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Wifes favourite story Part 2
Wife loves this story, after reading it the 1st time, she got herself a bull old enough to be my dad. Here is her older bull who she likes to treat as her father in law.

I grab my dildo and begin pumping it deep inside of me, bottoming out at the entrance of my cervix. I close my eyes, and imagine Ron is plunging his hard cock to my inner depths. I place my cum covered fingers in my mouth and begin sucking them as my eight inches of pure pleasure continues to pound my father in law’s sperm into the opening of my fertile cervix.

It didn’t take long for me to have my first orgasm. I moaned as I could feel the inner walls of my creamy, wet, and arouse pussy clamp down on the thick shaft, that continued to pound me deep. My second orgasm was just as intense as the first, but it seem to last twice as long.

I slowly pull the sloppy, creamy toy from my thoroughly satisfied pussy while gently rubbing my now sensitive clit. I clean our combined juices off of the warm dildo with my tongue, closing my eyes imagining it’s Ron’s dick that I have my mouth wrapped around as I lick and suck off any remaining cum.

I begin to stand, and I can feel the fluids running down the inside of my pulsating pussy. I bend over and grab my blue satin panties and slide them back on, trying to contain the remainder of Ron’s cum that is now leaking out of me. Using the hand towel I wipe the cum off of the side of the tub and the tile floor. I turn on the sink and wash my toy before quietly returning it to my dresser. I walk past Ron’s room on my way to the kitchen and wonder if he just satisfied himself thinking about me, like I just did him.

I grab whats left of my vodka and cranberry and finished it off setting the empty glass in the sink and headed back to my room. I slid my nighty over my head and quietly crawl into bed with my cum cover panties still on. I start to drift off to sleep, not thinking about teasing anymore, but how, if possible I could get my father in law to fuck me.

Mike’s alarm went off at three thirty, he hopped out of bed and got ready for work. Before he left, he gave me a kiss and said, “You have a great day honey, I’ll call you when I can.”

“Ok, have a safe flight.” I replied.

Mike grabbed his suit case and partially closed our bedroom door. I reached for my phone and set my alarm for six thirty, so I could wake up before Ron. I hear Mike’s SUV door close, the engine start, and Mike pull out of the drive way. As I drift back to sleep.

I feel my phone vibrate, I grab it and turn off the alarm. With the sun beginning to rise I hop out of bed, my tits freely swaying as I walk to the door. I open it and walk topless to the bathroom. I can’t help but notice the semi dried cum mixture on the gusset of my blue panties as I take a pee. I slide the panties off, stand up and flush the toilet. I bend over and pick the panties up, open the hamper and throw them in. As I open the bathroom door and walk down the hallway, I can hear Ron snoring as I approach the bedrooms. I walk into my room leaving the door fully open and crawl back into bed.

I lay down and push the comforter to the side, to give the appearance that it slid off me while I slept, leaving me fully nude and exposed. I lay on my back with my legs partially spread and my tits on full display. I hear Ron’s alarm go off, and my heart starts racing all over again.

I close my eyes as I hear Ron get out of bed, and walk towards the hallway. His foot steps stop, then I hear him walk back into his room. I lift my eye lids just enough to see Ron return to the hallway with his phone in his hand.

“He’s not going to do what I think he is, is he?”

No sooner than I thought it, he held the phone up a snapped a few pictures of my entirely naked and exposed body. I couldn’t believe it, I was getting so turned on. After he snapped a few more, I heard him walk down the hall towards the bathroom, the bathroom door closed and I slowly open my eyes.

My pussy instantly became sopping wet, thinking of how Ron is probably stroking his cock in the bathroom right now, while looking at the pictures he took of my naked body. I start to wonder if I had opened my eyes up, would he have walked in and fucked me right here on his son’s bed. I rapidly slide my finger in and out of my slippery pussy as I finger fuck myself to orgasm.

I slide my finger out, and roll on to my side. I want to give my father in law another sexy pose. I pull my knees toward my chest, giving Ron a clear unobstructed view of my ass and glistening cunt.

I hear the bathroom door open, Ron quietly walks to my doorway. Through my eye lashes I can see the he’s taking more pictures. This time he must have silenced his phone, because I don’t hear the clicking sound that I heard earlier. Getting what he wanted and not pushing his luck, he turned around and walked into his room.

The next time I seen Ron, he was dressed. He walked into the hall, canlı bahis took another glance at my nude body and quietly closed my door. Moments later I heard the front door close.

I sat up walked to my dresser, grabbed the same dildo I used last night and laid back down on my bed. It slid easily into my juicy excited cunt. I grabbed my cell phone and started taking pictures to send to Mike. The best were a close up of the dildo in my creamy pussy, one with the toy removed leaving my pussy wide open, and another of me sucking my nipple.

I then recorded a short video of the dildo slurping in and out of my saturated pussy while I moan, “That feels so good! Fuck me harder, fuck me harder! Oh that’s right, cum in my wet pussy.” I ended the video with a face shot of me licking and sucking my erect nipple and saying to the camera “I can’t wait for you to get home.” I intended on sending these to Mike, but I had a better idea.

I found Ron’s contact information in my cell and sent him the following message, “Ron, I forgot to give you our spare house key. I’ll leave it in the mailbox in case I’m out doing arons when you get home. Have a nice day.”

About a minute later I sent the following text to Ron.

“I just texted your dad about the key, thanks for the reminder. Have a good morning and good luck at your client. I was thinking about you this morning, enjoy the pic’s and vid later tonight.”

I attached the erotic photo’s and video I took a few minutes ago and press the send button.

With my heart about to jump out of my naked chest, I massaged my clit as I waited for the message to send. The thought of Ron watching the video and seeing my naked body spread wide on my bed as he sat in the cab on his way to work, pushed me over the edge.

I yelled, “Oh Ron!” As my orgasm tore through my body, leaving my legs shaking, and pussy pulsating.

After my orgasm subsided I sent another message, “Oh shit Ron, I am so SORRY!! I meant to send that to Mike. OMG!!”

I had a devilish smile as I could see he was texting me back.

“Just pulling into the parking lot, thanks for the heads up on the key. No worries with the pics and video, I’ll make sure to delete them. See you later.”

“Thanks Ron, see you later.” I replied.

“Delete them my ass. I’m sure those are going right with the ones he took earlier this morning.” I thought to myself.

I sat up and headed to the bathroom,

setting my dildo on the ledge of the shower next to the shampoo. Curious to see if Ron left me an early morning surprise in my panties I open the hamper, sadly he didn’t. I turned on the shower and stepped in contemplating my devious plan that would play out today and tomorrow. I lather up and begin washing, making sure to wash what’s left of this mornings fun off of my eight inch friend.

I turn off the water and reach for a towel. I was going to grab my dildo as I walked out, but decided to leave it there so Ron could see first hand the toy that fucked me in the video I sent him earlier.

After my shower I did a load of laundry, washed the dishes from the last night and headed off for the grocery store for tonights dinner. On the way to the store Mike called. He told me his day was going well and was curious what was on the menu for his father tonight. I held back the thought of telling him I was hoping it would be my pussy Ron was eating for dinner.

“I’m going to make grilled chicken salad with cherry pie for dessert.”

“That sounds good hun, wish I were there.” He replied.

“Hey whats your dads drink of choice?”

“He is a sucker for gin,why?”

“Just wanted to make him feel more at home and serve something I’d know he’d like.”

“He’d definitely enjoy that. Well I have to run hun. I’ll call you some time tonight.”

After stopping at the grocery and liquor store, I headed back home. I cut all the vegetables for the salad and baked the cherry pie. The only thing left to do would be to grill the chicken, and I figured we could do that after a few cocktails. By the time I was through with prepping dinner it was three forty five. Now that the food was ready, I needed to get ready.

I slipped off my jean shorts, blouse, bra, and replaced them with a yellow sundress. The bottom of the dress rested just above my knees, while the top had loose spaghetti string straps that would provide a great view of my tits whenever I would lean over. I left my panties on because I wanted to throw a nice wet pair in the hamper for Ron later this evening. I put on some make up and curled my hair, for the finishing touches.

I heard a car door close. Looking out the blinds I seen Ron walking to the house. I opened the door and greeted him, “Hey Ron how was your day?” He caught me off guard with his reply.

“Oh…Excuse me, you must be one of Kim’s friends. My name is Ron, and your’s is?”

What a good way to break the anticipated feeling of awkwardness I expected after sending him that message this morning, but I knew I could one up him.

“No Ron, it’s me Kim. You just must not be used bahis siteleri to seeing me with my clothes on.”

We both bursted out in uncontrollable laughter. I honestly can say I don’t think this night could have started off any better.

Ron went to his room to change, then met me on the patio. He walked out in a pair of cargo shorts and a black tank top that exsentuated his upper body muscles, which I didn’t expect to be so defined.

“So Ron, can I get you a Gin and tonic?”

“Absolutely, thats my favorite, make it a double please.” He said with a smile. “So whats on the menu for tonight?”

“Grilled chicken salad. I have a salad all prepared, and chicken breast marinating in the refrigerator that I’ll throw on the grill soon. And for dessert, I made a cherry pie.”

“That sounds delicious Kim, thanks again.”

As Ron mixed up our second round of drinks, I prepped the grill and tossed the chicken on.

While setting the patio table I caught Ron glancing down my yellow sundress, that barely contained my braless DD tits. I’m sure he enjoyed the view as I caught him peeking more than once.

I took the chicken off the grill, cut it up, and served it with the salad. I sat across from Ron, making sure to give him a nice view of my yellow panties as we ate.

“This is fantastic Kim, the chicken is grilled perfectly.”

“Thanks Ron, I’m glad you enjoy it. So how does it feel to be back in-town?”

“Well for the most part it’s nice, I can’t believe how much they’ve developed the surrounding area in such a short time. That reminds me, on the way to work this morning I seen that new huge nightclub off of highway 45, when did they build that?”

“Oh,Vibe. It opened about four months ago.”

“How is it? Have you and Ron been there yet?”

“Are you serious? I want to go so bad, but Ron would never be seen in there, he doesn’t dance. I heard from a few girls I used to work with that it’s a classy higher end club, and from the way they made it sound it’s a great place.”

“That’d be a good time, I like the club atmosphere. About a half a year ago I dated a dance instructor in Atlanta, and she taught me how to hold my own on the dance floor. We could go tomorrow night, but I’m sure an attractive twenty six year old like yourself wouldn’t want to be seen at a club with her forty eight year old father in law.”

“Get out of here Ron, you’d go?”

“Are you k**ding me, would I go? I’d be there in a heart beat. But Like I said, I wouldn’t want you to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed going with and old timer who happened to be your father in law.

“Well then consider it a date! And you need to quit beating yourself up, you’d be surprised how girls my age would be attracted to a well established, confident, and might I add a handsome gentlemen like yourself. Plus nobody there needs to know you’re my father in law. It’ll be our secret.” I said with a wink.

“Ok, if you say so Kim. Since you cooked for me tonight, it’s my treat tomorrow night. Let’s plan on taking a cab, I really want to cut loose and relax.”

My phone began to ring, I answered it and put it on speaker phone.

“Hey Mike, how’s it going?”

“Fine, how’s it going with you guys?”

“Good here son, Kim just made the best grilled chicken salad I’ve ever had.”

“Yeah, amongst other things that’s one of my favorites too.” Mike replied.

“So hun, you know that club Vibe I’ve been pestering you about taking me to.”

“Yeah.” Mike hesitantly replied.

“Well your Dad agreed to take me there tomorrow night.” I said smiling at Ron.

“I hope you don’t mind son.”

“Are you k**ding me, I owe you big time old man. Dad, feel free to tap into my wardrobe if you need to.”

“Thanks, but when I travel, I always come prepared. You never know who you’re going to meet or where you’re going to go.” Ron replied with a grin.

“Ok. Well I’ll let you guys get back to your dinner. I’ll try to call you in the morning sometime Kim. Have a good night guys,and Dad thanks again for taking one for the team.”

“My pleasure son.”

“Goodnight.” Ron and I say to Mike as I hang up the phone.

“You weren’t k**ding about him not stepping a foot into that nightclub.”

“I told you Ron.” I laughingly said.

After we finished eating I cleared the table and set the dirty dishes in the sink. I walked to the patio door and peeked my head out.

“Ron would you like a piece of pie?”

“I think I’ll hold off for a bit, I’m stuffed.”

“Ok, I’m going to take a quick shower, I enjoy grilling, but I can’t stand smelling like one.”

“Hey Kim, do you mind if I use your computer? I’d like to look at Vibe’s website.”

“Yeah go for it, after my shower I want to see it to.”

Ron followed me down the hall, he went in the computer room and I went in the bathroom. I closed the door, then it hit me, did I close out and remove the flash drive or did I just turn off the monitor last night. I could feel my cunt starting to get wet just thinking of Ron scrolling through the hundreds of of sexually explicit photo’s of me.

Before getting in the shower, I bahis şirketleri rubbed my clit to climax through my yellow panties, ensuring the gusset would be wet and creamy for Ron when he picked them up later, as I knew he would. I place my sundress and panties in the hamper and closed the lid, and stepped into the shower. I immediately noticed my eight inch dildo prominently resting next to the shampoo and knew it would provoke many sexually thoughts of it being deep inside my pussy when Ron showers later.

I turned off the shower and stepped out, and dried off. I wrapped the towel tightly around my breast, it wasn’t long enough to completely cover the bottom of my ass or my aroused pussy, but that wasn’t any concern of mine, nor did I think Ron would mind.

I open the bathroom door, and walked out into the hallway.

“Kim, we are going to have…”

Ron paused seeing that I was in my towel.

He continued, “Sorry I’ll let you get dressed.”

“No it’s ok, how does it look?” I said, as I walked into the room and stood next to Ron. I quickly noticed that the flash drive was plugged into the computer.

“He must have seen them.” I excitedly thought to myself.

“We are going to have a great time tomorrow night, I’ll tell you that. Look at that dance floor.”

As Ron explored the website, I slowly moved closer to him, until my bare upper thigh was brushing against his elbow.

“Click on the Tuesday night drink specials.”

“Buy one get one after eight.” We read simultaneously.

“We’re right Ron it’s going to be a fun night. Speaking of drinks, I need another one.” I said as I walked toward the the doorway, putting a little extra sway with each step knowing the bottom of my ass was exposed. I looked over my left shoulder and said “Think you could mix me one?”

I caught Ron checking out my bare ass, and he knew he got busted.

“I sure can, I could use one to.” He embarrassedly said.

“Thanks, meet you on the patio.” I replied with my flirty smile.

I walked in my room and partially closed the door. I dropped my towel and stood naked as I looked for an appropriate outfit, for the evening with my father in law.

I pulled over a thin, tight fitting white tank top and slid on a pair of light gray yoga shorts, that very obviously exposed my camel toe. I heard Ron walk by as I was checking out the outfit in the mirror. My shirt was so thin you could make out my areola’s through the fabric.

I walked out to the patio as Ron stood gazing at the sky.

“What a gorgeous sunset.” I said as I walked on to the grass.

“It’s just amazing.” Ron said glancing my direction, turning his focus to my outfit.

We sat down and finished our drinks as we watched the sun drop lower and lower in the sky, until it completely disappeared.

“So Ron are you up for a game of pool?”

“Count me in. How about you refill our drinks and I’ll rack the table?” Ron said holding up his empty glass.

I mixed another round of strong gin and tonics, brought them downstairs, and set them on the bar. I turned on the radio as Ron walked to the bar.

“Here’s your gin and tonic sir.” Sliding the drink to Ron.

I turned on the lights above the bar and took a drink. The lights must have enhanced the view of my nipples through the thinness of my shirt as I noticed Ron glancing at my tits as we sat at the bar.

I walked toward the table and said, “Ron, your break.”

As we played I continually caught Ron undressing me with his eyes. I enjoyed it, and my pussy did to as I could feel it getting wet. My gray spandex shorts were starting to show my wetness. Every opportunity I had I would rub my pussy through my shorts making the wet spot more visible. I would stand in his line of vision with my legs crossed putting my wet camel toe on full display along with my erect nipples that were poking through my thin shirt.

“Eight ball corner pocket.” Ron called as he lined up the shot. I took this as the perfect opportunity to distract him by moving to the rhythm of the music causing my tits to sway. My nipples rubbing on my shirt felt so good and caused them to harden even more.

I stopped moving and rested the pool cue between my cleavage, as Ron’s shot missed right of his target. I proceeded to go on a three ball run.

“Eight ball side pocket.”

Ron was standing behind me, I was sure his eyes were fixed on my ass and the moist patch between my legs. I held my pose a bit longer than I normally would, then shot.

“Yes!” I said as the eight ball rolled into the side pocket.

“Rack em up loser.” I said as I walked back to the bar, slapping Ron on his ass as I passed him.

“Good game.” He said sarcastically.

I sat on a bar stool watching Ron prepare the table for the next game. After he racked the balls he walked toward me. I was sitting with my legs spread and could see Ron’s eyes drawn to the wetness between my thighs. I wanted him to touch me, finger me right there, while having his tongue explore my nipples.

He said down next to me, and held up his drink. We clanked glasses.

We were both definitely feeling the effects of the gin. We were loosening up, flirting and teasing more and more as we played our next game of pool. Ron ran the table, making this a quick game. After he won he caught me off guard when he slapped my ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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