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wheelchair sex…..part 4
if you have not read parts 1, 2 and 3 please do that way you will follow along with this story line. this is 100% true story of my escapades with a beautiful African American woman. she has olive skin, great tits with wonderful pointy nipples, a great pussy with protruding lips. I just downloaded a video which shows a similar pussy to Nadine’s. one thing I must emphasize is that although Nadine uses a wheelchair to get around her mental capacity is intact. this has been consensual sex with Nadine asking (actually demanding) that her nipples and her clit are pulled until she cries. trust me she cries from pleasure. as I’ve gotten to know Nadine I found out why she enjoys pain so much…..but that’s another story. what I’m about to describe to you is several different times of enjoyment with Nadine. also if you recall from previous stories Nadine is a total submissive. she knows what she wants and she enjoys being punished for pleasure.

I’ll start by telling the time I happened to walk into her apartment at the complex where she lives. I did knock on the door but needed to know if she was joining the rest of the residents for dinner. she asked me to come in and close the door after me. she told me to stand güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri behind her wheelchair, reach into her blouse and caress her nipples. I did as I was told while she leaned back against my crotch. after a few minutes she was moaning and said, “pull them harder until I scream.” I did as I was told and pulled her nipples as hard as I could. I also twisted them back and forth. she opened her mouth but did not scream. she just started grunting and saying “here I come….fuck….here I come again….here I come again….” needless to say I had a raging hardon pushing through my pants. I pulled my dick out of my pants and Nadine took my hardon and began rubbing her face with it. “you have a beautiful hardon, please come on my tits.” she had loosened her blouse and so I was able to really pull her nipples….tears began to stream down her face….”please don’t stop.” I didn’t. after a few minutes of rubbing my dick on her face and neck area I couldn’t hold it any longer and came on her neck shooting a long glob of come down to her tits….”fuuuccckkkkk……that is fucking hot come….pull my nipples with no mercy.” she was must have come at least 8 consecutive times after my orgasm… güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri was incredible. I had to quickly get myself together and went to the dining room to help set up for dinner. Nadine joined us after she changed her blouse.

after doing bed check on all the residents I left Nadine for last. I walked in and of course she was already in bed. she pulled the sheets back and told me to sit on her face…..this woman was insatiable…..who am I to argue…..I pulled my shoes off, pulled my pants and underwear off and climbed on the bed. I was facing her legs and I squatted on her face. she didn’t waste any time licking my ass and pushing her tongue into my asshole while she spread my ass cheeks. in a matter of minutes Nadine was having strong orgasms just from licking my ass. I took this opportunity to caress her pussy. it was soaked. the more I caressed the more she came the more she moaned into my ass. her toes began to curl and she spread her legs as much as she could. I had another raging hardon and I came hands free. damn…..I was exhausted after that. as I put my pants back on she took my come from her chest and rubbed her pussy some more. there was nothing more to say…..I güvenilir bahis şirketleri knew she would masturbate some more……..

a couple of weeks after that I waited to do bed check and per usual I left her for last. I climbed on the bed and began sucking one of her tits…. she was half naked anyway…..with my right hand I began to caress her pussy. wave after wave of orgasms rocked her body. I also smacked her pussy as hard as I could. more orgasms as she moaned approval. we had the tv on to a jazz station so no one could hear her moans of ecstasy. I helped her get on her left side while I lay on my left side. she used her right hand and spread her ass cheeks so I could slide into her pussy. it was extremely wet and extremely hot. I slid in with no problem. I used my left had and slid it under her and managed to find her clit, with my right hand I reached to her nipples and pulled each one the way she liked it. “pull my clit too mother fucker.” I did as I was told. she had a washcloth nearby and it was a good thing. she screamed into the washcloth as load as is humanly possible. I increased my tempo and soon I was ramming into her while pulling her nipples and her clit. tears started streaming down her face but I knew they were tears of joy. my orgasm was monumental….I lay there until she asked me if I was OK. I just grunted until I was able to get up.

as I mentioned before I finally found out why Nadine loves to be tortured so much. stay tuned for that story which i think I’ll call ‘the beginning.’ comments are welcomed. thanks…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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