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The Twin Promised
Let’s see where was I…Oh yeah, my Auntie T, Mom’s fraternal twin with whom I had become intimate with after my uncle passed had made a promise. She told me at our first time experiencing intercourse a week earlier that I could watch her dress for a party she would attend. The two of us had a mutual admiration deal going for many years that slowly but surely after her mate’s death became sexual. I had a c***dhood crush on her that developed into adolescent curiosity about her body and finally morphed into, well, lust and fascination with this middle-aged lady. I learned that her body was a lot more curvy and interesting than I thought. Two “Twin” stories preceded this one so our arrival to this day can be reviewed.

When I arrived that morning she was dressed already, but I helped with her pearl necklace and earrings. She looked better than she had in years, heels a little taller, dress slightly shorter, a more confidant demeanor now that she had put grief in its place. I got her car out of the garage and brought it near her back door, As she sat down, she let her dress ride way up letting me get a glimpse of her stocking tops…wow how I like to see the bare flesh bulge slightly! “See you later this afternoon,” she said as she rolled out the driveway. I did a few chores around her house to pass time and also spent time in her well-kept house. I recall the many conversations over the years that recently had become personal in nature, especially when I complimented her on her shapely legs. That may have been where the seed had been planted to release her inhibitions.

Time passed ever so slowly that afternoon, but finally I heard a car on her gravel driveway…I rushed to open the garage door (not many remote openers in the “60’s) and opened her car door. I was treated to the same show as in the same show as when she left. “let’s get inside, she ordered. I followed her to the back door watching her calf muscles react to the high heels she wore. Her hips even moved casino siteleri more due to the heel also. I was already getting excited and she was still clothed! We paused in her den where she instructed me to remove the small matching jacket and unzip her dress. That chore done, I was now in view of her in her slip and heels…her slip clinging tightly to her every curve. I then was asked to follow her into her bedroom, our first time there, where she sat on a chair and asked my to remove her shoes and stockings. The shades were pulled and the room dim, but with white undergarments and her brilliant silver hair she looked as though she glowed. I knelt in front of her and placed my hand on her calf to raise her leg to remove her shoes, one at a time. She pulled up her slip to expose those captivating thighs that were nearly a lifetime wonderment for me. “Oh, let’s take off the slip first, it will be easier,” she decided. Now I was confronted with more flesh, a somewhat low-cut and push-up bra that made her wonderful 34B’s seem larger yet and briefer cut panties than I had ever seen on her clothesline.

She positioned herself on the edge of the chair and instructed me to release her garters, I complied with shaking fingers and removed the nylons from her short shapely legs. Oh, how I loved to finally touch those soft chunky legs! She stopped me by saying, “Don’t you think you should take off some clothes too?” “I guess so,” I agreed. I stood up and she undid my belt and slid my jeans down and lifted my T-shirt off. Needless to say, my briefs had a tent in front! “Oh my, ” she said, “I’m glad I can cause that!” Referring to my erect member. Auntie turned her back towards me and asked me to unhook her garter belt, her waist was higher than the pantie line, I unhooked the frilly belt and she quickly removed bot the garments in one action while asking me to remove my skivvies also. I was told to sit on the chair, i complied wondering if she was going to open her bed…no, bahis siteleri canlı she turned toward me and in one quick action threw one leg over my lap and in an instant tried to impale herself on my swollen dick. I was somewhat startled, but she deftly slid my manhood into her up to now neglected pussy.
Her arms wrapped tightly around my neck, she proceeded to ride me like a pogo stick,my arms wrapped around her too for support as she vigorously moved up and down on me…her hard nipples sc****d on my chest in a pleasing manner as she held on to me like a Koala bear to its favorite tree branch! I felt her warm breath whistle past my ear sometimes with a word or two of our native Swedish. I closed my eyes to take it all in, almost in slow motion I imagined her black pubic hairs entangling with my dark brown ones as she lowered herself on me and that wondered if they untangled as she rose up. I boldly moved my hands off of her waist and felt her soft, wide hips and even palmed her luscious ass cheeks. She was clearly in a zone from the past, expending so much energy and verbalizing in tones never before heard by me. In time we reached a point where I felt ready to burst forth which I did causing “T” to loudly proclaim, “I can feel it! Do you feel it?” “I sure do and love the feeling!” I exclaimed.

Even as our climax subsided, she still held me close, nibbling my ears and whispering things in my ear. I rubbed her wonderful thighs from her knees clear to her hips as I could even rub her ankles and the calves clear to her buttocks and up her back also…pretty convenient having a lady of short stature on one’s lap. I began to smell the various scents she had to offer…her lingering perfume from the morning, the subtle scents of her make-up and hair care, even the scent of the new fabric of her dress lingered on her along with her natural scent on her soft upper arms.

As I rubbed her soft body she offered, “I’m so glad you like this wrinkled, saggy breasted, veiney-legged canlı kaçak bahis old lady. “Come on now,” I disagreed, “the few wrinkles just add to the brightness of your smile…and you should know a little sag to a woman’s breasts jut make them softer to touch and jiggle that much more…and feel good to kiss, and for your legs, those little patches of veins are like pin-stripping on a custom car, it just adds to the show!” “Oh thank you for making me feel this way again, you know for many months I had a cold, sullen feeling inside…until that day in the barn I let my guard down and let you touch my breasts. Almost instantly I felt a warmness grow inside me and today it became really hot, that’s why I jumped on your lap so quickly!”

As we continued to talk my hard-on had surely subsided and I started to feel the mess I had made inside her began to dribble out, but i didn’t care a bit. To extend my time exploring her with my hands, it offered this thought…”You know all the things we have done the last few weeks, no one asked for any permission…I felt your bosoms, rubbed your legs, even fingered your pussy before we had real sex…kind of strange for an aunt and her nephew, don’t you think?” Well, I think we had the same thing in mind so you need not of had to ask…Oh, is there something you would like to do?” as she looked into my eyes. ‘Yeah, kinda,” I replied….”What is it?” she asked. “, I, I would like too…well…place my head between your legs and…you know…let my tongue feel your pussy…” “Really, you want to do that? I didn’t think guys did that anymore…really! I said, ” it’s more popular than you realize now.” She held me close again and answered, “I would love for you to do that…in fact maybe soon!”

With that settled, we cleaned up re-dressed and had coffee together like we had one for years, only now we sat close together at the table each with one hand on our cups while the other roamed each other. Soon I had to leave her and go home on my bike a couple short miles…at the back door she was on the top step and me one lower to make us about the same height…we embraced and kissed like never before…nothing could top a soft, middle-aged sexually re-awakened woman and a curious young adult man!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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