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Wife caught me Jacking Off
I remember the first time my dominant wife caught me jacking off. Boy did she punish me. I got home from work early and I was feeling horny so pull up some porn on my computer and cast it to the tv.

I took off my clothes and got up on the bed. I was stroking my hard cock and playing with my balls. I could tell I was going to cum hard and fast so I stopped and went and got a cock ring.

I also got out the wife’s biggest dildo and some lube. I put the cock ring on and lubed up my hungry ass rubbing the lube into my hot asshole, I inserted the dildo into my ass and was fucking my self with it. I could feel my balls swelling up.

My wife started me eating my cum on our honeymoon, and now I wanted to taste my cum so I hunched over on my shoulders, my legs above my head, against the headboard and my fat cock pointed at my face.

Someone in the movie was saying, “fuck me, fuck me.” I had the dildo wedged deep in my ass. I pulled the fast release string on the cockring, my balls were released and I was staring at my cockhead and watched it shoot hot strings of cum all over my face. I opened my mouth and ate all I could, letting the rest coat my face, slicking me like a nasty cum slut. God that was hot, I thought.

That was canlı bahis before I realized what was really happening. My wife Cindy was standing in the doorway watching everything. It scared me so much that my anal muscles tighten up and the dildo shot out of my ass like a missile.

I had cum dripping all over my face and my mouth was full of hot thick sperm. I dropped my legs down on the bed and my cock was still standing up. Cindy walked over and slapped my cock till it was soft. She reached down and pulled me into a standing position. I looked down on the bed and cum was sprayed all over it.

Where I was laying my lubed up ass touched the bed and left a brown spot. I had fucked the shit out of my ass. The dildo was laying half way across the room. Cindy spanked my ass and told me to clean my mess up. She then walked into the other room and made a few phone calls. I got busy cleaning up everything.

When I was done Cindy told me to get in the shower and freshen myself up. I was glad she let me clean up I hate it when I am nasty and dirty. Because the cum I had on my face was dried up and flaking off. When I got out of the shower Cindy called me into the kitchen. I walked in and sat down all I had on was a towel.

She said, “You really bahis siteleri are a faggot, aren’t you?” I saw how you enjoyed fucking your ass with MY dildo. I also noticed how you was trying to shoot every drop of your cum into your willing mouth.

She then told me to stand up, she turned me around and wrapped her arms around me, pulling my nipples and stroking my cock head. My ass was facing her and she had her hand between my legs stroking my cock from behind. My cock was so hard I was sure I was going to explode in a second.

She sensed it and stopped stroking my cock, moving her hand around to my ass and sliding it down my ass crack. As her middle finger dipped into my moist hungry asshole, my body jumped involuntarily.

She whispered in my ear, “I bet you have had dreams of me finger fucking your ass or working a vibrator up your behind.” My cock leapt at her words and there was laughter in her voice as she continued, “Do you wanna get your ass reamed, Baby, do you want me to fuck your slutty asshole?”

I blushed and nodded. “Yes fuck me Mistress”. I was begging Cindy to insert more and more fingers up my ass. She kept lubing me up and after the third finger was sliding easily up my ass the doorbell rang. Cindy pulled her bahis şirketleri fingers out of my ass and answered the door. It was the lady next door, Kay.

Cindy brought Kay into the kitchen and was telling her what was going on. Kay told my wife that she had brought over what Cindy had wanted on the phone.

Cindy told Kay to strip off her clothes and to lye down on the kitchen table. I was standing there with my mouth open wondering what was going on. Kay removed her clothes and laid down on the table. My cock was getting real hard, because Kay was a very sexy lady. I was hoping I was going to get to fuck Kay.

Then Cindy my wife told me to sit down and eat Kay’s pussy. I sat down eagerly and shoved my face into her cunt. When I did, I realized that Kay’s cunt was full of sperm. I pulled my face out of her hot sweaty cunt.

Cindy shoved my face back into it, telling me to clean her pussy real good that her husband had just fucked her twice. She also had be sucking the cum out of her freshly fucked ass. I started getting into licking all of it up.

Cindy reached down and felt of my hard cock, she stroked it and told me that I must like it because my cock is hard.

Kay spoke up and said that if I like it that well she will bring her husband over and I could suck his cock.

Cindy told Kay that if she ever catches me Jacking off again that she would have Kay bring her husband over and fuck me hard. After Kay left Cindy had me cum in my hand and eat it. That was very nice of her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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