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Work Out
At the gym one afternoon finishing my work out. Walk into the locker room undress and hit the showers. I always use the last shower stall. Standing under the hot water relaxing this guy enters the stall next me. I’m not paying him attention just enjoying the shower. I turn around and noticed he steps out to dry his face off and as he dose he turns his head to look into my stall. So I bend over to wash my legs and feet, as I’m doing this I catch him looking into my stall. I stand up and I can see him looking at me over the stall wall. I then look down and see his foot close to the stall wall. I move my foot closer, he then moves his closer to the point of a fraction of a hair from mine. I look up into the shower and touch his toe with my toe. kaçak bahis He then slightly pushes his toe at mine. I then lift my toe and place it on his. He then dose the same.

Next stall down from him another guy is taking a shower, so he closes his curtain. I reach up and close my curtain turning the water hotter. I now have a rock solid hard on. So I drop to my knees and slide my cock under the stall wall. He then grabs my cock and stroking it. I lean back having the hot water hit me in the chest. FUCK he is jacking me off so good. This is so much better than a Glory Hole. He then cups my balls with his other hand and rubbing my tant all the while jacking my cock.

I am in pure pleasure loving this. The other guy has turned his shower off, so bets10 I stand up and enjoy the hot water. He then walks out of the shower room. I drop to my knees again. This time I not only slide my cock under the wall. I slide my knees and thighs under. Giving him even more access to my cock and balls. I want to moan loud and louder, but can’t because we could get in trouble. So I bite my lip and arch my back. As I arch my back he moves a finger towards my ass hole. I start to hump his finger thrashing my hips up and down. I reach behind me grabbing his hand that is cupping my balls. Pulling his hand closer to my ass. He then slides a finger into my ass. FUCK I want to moan loudly with pleasure, but only bit my lip even more.

He now has bahis siteleri my cock in one hand. My balls in the other hand with two fingers I my ass. And the water is even hotter beating on my chest. My balls are tingling my cock starts to throb. I can feel the urge of cumming. He jacks me harder and harder. I then EXPLODE a massive load of cum all over his hands. I stand up rinse the cum of me. He then is walking out of the shower room. I look out the stall to see who he was but he was gone. DAM IT MAN! That was AWESOME! I stood under the hot water enjoying what just happened.

I dry off and walk out to my locker looking around to see where he is. But he was not there, at least on the side of the locker room I was. So I get dressed and walking out of the locker room. I see one of the front desk workers leaving before me I say hello to him. He turns around and says that he got a call in the middle of his run about two guys in the shower. All I could do is smile and say really!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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