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What she deserves
What she deserves

So she figured she would get away with it. For days on FL, she acted as if she was interested in being my sex slave—she corresponded, said she was working for Harley Davdison, was living in England for now, but would return to NY, we would be together, wished to serve me, would sign a contract with me over dinner in March. But the slimy shit was lying–probably a total fraud. She even explained that she had used pictures of her sister on her FL profile–so insecure, so self conscious about being too chubby. A rank liar–despicable.
Here’s what I want to do with her, and will do it if she ever crosses my path:
There’s a vacant former mental asylum near where I live—been unused for over 20 years, sitting on the real estate market.
I have some good prescription d**gs I have to take for my PTSD: anti anxiety meds, bipolar meds—they get me through my day, but would turn someone who never developed a tolerance to them into a drooling zombie, She would end up eating a lot of them in a powerful cocktail I would get her to drink—I could grind them up, dissolve them with sugar syrup and mix them in a drink with grain alcohol. She wouldn’t taste them. Totally zonked out.
I could get her into my car and slip on hand cuffs lined with felt tape(she won’t feel them going on, even if she wasn’t so stoned), and leg cuffs around her ankles(also lined with felt tape), over her socks.
It’s a short drive to the vacant asylum-she is so d**gged out-Just to be sure she doesn’t snap out it, I have novacaine in a syringe–I inject her in the throat by her voice box-vocal cords paralyzed-best illegal bahis siteleri she can manage is a mouse squeak for now. I have a generator-compact but enough to generate some light at the vacant asylum building I have chosen- the former autopsy room/morgue. Propane heaters keep it warm enough for my purpose.
I wrap her in a blanket, load her onto a gurney I found, secure her with rubber strapping, wheel her in. Time for some modification.
Drooling, she tries to get her mouth to work, nothing-it just opens and closes. She’s stoned but her eyes flicker open and closed, blinking at the intensity of my photography lights. I go to finish off the vocal cords-no startling pain-between the d**gs and the novacaine-a little incision takes them out permanently–really a quick scalpel stoke –no need for gags–she will never speak a word again. I wrap her bloody neck with gauze pad and adhesive tape.
Now I remove my mute patient’s clothing–all of it, cut away from her slut body, she will never wear a stitch again. The body is not bad looking: although very freckled, slightly chubby, she does have some decent sized tits—but they need to be better. Saline injections do a great job temporarily, making them balloon out;we can work on the more permanent silicone implants later. Her pubic hair needs permanent removal—I had ordered her to let it grow, so that when we met I could shave her (it’s one of my kinks), but razors are for k**s; Pliers do better, so I yank and pull every last hair out by the roots—-her twat looks pink and it must hurt like hell–but who cares if the d**gs wear off? No screams possible now.She slips tipobet giriş into u*********sness, in pain, Clitoridectomy time—-a little snip, really, and she’s incapable of most orgasms. The wound is cauterized.
Just to be sure she has no ability to function independently, I stitch her fingers together-making her hands into mitts– it takes time, but well worth it—-she has paws now–her fingers are just so useless. she can’t do much with those.
She has nice teeth, but teeth can bite—-total dental replacement—-each tooth is to be yanked out, and her bloody gums will never ever bite–she can chew her cud like a cow, but her mouth will now be a good sperm dump when I skull fuck her. I thought about also removing her tongue, but, no, It beats toilet paper. Some days her new diet will come solely from my asshole.
She’s still u*********s–time to do some more facial work. Underneath her tongue is connective tissue–if I slice through it, her tongue becomes loose and flopping-she can still taste all that shit she’s going to eat, but in terms of control, it suits her clown status–just a drooling sloppy thing, no teeth, no voice, no control over her tongue. It’s fitting surgery, since her lies sprung from an uncontrolled tongue, so let her live her days with a sloppy wet glob in her mouth. To compliment her vacant mouth, metal rings are fed through her lower lip, connected by light chain to rings forced through her puffy nipples, now her mouth is pulled open and she can’t close her jaw without threatening to pull her nipples off, her tongue leaking drool and blood all over her big inflated tits.
I’m getting horny perabet at this point—her ass is still pristine. While she’s still out, I flip her over, grab the back of her hair,lift her slack head and dry fuck her ass. She starts bleeding as I force my cock in—that’s fitting lubricant and I rip into her anal tissues and discharge a spurt of juice up her. Time to let the slut heal. I wheel the gurney over to a morgue drawer—originally used for corpses—and slide the useless baggage in.

Tomorrow, she will be slid out of her dark file cabinet and with mirrors I have set up, see the monstrosity I have made of her—enormous tits, oozing liquid from her nipples, useless, gaping mouth, sloppy tongue hanging loose and drooling over her bleeding toothless gums, paws instead of hands, mutilated cunt, blood oozing down her legs from her torn asshole. I will suspend her head from a hook in the ceiling by gathering her hair into a rope bow and pulling it up, forcing her to continually look at the thing she now is. Tears will fall, unstoppable, as she sobs with the awareness of her condition—because beyond the physical pain is the more important psychological destruction I have done to her—she now must know that her world is gone-that thing looking back at her through those tears is on a one way trip, and is hopelessly finished, totally dependent and a freak. I won’t know when–it will be hard to tell because she really has no ability to express herself–but her mind will break and she will be just a creature. That’s exactly what she deserves–she fucked around with too many lies in her life, toyed with twisted thoughts, promised things she had no intention of doing–her version of flirting was to constantly hold herself out as available and submissive—and then behaved faithlessly, betraying herself as she betrayed others. Now she is a flesh sponge, a worm with legs, a mindless thing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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