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Wife Trains me for Anal
I married a dominant anal queen that loves to use me and abuse me. It all started out pretty simple, every time we would smoke a joint she would bring the subject up about kinky sex. For some reason she loved to play with my asshole while she sucked my cock, I didn’t mine this much.

She would apply a generous amount of vaseline to my asshole, and gently slide a finger in. As always, I was beside myself. It was like losing my virginity all over again. She would start moving her finger in and out of my ass, fucking me slowly with it. I would start pushing my ass back on her finger as I told her too stick two fingers in my asshole.

I would tell her to **** me, fuck me, treat me like a woman and my asshole is a cunt. She would reach down and get more vaseline on her fingers as she worked more and more of her hand into my open asshole. Then she would let go of my legs and tell me to get on all fours with my ass up in the air, she started massaging my asshole, when she would have all four fingers in my ass, and she would make me beg her to put her thumb in my ass to.

My cock would usually cum before she would get her thumb in my ass, she wouldn’t even have to touch it. I would just blow a wad of cum out of my cock from the pleasure I was getting from her fucking my ass. My cock would stay hard and she would continue to work her hand up my ass, when her thumb eased into me her hand would slip all the way up to her wrist.

She would then wiggle her fingers around in my anus and I would cum again with out her even touching my cock. She would say things like canlı bahis my hand is getting you all loosen up so one of these days you can fuck a real cock. One of her fantasies was, to watch me get fucked by a man while she watched me suck another man’s cock. She would get right down to the details of telling me how she wanted one of the men to fuck me hard in the ass while she would suck on my balls and cock.

And how she wanted to watch another guy fuck my mouth real hard and stick his cock down my throat. While she was telling me this she was twisting her fist around in a circle deep in my asshole. My balls were empty I was still cumming but no cum was shooting out of my cock. After about an hour of her r****g my asshole with her fist, she slowly started pulling it out.

My ass muscles were so tighten up around her fist it was hard for her to pull her hand loose. Finally when she removed her hand from my ass I could feel my asshole gaped open, I reached behind me and slipped two of my fingers in my loose ass without any trouble at all, I massaged my anal muscle till it closed back up.

Then she would come over and sit on my face, her pussy would be soaking wet, and her cum would be all over her asshole to. She would slide her pussy back and forth, my tongue would be in her ass then it would be in her cunt. She would keep doing this till she had other orgasm. One weekend we went to the club and she picked up two men that wanted to fuck her real bad. She explained to them that she would fuck both of them, but they had to fuck her husband first. They were both half drunk perabet giriş so they would have agreed with anything to be able to fuck my wife.

We got back to the house and everybody got naked, one of the guys named Roger, had a huge cock the others one’s name was Bill his cock was just average size. My wife told Roger to lay down on the bed, he laid down on the bed and then she looked at me and said, deep throat his cock I want to see you take it deep into your mouth. I want to see his cock sliding in and out of your hungry mouth.

I started sucking it. Then she said, move over here so I can play with your ass while you suck him, but I have to be able to his see his cock in your mouth. She wanted to see him cum in my mouth. I had his cock wedged in my throat when I reached between his legs to feel his balls. They were large and heavy. I suspected there was a lot of cum in them. I moved my fingers up and started to feel around his asshole.

His cock seemed to be pulsating in my mouth and he was lifting his hips off the bed to stick his cock deeper into my mouth. On one of those thrusts I reached underneath him with my wet finger and found his asshole. My finger slid in easily. He groaned and shot a large load of cum right down my throat. I don’t think he even knew I had stuck a finger up his ass.

I kept his cum soaked cock in my mouth while my wife had been jerking Bills cock off. She got behind me and started licking my ass getting me nice and wet for Bill to fuck me. In the mean time Roger’s cock got hard again. My wife crawled up on the bed beside perabet güvenilir mi me, we were both on our hands and knee’s. Bill started working his cock up my ass while Roger got up and took a position behind my wife.

I heard her moan as he stuck his massive cock up her pussy. The wife and I started French-kissing each other as we both was getting fucked at the same time. My wife getting fucked in the pussy by Roger, and Bill was slamming his prick in my ass. I looked over at my wife and told her this was one of the hottest things we had ever done. She nodded her head in agreement.

After Roger shot his cum in my wife’s pussy and Bill filled my ass with his load of cum. The wife and I got in a 69 position and I licked the cum out of her cunt while she sucked the sperm out of my willing asshole. Hell before the night was over the wife and I sat back and watched Roger and Bill stroke each other’s cock.

After they got there cocks rock hard Roger move behind me and slipped his cock in my ass all the way up to his balls and my wife went down between us and was sucking his balls as Bill move in to offer me his rock hard cock to my waiting mouth and started to face fuck me. I would grab his balls and pull them as I would suck him deeper in my throat tasting his precum.

She was rubbing my balls along with Roger’s it felt so sexy as Rogers cock was hitting my prostate as I leaked precum until I shot a load of cum real fast. And my wife licked my prick clean.Rogers was balls deep in my ass when I came as I squeeze his cock he shot a huge load into my ass and then she sucked the spent cum out of my ass. Bill was still face fucking as I played with his balls until he shot load deep into my throat as I swallowed every drop. It was a night to remember. And I also want to thank my dominant anal queen. My beautiful wife.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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