit closer. we kept watching. at some point we were so close that our bodies would touch, and it sent shivers down my spine. I had not touched a girl in a looong time, cause from around 10th to 13th grade, school had gotten all so serious, no more wild improvised disco and tongue-kissing, and everyone had his regular BF/GF, but not me. So frenchie and me had moved closer and closer, now feeling each others arms next to each other. And the whole atmosphere by then was loaded.. you could hear a pin drop, the blood was rushing through my body, my heart was agitated, and pumped like crazy. I didn’t look at her. Then I did look at her. and she looked at me, and like from an invisible magnetic attraction, our mouthes met each other, and we kissed. We couldn’t stop kissing. It was like time stood still. We didn’t care about the television. And at some point i just switched it off. I had entered the wormhole of space, and enjoyed getting totally lost in her kisses, caressing her short hair, touching her body everywhere, her nicely shaped young legs, her slender belly, her arms. We were caressing each other and kissing, sometimes our teeth would collide, and we’d both shriek back, just to continue a few split-seconds later.. She asked me “veux tu que j’enleve ma jupe?” which is translated “do you want me to lift my skirt?”… And stupid as I was I said “No”… and kept on touching and hugging her.. I was kinda pissed that she had cut off her beautiful hair, and was not having her beautiful long black hair from last year anymore, which would have turned her into a sex goddess.. This way, she only looked plain, definitely hot, but not as good as with her hair… I also had the magic idea, to tell her, as a safety measure, we could make out as much as she wanted, but she was not allowed to fall in love with me… I asked her this two times in broken french, and each time she said “Yes”… and we continued making out.. She also assured me that this would be the first time she did this, and of course I believed it. Why would an innocent girl like her ever lie to me? I had never before felt the reality of sex, and the tension created when two souls get so close together..
Strangely,at some point during our making out, I suddenly lost all interest in her, like out of the blue. I had no idea why that happened, it just happened.. Basically I did to her that night, what I wanted, and she lay there on her back, with me fiddling around on her. I had no idea what a clitoris was, or what turned a girl on. I thought all that would just happen automatically. She asked me repeatedly “Veux tu que j’enleve ma jupe?”, and at some point got tired of asking, and just lifted her skirt herself anyway, up to her belt, and i was lieing on my back, with her, grinding her hips in circular motion on my loins, while looking at me through her nerdy glasses.
Her smell was a slight mix of perfume, but mostly her body smell, and breath of her mouth, which is hard to describe, but if i could smell it again right now I’d immediately recognize it. It definitely smelled like sweat, body odors, the smell of her mouth and the smell of sex, basically. Not peppermint or coconut oil, but sex. I just couldn’t get enough of her body. she lay on her back, i lay close to her, and was so turned on that i just had to insert my fingers into her vagina. to my big surprise there was a hard spot, not far from the entry, and i wondered why this hard spot or knot was there, it was so big and prevalent, i don’t know even today what it was, cause she still is the only girl i ever had penetrated with my hand.. I kept putting my fingers in and out her vagina, and at some point, since we were both so completely overwhelmed by the energy, hearts pounding, heavy breathing, but especially the eye contact.. I couldn’t stop from looking into her eyes. It was the most intense thing of all, to be only a couple centimeters apart, and look into those eyes, while kissing, while both our hearts were racing. So since I was already fingering her vagina, i decided to go all the way and stuck my fingers into her asshole too. I had never done that before either. but that didn’t matter at that moment. I was simply floating in an ocean of passion and sex, and stuck one or two fingers into her butthole, to move them back and forth, and sometimes pull them out to sniff and lick them. But it didn’t smell bad or anything, it didn’t hurt her, they just went in. The only difference was, the prominent knot i was feeling in her vagina, i couldn’t feel inside her butt.. so i kept fingering her in both holes, switching from one to the other, and she didn’t seem to mind at all, and we kept touching each others bodies and kissing. The whole time i never removed my pants, i can’t even remember if my cock was hard or half hard, but it never crossed my mind to stick it into her, and she made no attempts to take it out. So we left it at that.. We lay there for hours and time went so fast. The first night, we continued, only interrupted by one or two pee breaks, almost til the break of dawn, and i had to leave and get my stuff ready to ride to work. kissing her goodbye. The whole making out went on for like three or four nights, I can’t remember.. Until i lost all of a sudden, like from a complete change of mind, all of my interest in her. Why, I didn’t understand. In retrospect it makes sense, cause she was a conquest, not a deep soul love. At work i got more and more tired every day, but felt myself finally validated in front of the bombshell, the hot chick perabet giriş at work, with now having something to show up for. One time her bestie, the glasses-chick asked me “Doesn’t frenchie let you catch any sleep?” and i just replied “No”… then she didn’t ask any further…

So the making out had gone on for 2 or three nights, but increasingly, it became a bit boring or bland, at least to me. Then one day, she had to leave, and my dad drove her back to France. Upon her return, he had a talk with me, and got incredibly furious, to a degree that i just couldn’t understand what had made him so damn furious. He foamed in my face, how could I do such a thing, seduce an innocent girl, that for the latter part of her stay, would not spend time with anyone anymore, other than waiting for me each night, and sleep the whole day. And that now he would look like an idiot, cause he had to drive her back to France, a 5 hour drive, all alone in the car with her. What would that look like ? He had to explain everything to her parents in France, and even had to take some younger siblings with him in the car, as to not look completely stupid, like some sort of perv or m*****er.. The entire thing was a complete surprise to me, I couldn’t understand it, and it made me both really angry and upset. To my great surprise also frenchie kept writing me letters, where she explained that she loved me, and wanted to be my girlfriend, and wanted me to keep writing her. But I would have none of it, and wrote her back in the brashest tone, that I had to go to my military service in a month, and had no time for any of that nonsense. Also being quite young, not having a car, and the means to travel to her place, it would be completely impossible. It dawned on me that the promise I had asked of her twice, not to fall in love with me, was a complete desaster, cause exactly that had happened. During my time in the military, she kept writing me once or twice, but each time i grounded her with short, brash replies.. It was nothing short of murder, but i didn’t think much of it at that time.

Some years later, when I was in my early to mid twens, and had another elongated phase of depression, which happened more often than I would like to admit, and was i to write a curriculum vitae, would leave quite some large gaps in it.. Well, on one of these days, I was overwhelmed with the way i had told her off.. and wrote her in a flow of emotions, I would be willing to get with her, and we could marry, and I could get a steady job, just to make her happy.. She wrote me back that i was a fool, deluded by my religious thoughts, which were illusions, and that her family was not religious, and never would be. She wrote “tu me fais peur avec ta religion. la religion, quelle saloperie!” telling me that religion is a crock. Which in retrospect is true. Religion really is a crock. Cause it is the empty hull that appears as something genuine, when in fact it is poison, like a wax figure in Madame Tussaud’s, compared to a real human being. She didn’t want to be my friend anymore, and told me to stop writing her. Later I called her mother at some point, saying I was sorry, and she only said “I heard you and my daughter had a little “adventure”, as she called it.. She had a caring motherly tone, but the talk went nowhere, and she said Her daughter wouldn’t live with them anymore.. And had moved away..

It turned out she had moved to a french city not far away (only 70km from my famly home, where she studied at a school of fine arts for four, probably six years.) That distance is like a puddle-jump to me now, but back then, with my limited means and outlook on the world, it was half a world away.
Me and Frenchie never met again. I only saw her face again recently, couple weeks ago, when I decided out of a whim to google and facebook her name. And saw that she was now married, with two young baby c***dren, and a double-name. With the added name making her regular name sound even much more endearing and cute.. I had googled her name several times before, but had never found her.

I’m not sure if i should, or will, paste pictures of her, she has some on her facebook. She and her husband now live in Brittany, the northwest part of France, where she is motherin’ her k**s and putting her fine art skills to use, helping people realize their business ideas, picking the right name, the right colors and slogans for their venture. She is definitely a spiritual person, but more in a new-age type of way, not the way I was raised with, or how I now feel about things… Would I contact her again, No. For the matter that it appears she got her life halfway in order, which is already an achievement in itself. At least that’s what I believe now, in my late 30s. Almost twice the age we had, when we were kissing late at night, to stupid Ben Dover’s fantasy channel.

BTW Ben Dover still does porn, he now looks like a grey haired grandad, but still has anal sex with two hot 20 year old chicks at a time, taping it. You can see it on xhamster or other sites. it looks pathetic. just as pathetic as I was that summer with frenchie. I hope she can forgive me. If she would call me right now, to help her with something, be it money or giving a hand with something, I would be down with that, no questions asked… Cause what I did was not right. Even tho she seemed to have enjoyed it, for the time being.

What happened to the bombshell ? She has now two young k**s, is married to a doctor, and on her facebook page, looks quite happy. Her face which was of such outstanding beauty, so much so that she got a job with a premium beauty brand after school, is now, not even in her 40s yet, already showing quite some wear. Whatever sort or brand of cosmetics she takes, she might consider changing it. My honest opinion. If she’d give me a booty call right now, even with her bestie in a double-team, I’d be down of course, but wouldn’t pull my leg out anymore, cause I know she’s a conniving, deceitful bitch full of plots. And married to a doctor who is all about keeping a facade up, and raking in the money. I believe she got exactly what she bargained for. What happened to her bestie with the big glasses ? I have no clue, I’m not interested in finding out. And I’m glad if things stay that way, to be honest.

I hope you liked the story. Like I said. Its probably better to not paste any pictures of either me or frenchie.
If you have any questions. Shoot away or PM.


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