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The Neighbour’s Secret
Amy?, Sarah and Emily are in Amy’s apartment, just back from a successful shopping trip. Amy s?hows off the new picture she bought in the sales, the other two admire it and ask where she is going to hang it. Amy goes to hang the picture in pride of place on the wall above her fireplace, but is too short to reach the hook to hang it on.

Disappointed, Amy remembers her neighbour, Luke, who’s always been helpful with DIY things in the past and pops across to ask for his help. He’s happy to help the girls out, and picks up the picture and goes to hang it above the fireplace. As he’s stretching to reach the hook?, his shirt rides up and the girls catch a glimpse of his bare torso, and… what is that under his jeans? The girls can clearly see a couple of inches of exposed black sheer nylon waistband above his jeans.

The girls immediately burst out in giggles, whispering: “Oh my god! Is he wearing… pantyhose?!”

Luke is startled by the giggles, and then realises what they’ve seen. He goes to cover himself up but it’s too late, they’ve seen it and they’re not going to just let it go. They each start to quiz him about it:

“Are you wearing pantyhose?!”
“Uhhhh… yes”
“Umm… I just like illegal bahis siteleri it I guess”
“Do you always wear them?”
“No, just sometimes around the house. Or sometimes under my clothes at work”
“*giggles* WOW! How many pairs do you have?”
“Maybe about fifty pairs”
“FIFTY! That’s more than we’ve got!”
“I have different kinds, some sheer, some opaque, some fishnet”
“What about stockings?”
“Yeah I sometimes wear those too”
“And knickers? And bras? And dresses? Do you wear makeup too?”
“No! Sometimes knickers, but usually only the pantyhose”
“And I bet you prance about in your apartment in high heels too!”
“Um. Sometimes…”
“*shrieks of laughter* I bet you’d just love to try our pantyhose and heels on?”
“God yes I would”
“Well I doubt they’d fit you, you kno?w. Anyway, let’s get a better look at your pantyhose!”
“Uhhhh… no I don’t think…”
“Go on!”
“You’ll laugh!”
“Pleeeeeease? We promise not to laugh don’t we girls?”
“Yeah, absolutely!”
“Promise! Let’s see them!”

With some encouragement, the girls persuade Luke to pull off his shoes and jeans, showing them the black sheer pantyhose he’d been concealing under his clothes. The girls look on, open mouthed, partly shocked, partly impressed perabet güvenilir mi with the sight.

“Wow! I had no idea you were into that kind of thing…”
“Your legs look so good in pantyho?se!?”
“I thought it would be weird, but actually it’s kind of… hot!”
“God yeah no wonder you like wearing them!”
“So does it feel… cramped in there?”
“No”, he replies, “it just feels… nice”
“But what about when you’re… you know…”
“When your cock gets… *giggles* you know… hard!”
“No, it still just feels nice, it stretches and kind of… tents… around me”

More giggling from the girls, and now t?hey move closer to him for a better look, their eyes on the bulge in the crotch of his pantyhose. They start gently stroking the nylon covering his thighs and bum, and his bare torso, and he groans in pleasure. He starts to become aroused, causing the material to stretch to accomodate his swollen cock.

They take it in turns to pleasure him, alternating between tracing their hands up and down his thighs, over his bum, and rubbing his cock and balls through the nylon, all while gazing up at him, seeing him enjoying the attention. They take his nylon encased cock into their mouths, sucking tipobet on him and licking and kissing his balls through the material, now sopping wet with their saliva and his pre-cum.

The waistband is pulled down to his thighs so they can properly take care of his swollen shaft, one sucking on the head of his cock, the other two licking and sucking on his balls as he moans and g?roans in pleasure.

“I’ve found something you could hang your picture on instead of that wall, Amy!” giggles Emily wickedly.

? The girls pull his waistband back up, seeing how far up his body it will stretch. It reaches just below his nipples, his entire lower body now encased in sheer nylon.

They go back to rubbing him through the pantyhose, observing the way his hips are starting to jerk, and the way his cock begins twitching under the material. Sensing that he is close, they step up the pace and, with their big hungry eyes looking up at him, they finish him off, watching his cock pulse and spasm inside his pantyhose, spurting out hot cum all over his belly.?

As Luke gets his breath back and gathers his clothes up to head back to his apartment, the girls are still rubbing his bum and legs, enthralled by the look and feel of his body in nylon. Amy thanks? him for his help with putting up her picture and sees him out of her apartment, saying with a grin:

“I’ll be sure to call you again next time I need something putting up”

“Oh yeah, so will I!” adds Sarah.?

?? “God, me too!” agrees Emily.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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