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During the next couple of hours Kari took a few more loads of black cum clearly sealing her addiction. The only thing was, after two hours we all went to bed, Kari sandwiched between the two black men. Everyone was exhausted, so Kari laid on her side with a black cock pressed against her front and back. Just before drifting off, we all had another drink of the elixir. I plugged in the dvd and had it play softly in the background, hoping to influence anybody who might wake during the night.

I woke a few hours later to some loud moans and the bed shaking and Kari sandwiched between the two of them, both black cocks lazily pumping in and out of her. It seemed like they were all half asleep because one or both the men would pause and doze off for a bit, then instinctively start thrusting again. Both Ferrand and Damien were holding Kari tight, almost like a form of bondage and I could see her grinding into the both of them. Both black cocks were buried deep inside her. I had the impression they had been sleeping in that position and those two big black cocks had been buried in her for the last couple hours, the most impressionable period for the last dose of elixir.

The prospect of what was transpiring was just now starting to sink in. I actively promoted the use of the elixir, and I created the situation of what Kari’s stimulation was during the impressionable window. The greater the dose and the greater the stimulation, the greater the need or craving. I knew I had pushed the limits on both. Her primary source of stimulation was compounded by taking large doses of the elixir. She was going to crave fit, muscular black men with big black cocks. Both Damien and Ferrand were going to crave her. However, the most significant variable was the specific stimulation. In Kari’s case, it was black cock, large black cock and black cum. For Damien and Ferrand, it was Kari’s pussy, ass and mouth.

The two men would have craved Kari without any elixir, given her long legs, long luxurious brunette hair and tight pussy, and they probably would have satisfied her with more cock and cum than she could have handled. However, the elixir made them insatiable in their desire for Kari and made her insatiable for them. In my mind this was all good, it was a vacation, the effects of the elixir would wear off by the time we had to go home, and maybe it was something we could just revisit each year.

In hindsight I was so naive, eventually I came to realize that the craving was much more like an addiction, and that addiction would eventually end up controlling all of our lives.

For the time being, I watched as Damien and Ferrand’s engorged cocks pumped in and out of Kari, all three of them half asleep but still engaging in deep slow fucking. Both cocks were covered in white sticky cum from the numerous loads they had deposited in her. By now the effects of the elixir had both cocks pretty much hard on a permanent basis. Each cock would pump Kari full of cum, then stay erect or semi-erect, but quickly regaining a full erection. Both men would still be horny, almost as if they had not cum at all. After cumming they could keep fucking Kari and cum again.

As I watched I could see both cocks spasm and begin to shoot yet another load inside her. Both cocks remained hard and stayed buried inside her, they once again fell asleep. The sight of Kari being filled with another two loads had my cock achingly hard and I desperately needed to fuck her, but she was still filled with two hard cocks and had fallen back asleep.

As Kari slept, impaled by two huge black cocks, I resorted to rubbing out a huge cum load of my own, then fell asleep. I awoke to the sounds of Kari being fucked again, she was riding Damien’s huge hard cock while sucking on Ferrand’s enormous dick.

“Mmm, Kari baby, take that big black cock! My cock just can’t get enough of your body!” Damien breathlessly exclaimed as Ferrand’s cock start to pulse a large load of cum into Kari’s mouth. She greedily swallowed the huge load while it pumped and spasmed into her throat. After gulping down Ferrand’s thick load, Kari stared, mesmerized by Ferrand’s thick erection.

“Mmm, Ferrand, I just can’t get enough of this gorgeous cock and your thick loads of cum!”

Her comment and the sight of her taking those cocks got my cock hard immediately. Ferrand pulled his still hard cock away from Kari’s mouth and switched positions with Damien. I scooted over the bed and stuck my cock in Kari’s face as she sucked on Damien, she switched between both of our hard cocks while getting fucked by Ferrand. After some good deep throating of my cock, Kari pulled Damien’s cock into her mouth, he immediately started shooting a big load into her mouth, the site and sound making my own cock shoot its load all over Kari’s face.

“OH YES! YES, give me all your cum!” Kari cried out illegal bahis siteleri as she continued sucking the cum out of Damien’s cock as it shot spurt after spurt down her throat.

Kari orgasmed from the feeling of Damien’s load shooting down her throat and Ferrand’s cock pounding her. She continued to ride Ferrand’s huge cock, cumming the whole time, as Ferrand finally pumped another load deep inside her.

The sight and sound of Kari cumming kept both me and Damien hard. As Ferrand pulled out, I rolled Kari onto her back and slid my cock into her cum filled pussy and fucked her hard until I added my load to the dozen or so loads already inside her. As soon as I pulled out Damien slid his cock deep into Kari and began fucking her hard and fast sinking his entire length deep into her pussy.

“Damien baby! YESYES, give me that whole cock!” Damien kept his pace fast and deep until he finally added yet another load inside her as her body tensed with yet another orgasm.

After shooting our loads, we decided to break and plan the rest of our week. It was clear that the remainder of our week was going to focus on sex. Damien and Ferrand’s cocks were still semi-hard and they both commented that they wanted to be able to continue to fuck Kari for the remainder of our vacation, so we discussed what the best plan would be to continue our escapade. After a bit of discussion, which made all our cocks hard again, we determined we wanted privacy, the ocean, and a lot of sun. By the end of the discussion, Kari was once again “air-tight” being filled with all three of our cocks at the same time.

As Ferrand fed Kari his hard thick cock, he suggested a boat, giving us the privacy to fuck Kari and fill her with cum to our heart’s content.

“Yeah, that’s it baby, suck that cock!” Ferrand continued to try and advance the discussion through the pleasure Kari was giving his cock “I got a, a, mmmm, – buddy, he’s got this boat he, mmm that’s it baby, he captains. Uh-uh yesssssss! We COULD RENT OUT!” Ferrand finished as his orgasm hit.

“The catch is, this buddy of mine has a taste for white pussy, and he has a son, both of them would want their chance to fuck Kari and fill her with their cum throughout the trip”. He exclaimed as Kari sucked the last drops of cum from his cock head.

Even with the prospect of adding another two black cocks to the equation, we (or Kari) decided this was the best course of action, especially since it meant extending our vacation by a few days. And of course we wanted more elixir to make the trip extra fun. Ferrand made a call to make the arrangements, we agreed to check out the accommodations on the boat, and it’s Captain, that afternoon. The Captain’s name was Jamal and he his son’s name was Karan.

We continued the morning with more fucking, giving me the chance to pump two more loads into Kari’s wet pussy while she sucked Ferrand and Damien’s cocks. After a morning of more fucking and sex, we arranged to meet Ferrand’s friend at the wharf. As we drove to the wharf, Damien and Ferrand became hard again, so Kari sucked them both off the whole ride there.

“Guys, we can’t have you out in public like this! What is your friend going to think!?” Kari exclaimed as she alternated their cocks in her mouth.

Ferrand answered “Jamal will be impressed that we are still hard for you baby – either that or he will think you are a tease. We will show him”.

Upon arrival, we spied a 48′ catamaran with a dark skinned captain. We parked as Damien and Ferrand tried unsuccessfully to hide their erections in their swim shorts, and walked down the wharf, to meet with the Captain. Jamal gave us all a questioning look, then eyed Kari up and down. Jamal, was a tall muscular Jamaican man and his son a younger version of him. Kari eyed them both up and down smiling, looking like a cat spying a mouse. Jamal said they had just arrived back from a trip and they weren’t quite ready to bring another group out.

Ferrand explained our situation, along with the elixir and Kari’s exposure to it. I explained we were really just looking for something private, with lots of sun and ocean where we could all be naked away from prying eyes. Jamal was very interested and said as long as we brought more of the elixir and as long as he and Karan could participate, he was game. After a week on the ocean with two prudish couples, they were feeling a bit pent up.

First they would need to clean and provision the boat, and he would only rent out for a whole week. If we wanted to end early that was fine, but we would had to pay for a whole week. Alcohol would be our responsibility, and we had to assist piloting the boat and would be responsible to help out with cleaning and cooking.

I was about to pull Kari aside to discuss, but before I could, she, Damien and Ferrand all chimed in at the same time saying they would take it. perabet güvenilir mi I gave a questioning look to Kari since we didn’t even know the cost, she exclaimed, “I don’t care what the cost is, I need to do this!”

Jamal smiled wide, saying “Don’t worry about the cost, it will be a trip of a lifetime, especially on my boat!”

Damien added, while grabbing his erection through his shorts, “We will be sure to make it worth your time.” Which made Kari giggle, adding “That is the whole reason for this trip!”

Jamal said he would need a few hours to get everything ready, and that we should run and get our stuff, and check out of our current accommodations, plus get more elixir. He wanted Kari to stay on the boat however, since he and Karan needed to be taken care of, and he said they would need a little experience with her before we set out.

Kari smiled, then giggled and walked over to Jamal, cupping his bulge and kissing him on the lips in a long kiss. She massaged his bulge, making his cock grow, then she pulled away to drop her shorts and squatted in front of him while pulling his shorts down. His large semi erect cock popped out, dark black and veiny, with a heavy set of hanging balls. Kari kissed up and down his cock, making it swell to an impressive size. She then kissed each of his balls, taking one gently in her mouth to suck on while pumping his cock with her hand. After a few minutes, Jamal pulled her up and turned her so her back was facing him, he grabbed his cock and slid it into her soaking wet pussy. He grabbed her elbows to pull her into each of his thrusts as he fucked her.

Kari started crying out in pleasure, meeting each of his thrusts. Towering over her, Jamal grabbed a fist full of her hair and grabbed her throat with his other hand as his huge cock pistoned in and out of her. After a few minutes, he pulled out and pushed her to the deck, Kari reclined back and spread her long legs allowing Jamal’s big hard cock to enter her.

Damien and Ferrand could no longer resist and both pulled out their prodigious cocks. The site of their Kari-lust-interest taking black cock had them beside themselves and they could not resist joining in. Both Ferrand and Damien stuck their thick long cocks into Kari’s face, she grabbed both of them and alternated sucking on them while being fucked deep by Jamal’s huge fat black cock.

Ferrand pulled away and laid with his back on the deck, with his rigid thick cock sticking straight up. Kari got the idea and pulled out from under Jamal to cowgirl Ferrand’s rigid cock in her ass. Jamal got the message and let Kari adjust to Ferrand’s entire length before entering her pussy. Kari rode both cocks as I watched her body tense, her nipples grow hard and an orgasm wracking her body. They sight of my white wife in the middle of so much black skin had me hard again. The contrast of skin was a sight to behold.

After awhile, Kari tensed as her orgasm started, Jamal thrust deep and began to unleash a huge load of cum inside her. His orgasm making Kari’s orgasm even more intense as he thrust deep, pumping spurt after spurt of cum deep inside her.

Jamal continued to pump as Kari cried out “Yes! Yes! Yes! FUCK ME!! OH YES! GIVE ME ALL YOUR CUM!”

Jamal continued unloading his cum as Kari’s orgasm abated, he pulled out of Kari’s now gaping pussy, his cock semi hard. Ferrand stiffened and thrust deep, pumping a load of hot cum into Kari’s ass. He slid out from under Kari, leaving her lying on the deck leaking a pool of cum.

Jamal motioned to Karan, who was standing nearby, looking shocked at the sight, however, he needed little encouragement.

Jamal spoke “Karan, here is your chance to experience white pussy, she is tighter than most, and you are going to experience some real pleasure! You will never tire of Kari’s tight pussy, I suspect you will be filling her with your cum as often as you can over the next week!”

Karan, who was all of 19, removed his shorts and exposed the most rigid and largest black cock of them all. He walked over, making his huge cock bob side to side, his cock already streaming pre-cum, and placed his enormous cock head against Kari’s wet pussy. He slowly slid his huge rigid cock into her tight cunt. Kari gasped and grabbed Karan’s ass pulling him in deep. Karan tensed almost immediately and began filling Kari with his seed grunting and moaning with each spurt of thick cum into her pussy. The look on his face was one of sheer pleasure and awe.

“Omigod, I don’t think I could ever get enough of you, this is going to be the best trip of my life!! I could easily fill you with cum all day!!”

Kari simply groaned and held Karan tight, keeping his huge cock buried inside her. She began whispering in his ear and kissing him, encouraging him to continue fucking her. Karan began fucking her slowly, his cock regaining its erection and tipobet getting hard. He began to pick up his pace, with a look of pure wonderment on his face, before pumping another load deep into her.

“Oh Kari, your pussy is going to get to know my cock real well!” Karan sighed as he pulled his huge cock out.

Damien took the opportunity to jump in and slide his long fat cock into Kari’s cum filled pussy and started fucking her hard. Kari was grinding and bucking into his cock as Jamal looked on, his cock growing hard again.

“Wow, this white chick is all about black cock, I have never seen a woman so hungry for bbc!”

I took the opportunity to put my rigid cock into Kari’s mouth, however she was so lost in pleasure her mouth could barely respond, so I stepped back to watch the scene as she took Damien’s huge black cock. I waited impatiently for Damien to shoot his load into her pussy. As soon as Damien pulled out I slid my cock into her, feeling the hot wetness of a cum filled pussy.

There was nothing sexier than watching my wife lost in lust getting filled by four black men. Overcome with lust, I added my cum load to her wet pussy kissing her deeply the whole time. I lingered as long as I could, not getting enough of her, until I could feel Ferrand’s presence next to me waiting his turn.

I reluctantly pulled out and watched Ferrand take my place between Kari’s long legs, watching as he slid his long rigid cock into her. The sight making my cock stir as he fucked her hard. I marveled at how sexy my wife looked while lost in lust. The sight of her made me feel like I didn’t even need the elixir to keep hard.

I could have watched her all day, cock drunk and orgasming on bbc, but I realized that we would never leave port at this rate. I waited around until Damien came, then convinced everyone that we needed to get started on preparing or else it was never going to happen. That seemed to provide some incentive.

Jamal, Karan and I started preparing the boat. Karan staring wistfully at Kari as she got dressed. Ferrand and Damien left to get supplies. I instructed them to buy a bunch of rope and some straps while they were at it, explaining that it would be fun to have Kari tied up suspended from the mast off and on. I had to remind them to buy more elixir, since they were so pre-occupied with the mention of tying Kari up.

We spent the afternoon preparing. Karan and I unable to resist taking Kari a couple of times below deck, until the guys returned with all the supplies. We started right away with the beer, a local beer called Caribe, and cast off. Jamal left the wharf under power while the rest of us relaxed naked on the deck. All of us men were sporting erections, Kari spent her time teasing all of us by grabbing and kissing our cocks as we drank beer. Once our boat was in open water, she went to suck Jamal’s huge cock as he piloted the boat further out. He cut the engine and all we could hear was sucking and groaning noises from both of them. Suddenly we heard a few loud grunts from Jamal as he shot is load in Kari’s mouth and all over her face.

The sound of Kari and Jamal had me aroused as ever, and as she came back down to the deck, I grabbed her, pushing her down onto the deck and began fucking her. She looked so hot with her face covered in cum I couldn’t resist. I added my load to her chest and stomach and allowed Damien to take my place as Ferrand and Karan fed their cocks to her. After awhile, they too added their loads to her face and body, now she was completed covered in cum. We all decided it was a good look for her and agreed to keep her that way, not allowing her a towel.

We all hung around the deck until late evening, fucking on and off and making plans for the rest of the trip. Karan was completely enamored and spent the most time burying his cock deep in her pussy. We finished the evening in separate rooms, giving me the chance to have Kari to myself for a couple of more rounds, my cock just couldn’t get enough of her. Every time I came, I kept thinking how sexy she looked taking those big black cocks, and I would have to fuck her again. The sound of us fucking all night had the men waiting impatiently and beside themselves with desire the next morning.

When Kari came out onto the deck, all the men were waiting, naked and erect and drinking Mama Zara’s elixir. They gave Kari a half filled glass of the elixir, then all of them ganged up on her, going down on her, fucking her in her pussy, ass and mouth all morning. We took a break for lunch, then continued gang fucking her under the sun, surrounded by the ocean. Kari had already been fucked more times and taken more loads of cum in just that morning than she had in the months previous to our vacation.

We spent the next few days the same way, with the men waiting on deck for Kari to appear each morning, fucking all morning and afternoon. Slowly heading to our destination. Little did I know that Jamal had arranged for a group of young black men to meet at our island destination. Each of them having paid him a large sum money to have access to a black cock addicted white girl for an entire weekend.

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