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The Swimming Hole, part 2
(Part 1 at

The next day’s work seemed to drag on interminably for the three of them because of the anticipation of what was to come. When the time came, they even ran part way to the swimming hole. As soon as they got behind the trees, out of sight of the house they stripped off their swim suits. Both of Robert’s hands went to their little boobs. Both girls’ hands went to his cock and balls. After a while he moved his hands down to their pussies. “We should lie down” he said, “Then you can spread your legs apart and I can get at them better and see them better.”

“OK” said Tammy, and she and Leena spread their towels on the grass and laid down. Robert knelt between them, Tammy on his left and Leena on his right, and sat back on his heels, his hands went to their pussies and both girls spread their legs apart for him. He looked from one to the other, enjoying the sight, he ran his fingers up and down between their sopping wet lips, he inserted a finger into both vaginas as far as their hymens. Both girls’ hands were on his boner, it was wet with pre-cum as they fondled it.

Suddenly Leena gripped his cock hard and raised her right knee up as far as she could and then reached her right leg around Robert so he was between her legs. She wiggled and moved herself down until she was close enough to put the head of his cock between her lips.

Tammy was shocked. “What are you doing?”

“Fucking” said Leena.

“Leena! You can’t, he’s your cousin!” exclaimed Tammy.

“Sure I can. Watch and see.” And she placed Roberts boner at her vaginal opening and pulled it toward her.

Robert was surprised. He had masturbated to a fantasy like this but hadn’t thought it would ever happen. He was quick to take advantage of this dream come true and bent forward, leaning on his hands while he stretched his legs out behind him. He moved his cock into her vagina until it came up against her hymen. She let go of it and put her hands on either side of his butt. He thrust forward, embedding half his boner in her pussy.

Leena gasped. So did Tammy.

“Are you OK? asked Robert.

“Yeah” said Leena, “keep going.”

“OK” he said, and looked down to watch his cock moving in and out of her pussy. After a couple minutes he found the effort of staying raised up on his hands too strenuous so he lowered himself down on his elbows. The thrill of fucking for the first time, the feel of his shaft sliding in and out of her vagina, he didn’t want it to ever end. Whenever he felt his orgasm build, he would stop and wait for the feeling to wane before resuming. Unfortunately this had the effect of delaying Leena’s orgasm as well and she was becoming frustrated. The pain of losing her cherry had quickly faded and she was experiencing just as much ecstasy as her cousin. She started pulling on his butt and grinding her pussy against him.

Tammy, watching from right beside them was just as turned on, and her hands were working furiously on her sopping wet pussy without rest, so she orgasmed ahead of them. Robert heard her grunting and looked over, noticing once again that her mouth was open and her eyes were unfocussed. But with Leena now pulling him against her and grinding her pussy on his pubes, he quickly turned his attention to her. “Leena, if you don’t stop that I’m going to cum” he warned her.

“So am I” she said, “I’m cumming now!” And she grunted as her body jerked and spasmed with her release. As he has warned, Robert came immediately deep inside her.

As their orgasms ended, panting, they stayed together with Robert’s cock inside her until it wilted and slipped out. Then he rolled off her and laid on his back between them. Both girls rolled on their sides up against his body and he wrapped his arms around them. All three were sweating profusely. “That was hot!” exclaimed Tammy.

“Yeah it was great” said Leena, “and I’m really hot now because the air is hot and the sun is hot. Let’s go skinny dipping.”

“Yeah let’s” said Robert, getting to his feet. “I really need to cool off, and we’re supposed to be here swimming anyway.” And they dashed into the water and once again enjoyed each other’s naked bodies as they swam until the car horn sounded for them to come for supper, and they donned their swimsuits, canlı kaçak iddaa got them wet and headed for the house.

Later that night as they climbed into bed, Tammy just had to ask, “What was it like? Did it hurt? I know you came so it must have been good!”

“It hurt a bit at first” said Leena, “but it was really great. The feel of that cock sliding in and out, I can’t describe it, you just have to feel it for yourself. And cumming feels a lot better when there’s a hardon in you, I don’t know why but it does.”

“Maybe I’ll try it tomorrow” said Tammy, but she was still hesitant.

“I hope you’re still chicken” thought Leena to herself. “Tomorrow’s my last day here before Mom comes to take me home and I want to do it one more time.”

The next morning all three of them were excited and full of anticipation for that day’s adventures at the swimming hole. Tammy was sort of hoping she would get laid, but wasn’t yet sure if she wanted to be fucked, yet she still looked forward to however it turned out.

Leena was determined to have her way with Robert again, determined to fuck him one last time before going home. She had no brother there and Tammy would have him all to herself when Leena was gone so it was only fair that Leena would monopolize him.

Robert felt like he was in heaven. Two girls would be getting naked with him and he just knew he would fuck one of them, probably Leena again because she was more aggressive while Tammy tended to hang back. Either girl was just fine with him.

They worked harder than usual picking berries, as if the more they got done, the faster the day would go. But by noon the sky had clouded over and a cooling breeze sprang up. By the time lunch was over, it was raining steadily. There would be no more berry picking that day, and no swimming either. Their happy mood soured to grumpy. They played board games, they played video games, they watched movies to pass the afternoon and evening. Leena’s mother arrived and would be spending the night before taking her home in the morning.

Finally it was time for bed. The girls had barely settled in when Leena, frustrated by her thwarted expectations, started to discreetly masturbate her clit with one finger. Gradually her arousal mounted, her pussy started to lubricate and she pulled some up on her clit to aid the action of her finger. Just as she was approadching orgasm she suddenly stopped and wondered, “Why am I doing this when Robert is right close by?” As carefully as she could she slipped out from under the covers and headed for the door.

“Where are you going?” whispered Tammy.

“Eek! Leena jumped, startled. “I thought you were asleep. I’m sneaking off to Roberts room. This is my last chance to get fucked before I leave.”

“You’ll get caught!”

“No I won’t, and anyway it’s worth the try.” And she opened the door and slipped out into the hallway.

Tammy had been lying there thinking about getting herself off, and now the image of Leena and Robert fucking got her started. Her pussy quickly lubed up and she inserted a finger up to her hymen. Wondering what a cock would feel like in there, she put in another finger and wondered what else she could use to simulate a hardon. Then she remembered her hairbrush. It had a handle that was sort of roundish, more of a flat oblong shape that tapered to a blunt, rounded point. It was smaller than her brother’s hardon. She went and got it and returned to her bed, spread her legs apart and cautiously inserted the tip as far as her hymen. Moving it in and out, she didn’t find the sensation to be as good as Leena had described. Wanting more she pushed it farther in. The tip went through the gap in her hymen and as it went in further, the widening handle stretched and then ruptured it a little.

“Ow!” she said out loud and withdrew the handle. “I think maybe I deflowered myself.” she thought. Setting her hairbrush aside, she used her fingers on her clit to finish bringing herself to orgasm, and then fell asleep.

Robert was lying on his back with the covers thrown off, his erection pointing straight up and his hands just beginning to stroke it when the door opened. “What are you doing here, what do you want?” he said in a panic as he reached for the covers to pull them back over himself. He couldn’t tell who it was.

The perabet giriş dim light coming through the curtains was enough for Leena to see everything as she whipped her nightgown over her head and strode to his bedside, threw the covers back off and grasped his cock. “I want this” she declared in a hoarse whisper, and she climbed on top of him, and straddling him, raised herself up enough to position his rod at the entrance to her vagina. Then lowering herself, she impaled herself on it. Her pussy was dripping wet from her incomplete masturbation session and it slid right in.

To Robert, who had been about to jerk himself off to the fantasy of Leena coming to his room and fucking him, it was literally another dream come true. Life couldn’t get any better. Leena, being highly aroused, fucked him energetically, thrusting her pelvic area back and forth, up and down, grinding her pussy into him to get the maximum stimulation to her clit. Robert hardly had to do anything, he mostly just let her have her way with him while he fondled her boobs. It didn’t take long for her to reach orgasm, grunting, jerking and shuddering with her release. It was intense, and seemed to her to go on longer than ever before. When it finally ended, she slowly lowered herself down on top of Robert, who transferred his hands to her butt and thrust up into her forcefully a half dozen time and then he too reached orgasm, erupting inside her.

Panting from the effort, they stayed like that while their breathing slowed and his erection wilted. Then she rolled off him and cuddled up against him. “That was great” she said, “I really needed that.”

“Yeah” said Robert, “I really glad you snuck in here. But you really should sneak back now.”

“In a little while” she murmured.

Within a few minutes they were both fast asleep.

In the morning Leena woke first. She was a little confused as to where she was, but then remembered. She was lying on her left side and Robert was spooned against her back. She could feel his morning wood pressed against her. “He must be dreaming about me” she thought, and slowly rolled onto her back. She started to fondle his hardon and that was enough to wake him. His bladder was telling him it was full and needed to be emptied but there was a naked girl in bed with him, playing with his dick. He decided he could wait, and started feeling her up too. It didn’t take long for sexual arousal to take over his boner and the feeling of a full bladder just went away. A few more minutes of foreplay and his cock was leaking pre-cum and her pussy was wet and slippery. He rolled on top of her and she spread her legs apart, drawing up her knees and opening herself to him. She still had hold of his boner and she guided him in. This time is was much slower and took much more time than the night before. Several times he stopped to postpone his orgasm and then continued on. Gradually her orgasm built up and finally slammed through her clit. He followed with his a short time later.

Immediately his bladder reminded him that it was full, but he stayed in bed with her. “I’m really glad you didn’t sneak back last night” he said, “but you gotta go now before Mom and Dad catch you.”

“Yeah I’m glad too, but you’re right, I’d better get back. I’m going to sneak into the bathroom and then it doesn’t matter if they see me, I’ll just say I had to pee.” She got up and picked her nightgown off the floor and slipped it on. Opening the door a crack she peeked out while a gob of cum oozed down her leg. She saw nothing, she heard nothing, so she quickly scampered into the bathroom, closed the door, peed, cleaned the cum off her leg and flushed, and then went back to Tammy’s room.

Tammy awoke as Leena climbed back into bed. “Were you gone all night?” she whispered.

“Yeah, Leena whispered back, “I wasn’t going to stay but after we did it we fell asleep. But that’s good because we did it again this morning.”

“Wow, Leena, was it better than last time?”

“Yeah, no, well in a way it was. ‘Cause I was on top last night, sitting on him, and I could move any way I wanted, up and down, back and forth, round and round, whatever felt best, that’s what I did. You’ll see…whenever you get up the nerve.”

“Yeah” thought Tammy. “Whenever.” She was interested, she was perabet güvenilir mi curious, she was horny but yet she was reticent. The next night she tried the hairbrush handle again, trying to find out what a cock would feel like, and once more she ruptured her hymen a bit, and once more she gave up and just used fingers on her clit.

A couple days later the weather was hot and dry again. Leena was gone back home with her mother and Robert and Tammy were back in the field picking strawberries. Robert was eagerly looking forward to the anticipated nudity at the swimming hole, but a bit worried that Tammy wasn’t. He realized that Leena was the instigator, without her, he figured, Tammy would never have agreed to even just going naked.

He needn’t have worried. Tammy’s sexuality was awakened and she had a feeling of having been cheated out of her share of her brother’s attentions while Leena was there. She wasn’t sure what she would do, but she had every intention of stripping down at the first opportunity with her brother.

The time came that the day’s work was done and they quickly changed into swim suits and headed off toward the swimming hole. As soon as they were out of sight at the water’s edge, Tammy removed her top. Robert breathed a sigh of relief and dropped his trunks while she dropped her bottoms. They stood there looking at each other’s bodies.

“It’s different without Leena here” said Tammy, taking his penis in her hands as it swelled to full erection.

“Yeah, I know what you mean” said Robert as he reached out and caressed her small, conical breasts, “she did like to take over. But you always hung back and let her”.

“Well I wasn’t sure what we were going to do, or if I wanted to, but she was.”

“Yeah, that makes sense” said Robert, but now it’s all up to you.

“OK, yeah it is” said Tammy, and she grabbed her towel, spread it on the grass and laid down on her back. Robert dropped to his knees by her waist and sat back on his heels. He used his left hand to feel her boobs and his right hand went to her pussy, feeling her mound, caressing the groove of her slit, while her right hand took hold of his boner and started slowly and gently stroking it. After a minute she raised her knees slightly and parted them, giving him full access to her vulva. It was wet and slippery and he pressed his middle finger between her lips, moving it back and forth from front to back. As she became more aroused she raised her knees farther, spreading them farther and started thrusting her pelvis in opposite to his fingering.

Robert realized she was approaching orgasm. “How far will she let me go?” he wondered, and decided to find out. He moved between her legs, again sitting on his heels and placed the head of his cock between her lips where his finger had been, moving it up and down. She made no objection, continuing her pelvic thrusts, so he placed it at the entrance to her vagina and pushed the head in. She still made no objection and continued her movements, so he thrust half his cock into her, popping the slight remnants of her hymen. She felt only the smallest twinge, she had done most of the popping with the hairbrush.

“It feels good, like Leena said” she thought, and she wrapped her arms and legs around her brother, pulling him toward her. Robert needed no further invitation. He bent forward and rested his weight on his hands while straightening his legs out behind him, and he pushed the rest of his boner all the way in. He pumped a couple times, watching his cock go in and out and then lowered himself onto his elbows and began a slow fucking motion, pushing hard against her with every thrust.

Tammy had been almost at orgasm when he entered her, and the feel of her brother’s cock moving in her vagina was better than she had ever imagined it would be. She moved her pelvis up to meet his thrusts, grinding her pussy against him, and soon she was again approaching orgasm. Her grip on her brother tightened with both arms and legs, and then she was grunting and spasming in orgasm. Robert kept on pumping in and out as her orgasm wound down, feeling her juices running down his bag, and then he too was cumming deep inside her.

They stayed in that position for a minute, then he rolled onto his back beside her and she snuggled up against him, and he wrapped his arm around her.

She rested her head on his chest, under his chin. “That was just as good as Leena said it would be” she murmured.

“Good, I’m glad it was” said Robert, knowing that he would get to fuck his sister regularly from then on.

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