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The naughty Princess
It was night in the kingdom of Alltaria. High in the tower of the
king’s castle in Tomlin, 18 year old princess Mira could not find
sleep. Her young body had awakened to desires new, forbidden
but exquisite in it’s longing. Many a night she would lie awake
now and remember the strange spectacle she had seen on a
morning only a few weeks ago. Vividly she can still recall the
sounds that drew her attention to the store room of her tower.
Short, sharp yelps of a woman and a regular muffled slapping
noise. She believed it to be of Andrea her maiden servant who
had mysteriously failed to attend to her this morning. Maybe
someone was punishing her for an unknown offence. Worried for
her maiden she went to investigate. The door had been slightly
ajar so the princess could observe the inside of the room before
being seen from the outside. And truly there was her maiden bent
over a stack of bed sheets, her servants dress above her hips.
Behind her a guard with his pants around the ankles repeatedly
bumping his hips into the maidens bum. It sure looked like a
strange punishment. What could be the meaning of this? And why
now closer to the source of the yelps did they sound more like
expressions of pleasure than punishment? Mira had to find out.
She had to observe more of this strange incident. Silently she
inched closer to the door. Amazed she realised the guard had
stuck his member deep into her maidens cunny. And with each
back and forth of his hips his member drove in and out of her
maiden. The princess saw Andreas pert little breasts were also
exposed and Andrea was rubbing them while again and again
yelping in pleasure. Apparently she enjoyed her treatment very
much. Close as Mira was she could also hear the guards grunting
in the rhythm of his thrusts. He seemed to increase his speed now
moving his penis ever more forceful into Andreas vagina. In the
gaps of the guards thrusts Mira could see Andreas hand move
down to her pubic hair and stroke a finger between the folds of
her cunny. She seemed awfully wet there and the guards thrusts
made slopping sounds. And every time he inserted himself full
into Andrea a small sack of skin hit the maidens lips, producing
the slapping sounds Mira had heard and thought to be the sound
of a spanking. “oh yes, oh yes,” Mira heard the maid whisper.
Obviously she enjoyed this game very much. The guards reply was
even stranger to the innocent princess. “ I’m coming” he said.
Coming where? He was already deep inside Andrea so she would
know he is there. Stranger still were Andreas next words. “not
inside, on my arse, come on my arse” and before Mira could think
about what that all meant the guard pulled his manager
completely out of the maidens cunny, held it over her bum and
stroked his penis several times. Suddenly in 4 spurts a white
creamy liquid shot out of the tip of his pole and landed in long
lines all over Andreas butt.
At the sight of this Mira let slip a little shriek of surprise. In turn
Andrea and to his shame the guard answered with a shriek.
Hastily the maiden stood up straight rearranging her dress as the
guard hastened to return his pants to their proper state.
“Whatever is the meaning of this!” the princess demanded to
“Please my Lady. Apologies my Lady.” Answered Andre. “It is just
a game me and the guard were playing. A private, secret game.
Please don’t tell anyone. I beg of you. Just a game.”
The guard was quick to follow her with a vigorous noggin of the
head “Yes, just a game, just between me and lovely Andrea here.
No need to tell anyone. No harm meant.”
“I have never heard of such a game! I demand an explanation!”
Mira ordered with all the authority of a young princess.
With panic on her face Andrea took a few moments before
answering skirmish “ Princess Mira, I can’t explain the game to
you. The king wouldn’t be pleased. It’s a game for common folk.
Not for a princess.” “ I order you to tell me. You will obey. Else I
have you whipped!” Mira promised.
“Very well” Andrea gave in. “ but not right now. In the evening. In
your chambers. In a private talk.”
Princess Mira thought this through for a time. She really wanted
to know and would not want the culprits to get away and later
break their promise. But she wasn’t sure illegal bahis siteleri how much further she
could push them on the matter. Besides she didn’t really think
Andrea would be so mean. So she agreed and gave way for the
guard who eagerly took the first chance to get as far away from
the princess as he could. Andrea though relieved for the moment,
wasn’t quite as lucky as him for she had to attend to the princess
now that she was found. No possibility the refresh herself anytime
soon. With a shameful thought of the guards cum on her butt for
the rest of the day she followed the princess to the garden for a
little walk.
As the evening approached Mira got excited. All day had she
thought about her observation in the morning but still could not
make heads or tails out of it. It was all she could do, not to push
Andrea again for answers but practiced patience as well as she
could. During the evening meal her excitement grew so strong it
was clear to everyone. The king inquired what had gotten into his
daughter, if she was feeling ill. Thinking quick the princess seized
the opportunity to shorten her evenings obligations and asked to
be released to her on account of small discomfort. She would
retire to her bed with only her maiden servant Andrea to attend
to her. Of course the king agreed right away and ordered the
maiden to take special care of his daughter.
Together princess Mira and her maiden left the dinner hall and
walked up to the chambers of the princess. Mira could hardly
contain her excitement any longer and wanted nothing more than
run but Andrea would not let her. Again and again was she held
back by the maiden. It was unseemly for the princess to be seen
running through the castle. And given that she was supposed to
be in discomfort she really had to restrain herself.
At long last they reached the chambers. The princess walked into
her bed chamber while Andrea gave orders to the other servants
to get the rooms ready for the princess night and to leave when
everything was ready. Then she followed the princess to help her
undress. Andrea had just entered the bedroom when she was
immediately ambushed by the princess who demanded to finally
hear what an explanation to what had happened that morning in
the store room.
“Please just tell me. I’m about to explode with impatience. I want
to know. Now.” The princess claimed.
“ just a few moments longer princess. Just until the other servants
have left. In the meantime let us take off your dress and put on
your nightgown.” There was no helping it. Just a few minutes
more, the princess thought and turned around so Andrea could
open the laces that held the princess dress in place. The task
completed the dress slipped down to the floor where Mira
stepped out of it. Covered only in her undergarments the princess
felt Andreas eyes on her and as she turned around she saw the
maiden gazing at her with appreciation it seemed. Then Andrea
handed her the nightgown and helped Mira to put it on. For the
benefit of the last remaining servants, the princess then lay down
on her bed. Keeping up the ruse of discomfort until the last would
leave and she would finally learn more about the strangely
exciting game she had witnessed. She did not have to wait more
than a few moments, Andrea was still in the process of arranging
the curtains of the bedroom window when brought in water and
some light wine for the princess comfort during the night. She
wished them both a pleasant night, informed them of the last
servants departure. One last time the servant asked if anything
else was desired or needed and then took her leave when she was
assured that everything was as wished for.
“ Everyone is gone, we are alone now, so tell me what was that
game.” The princess addressed Andrea after the servant had left.
“ I will tell you.” Andrea replied. “ But before I begin I need you to
promise me you will not tell anyone about anything of what you
are going to learn.”
“I promise I will not.” The princess replied eagerly.
Andrea regarded the young princess for a moment and then
entered into her explanation. “ You already know that to have
babies they have to have sex. No one has explained to you how
that works I think. Otherwise you would have known canlı bahis siteleri that that
was the game the guard and I were playing. A men enters his cock
into the woman’s cunt. Moves in and out and then shoots his seed
into her belly. And sometimes out of that seed a baby grows.”
Mira thought of the creamy liquid she saw. “ Was that the white
stuff coming out of the guards penis? His seed?” “ Yes” her
maiden answered “ That is what you saw coming out.”
The princess was confused “ Did you want to make a baby with
the guard? You are not married. But if you wanted to make a baby
why did you ask him not to shoot his seed into your belly. You told
him you wanted it on your butt. I don’t understand.”
Andrea blushed a little at this. She seemed to hesitate how to
answer the princess honest questions. But the princess obviously
needed an answer. And better from a woman in a talk then by
trying to find answers on her own. So with a deep breath Andrea
dove into explaining the pleasures of sex to the young princess.
“ when a man has sex with a woman, it can be great pleasure for
both. The man’s cock, when it gets hard can cause wonderful
feelings in a woman. And the woman’s cunt is making the man’s
cock feel very good. That is why we played the game. It is called
That did not satisfy Mira’s curiosity. “ How?” she asked.
“ Well, there are many areas on a woman’s body that can cause
her to feel pleasure.” The maiden explained.
The princess thought of the sounds of pleasure she had heard
Andrea let escape. It certainly had sounded like she enjoyed sex
very much. Yet Mira could not imagine how that would work.
“Where would the pleasure come from? I don’t understand. How
would that be possible?” Mira asked. “ Please explain Andrea. I
want to know.”
Again Andrea hesitated. Regarded the princess and considered
what to do. But then she came to a decision. She stood up and
undressed herself. The princess watched with amazed excitement
as Andrea was getting naked right in front of her. She knew now
she would finally get the answers she was waiting for for so long.
When Andrea was entirely naked, she motioned for the princess
to move over a little. Then she set down on the bed beside Mira
her back leaning on the head board of the bed.
“ There are many ways to feel pleasure for a woman’s body.”
Andrea began her explanation anew. “ A woman’s boob’s for
example, are very sensitive to touch. If they get a gentle massage
the make a woman feeling very nice.” To illustrate Andrea began
to gently massage her own breasts. “ You see? Gentle strokes,
little squeezes and I start feeling pleasure.”
“ Really? Already? How does it feel?” The princess asked.
“ It is e feeling that can’t explained easily. And it feels different
from woman to woman. Some feel a tightening of the breast,
some a tingling in the stomach. Most feel their body getting
warm. If you want to know how it makes you feel, try it yourself. “
Andrea suggested.
Soon the princess took off her nightgown and started to copy the
maidens movements on her own pert little breasts. Soon she
indeed began to feel nice. A tightening of the breast, her nipples
started to harden as if she were cold. Yet she felt a warmth
spreading from her tummy to her shapely legs. Most curiously her
little cunny tingled slightly.
“ You feel it now. Don’t you?” Andrea asked as she watched the
princess fondle her soft breasts. “ Yes, Andrea, I feel it. It’s
beautiful. It’s so strange. Like soft tickles, a hot bath on a winter’s
night, exciting as the first day of spring.” Mira answered. “ My
nipples get hard, my tummy feels so warm. But most strangely my
cunny tickles.”
“ I thought it would. That is how it should be.” Andrea explained.
“ Your cunny is another part that can give you great pleasure. In
some ways greater than massaging your breasts.” She went on.
Andrea moved a hand between her legs and gently massaged the
lips of her pussy, letting the princess hear a first soft moan of
Mira, now fully embracing her role as Andreas pupil in the ways of
pleasure, followed her example and too touched her cunny.
What wondrous sensations. She could feel a little moisture on the
folds of her little kitty. Could this be sweat? The tingling
increased, spread through bahis firmaları her thighs. Like having a mind of their
own they parted. Allowing the princess easier access to herself.
How strange. Her body reacted as if her mind and body were 2
different yet intimately connected beings. And her body rewarded
her with sensations of pleasure for the treatment it received. Her
breathing sped up. The warmth radiating from he tummy reaching
her face covering he pale cheeks with pink blush. Andrea now
herself as engaged in the pleasurable activities, watched Mira’s
very first tentative steps to explore the pleasures a female body
can receive. She had to admit to herself, watching the princess
stroking her own pussy, fondling her own breasts was getting her
hot too. Already she was wet and more juice was coming just as
Mira’s pussy was getting more and more wet. Suddenly the
princess stopped, held her hand up to look at it, even carefully
brought it to the nose to smell it, then turned to Angela “ It is
strange Andrea. My cunny is wet. I did not pee myself. It doesn’t
smell like pee either. But neither does it smell like sweat. What
could this be?”
With a smile Angela answered “ It’s pussy juice. When you feel
aroused your pussy will produce to protect your sensitive skin
from getting hurt during sex. It makes it easier for a man’s dick to
enter. See I am getting wet too.” She pointed to her own pussy
and offered her hand for the princess to smell.
“ Indeed. Your cunny is wet.” The princess observed. “ I do like the
smell. It makes me want to touch myself even more. Is that
Andrea smiled at the princess new found naughtiness. “ it is fine.
It’s not wrong to be aroused by it. But not everyone likes the taste
of pussy. Their own or others.”
Mira’s eyes went wide. “ Taste? You mean I should taste it?”
“ you decide if you want to. It’s not poison. I myself do enjoy the
taste at times.” Andrea admitted.
Careful Mira brought a finger to her lips, keeping her eyes locked
on Andreas. Slowly she slipped out her tongue and licked at her
finger. After a moment of consideration she took the whole finger
into her mouth. She had to agree. It was a delicious taste. Having
tasted her own pussy juice she looked now for Andreas hand and
found it again stroking the maidens pussy. Without asking for
permission or agreement she reached out to her maidens pussy
and stroked it to coat her fingers with the wetness. With surprise
she heard the maiden gasp , then moan while she stroked her
pussy. Andreas hand moved up to her breasts and fondled both,
giving special attention to her nipples. Her breathing speeding up,
her own cheeks now blushed as she enjoyed the princess touch.
“ Mmm. So good. Go on. Don’t stop.” Andrea moaned when Mira
made to remove her hand to taste the juice. Quickly she resumed
fondling her maidens pussy but protested “ But I want to taste
your juice Andrea.” The maiden now lost in this naughty
adventure leaned back further and opened her legs before
suggesting “ Maybe you want to go and taste it at the source.”
“ Licking it from your pussy? I can do that? You wouldn’t mind?”
Mira asked. “ No my dear… I would very much… enjoy it.” Came
the answer between gasps and moans. Andrea obviously very
much enjoyed this. So the princess decided why not and bend
over her maidens cunny. The musky scent of the other woman’s
pussy was overwhelming. Mira stuck out her tongue and gently
licked up the pussy lips. The taste was even more delicious than
she had expected. It was intoxicating. She did not even register
the maidens moans of pleasure. So focused was she on getting
more if this delicious juice. Almost greedy did the princess now
lap at her maidens pussy. Up and down. Licking up the juices as
fast as they appeared. As that wasn’t fast enough anymore she
found the live tunnel between the lips and dove tongue first into
it. Andrea exploded with pleasure. She couldn’t believe the vigour
with which Mira worked on her. It was so hot, so intense. This
innocent girl with no idea about sex just minutes ago was now
practically fucking her pussy with her tongue. The princess lips
inadvertently pressed against Andreas clit. Sucking like baby to
get all the juice possible out of the maidens pussy. It was
incredible. Mira’s furious tongue lashing drove Andrea over the
edge faster than anything the maiden had ever experienced. The
orgasm exploded inheritance pussy, radiating through her legs,
tummy boobs, cramping the maiden head to toe, shivers running
through every muscle.

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