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wheelchair sex….part 6 (the beginning, con’
as i continue to relate this story keep in mind that this is Nadine’s perspective of incidents. i have no doubt that this occurred to her as she says it did. please read parts 1 to 5 to understand what is going on. Nadine was made into a submissive whore by some family members. she told me she does not regret what she is. in fact she enjoys being called a whore and she calls herself a whore all the time. here is what happened to her to turn her into such a sex loving totally submissive woman. this story is 100% true as told to me by Nadine.

if you remember from last story i wrote Nadine saw her aunt eating her own daughter’s pussy in a submissive position. nothing was mentioned of that encounter until a few months later. Nadine went to her aunts
Sally’s house for the weekend. her mom if you remember had turned into an alcoholic and therefore could not be trusted to care for Nadine as she should. that first night at her aunt’s illegal bahis siteleri house was somewhat uneventful until the evening when her cousin Carol helped Nadine shave her legs, her underarms and her pussy. Carol made sure she shaved herself as well. they went to sleep after watching some movies. Carol told Nadine that she knew that she saw her aunt Sally eating her out. Carol told Nadine that tomorrow she will see how submissive her mom could be. Nadine said that Carol caressed her, kissed her, and put a finger in her pussy just to warm her up for the following day. they slept naked in the queen size bed.

the next morning they had a light breakfast and by 10 am thing started happening. her aunt Sally was walking around nude. Carol and her mom began caressing each other. Nadine was placed in a recliner so she could watch everything that was happening. one of Carols’ friends came by. from what Nadine described she was petite with a great shaped canlı bahis siteleri ass. Ana (not her real name) stripped naked and all three women jumped on the bed. Sally was in the middle, with her hands above her head while Carol and Ana began caressing her all over. Nadine had a front row seat as they kissed her aunt, sucked her tits, spread her legs, fingered her pussy and her ass and made her aunt tremble from head to toe. aunt Sally according to Nadine was moaning uncontrollably as they explored every inch of her body.

Ana stood up on the bed straddled her aunt’s head and sat on her face. Ana was also clean shaven so Nadine remembers seeing her pussy contractions as she came in her aunt’s mouth. Carol put a pillow under her mom’s butt, spread her legs and caressed her clit in a rough manner. aunt Sally by Nadine’s account was having one orgasm after another. Carol kept telling Nadine that her mom was an ass and pussy licking whore. Nadine was having bahis firmaları orgasms of her own as she saw Ana and Carol attacking her aunt. Ana rubbed her ass on Sally’s mouth, then her pussy she exchanged places with Carol and that really got Nadine going real good watching her aunt licking her daughter’s ass and pussy like no tomorrow. Ana was attacking Sally’s pussy by fingering her, pulling her clit, slapping her. it was clear that they have done this before. all this time, according to Nadine her aunt had her hands above her head letting these young women attack her body, having multiple orgasms. if that was not enough she heard the front door open. what happened next was shocking to Nadine as two men walked in the door. they were expected as both Ana and Carol told them they were just in time. the two men as it turned out were brothers and apparently they were dating Ana and Carol. they both had an athletic build but not too bulky. they were ready for action as Nadine said as they took their clothes off and were getting hard-ons. more orgasms came in rapid succession for Nadine but much more was in store for her and her aunt…..

please stay tuned as i continue this story…..the best is yet to come….comments welcomed. thanks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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