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A Gift For My Son
I first started to playing with my mum’s knickers around the age of twelve, when I was starting to learning about women and sex. I guess I did because I had read about it in porn mags, and out of curiosity and for a cheap thrill back then. But two months ago, I found myself sniffing then again, this time fantasising about fucking and licking my mother’s cunt. My mother has shapely hips and wonderful 38C breasts The laundry hamper in the bathroom in our house, and I often take a pair and wank with them, the intoxicating smell of her dirty knickers always got me hard as a rock.

Last week, I decided that I was close to being caught more times than I wanted to, so I took two pairs from the hamper to keep, hoping she would think nothing of it when she noticed.

So for a couple of weeks, I had countless wankings sessions with them up in the safety of my bedroom, and all was going fine, with no enquiry from my mother as to their whereabouts.

But then we went to a holiday cottage for a weekend break in Easter, and I had to pack the knickers, as I was far too attached to them to leave them behind. The cottage was like a studio, with no walls, so I could not risk masturbating there with mum around, so on the first day, I took them to the toilet when I was feeling horny, having been with my mother all day.

But on the second day, I had gone for a swim early in the morning on my own, and came back around 10 a.m. After breakfast, my mum decided to go for a swim. I had agreed to stay in, as I knew that I would be alone for at least an hour, I decided to be adventurous, so I took another freshly-worn pair of knickers from mum’s bag, and lay down in her bed, smelling her sweet scent before wanking myself off.

I was in full swing when I heard a, ‘Mark?’ It was my mum, and I was in her bed, wanking with her knickers around my head. I tried to cover up, but I knew she’d seen everything. There was a strange silence once she’d walked in, she didn’t shout at me. As she walked nearer, she said, ‘Ah, I think I can help you out here’, and with that, she pulled back the covers to reveal me naked and my rock hard erection standing out. It was the hardest I had ever known it, and was throbbing so hard that I didn’t know whether I was feeling pleasure or pain.

I still had no idea what she would do, but after a few seconds of her staring at my hard prick, she moved down and knelt beside the bed, taking my cock in her hand. I thought I was going to blow my load there and then. Pre cum was now leaking from my cock-head as she sensuously pulled back my foreskin with her fingers, before gently working up and down my cock with her fist. In no time at all, she had me squirming around on the bed shooting my hot cum all over her hands and face.

‘Wow mum, that was amazing, how come you aren’t mad at me for having your knickers?’ I asked while watching her lick up my cum from her hands.

‘Mad? Why should I be mad? I’ve seen you masturbate with them for about the last two months,! I’ve been waiting for this time as long as you have, darling, and now we’re doing it, can you get it hard again?’

‘Look Mum,’ as I motioned down to my semi-hard cock.

While undressing, my mum began again to jerk my cock back to full size. By the time it was, she was standing there in a pair of red and black matching bra and knickers, the high-cut güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri knickers accentuating her heavenly curves.

She then let me undress her completely, so she was standing with her perfect breasts hanging free, and her hairy bush exposed.

Before climbing into bed, she asked me whether I was sure I wanted this to happen. I just looked at her for a second, nodded and grabbed her by the waist, pulling her into bed.

Mum quickly positioned herself into the sixty-nine position. Although I was a virgin, I had seen and read enough to know what I was doing as I slowly licked up and down my mother’s slit, paying attention to the clitoris, which on my mother was large and as hard as my dick.

As she began playing with my cock again, she massaged and sucked my balls and then worked her way up my shaft with her tongue, until she reached my bell-end, where she sucked and licked.

Nearly five minutes had passed until she let out a little scream, not because of orgasm, but because we had rolled off the bed and hit the floor. We both laughed before standing up and kissing sensually. This is where it sank in, I didn’t really think of it as i****t when she sucked my cock or I licked her out, but kissing her like this for the first time, with our juices mixing between our mouths, I realised that I was actually doing this with my mother, and that I should make the most of it now. With that in mind, I led her to the dining table, and sat her on it, legs spread open. As I positioned myself to enter her hairy bush, she said,

‘I would love to fuck you Mark, but you have to go and get a condoms from my room’

How about I pull out before I cum?’

‘Oh Mark, I was hoping you’d say that.’

With that, she wrapped her legs around me, and locked them together behind me, forcing me to enter her.

‘Unngh, fuck me Mark, that hard cock of yours feels so good, you fill my pussy right up, yeaaah, fuck me hard and fast.’

‘OOOOOH yeah, you are so sexy mum.’

With every stroke the screams were getting louder and the talk dirtier.

‘Come on Mark, fuck mummy, fuck me good, you shouldn’t be fucking your mother, so make it special.’

‘You keep talking like that, and I’ll cum, yeaaah, I’m gonna cum mum, I can shoot on your tits.’

But as I tried to pull out, she pulled her legs in tighter, keeping me in,

‘Nooo Mark give it to me, I’m cumming to, lets cum together, yeah keep fucking me.’

That was all I could take and we both came together, our cum freely mixing.
Happy birthday to you”. He then realized that it was his birthday.

My son is now 22 and he is having a good body. He is tall, handsome and a charming boy. By wishing him I hugged him and gave a peck on his cheek. I asked him to get up, take shower quickly because I have made his favourite breakfast.

He got up and took his shower. On the breakfast table I told him that we’ll go for shopping today.

I asked him, what present he needs on completing his graduation which I promised to give on this day. He instead of telling blushes a little and said that he’ll tell after shopping.

So we went out for shopping and spend an hour over it.

At home I cleaned the kitchen and then I relaxed with my son on couch watching T.V. I again asked him about his present.

He looked towards me, I could see he was tensed, and said,” mom promise me that you güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri will not get angry with me.”

I assured him that if it is worthy then I shall not.

He continued,” mom you are the most important person in my life. I would not have been at this position without you. Since my c***dhood you were always present when I needed you. You were a fairy for me.”

I said I respect his feelings and I also loved him.

He said,” but as I was growing I came to realize and know many things like d**gs, sex and many other things.”

I couldn’t believe he said sex in front of me.

“From fairy you turned into a sexual attraction for me. I have seen you many times semi and complete naked by sneaking through window of your room and the bathroom’s back window.”

“I think mom that you have got the most beautiful body in this world. Your big breast’s, cute ass drive me crazy mom.”

I blushed on his compliments but I remained still.

He continued,” I always loved you and I want our relationship to be more deep and passionate, so as far as my gift is concerned I want you and your beautiful body as my gift. Will you be my bequest?”

I was dumbstruck; I couldn’t believe what my son has asked me.

Although I love having sex with new guys but having it with my baby was an unexpected thought that has never come to my mind.

Before I could say anything John spoke,” mom you promised to give anything.” I told that the world will not accept it but he convinced me that no one will ever know.

I thought for a while that John was correct and it will accomplish my wish. So I agreed to him and became his present.

He jumped with a joy and went straight to kitchen. He came back with two bear canes. We toasted for our new correlation.

He threw the can away and jumped on me. I collapsed on the couch with my c***d over me. He was kissing me madly on my cheeks, neck and lips. He plunged his tongue in my mouth and I replied him by sucking it.

I unbuttoned my chemise and take his t-shirt off. He unhooked my bra and started to suck my tits. I was in a mood of having fun so I pushed him off me ran behind sofa.

He got annoyed and chased me. I ran through corridor to my room and there I fell on carpet. John right away jumped on me and grabbed my arms tightly. He spoke,” So you want to play hunnn.. you want to play, let play.” Saying that he kissed me hard on my lips, he ate my lips so bad that I actually had to push him away. His eyes were clearly telling that he was not going to spare me at all.

I love that kind of intensity. I was thinking that when he again sucked my one nipple and played with the other via his fingers. He was biting and pinching my tits. Slowly he moved through my belly button to my waist and untied my skirt’s lace. Pulling off quickly my skirt he kissed lightly over my panty on my cunt. I was lit on fire instantly. I wanted him to fuck me hard very hard but I kept my cool and let my c***d explore my deep valley.

He removed my panty and rubbed my protruding lips. My pussy was wet, very wet. He lowered his head and smelled my gel and I could simply tell he liked that. He licked my genital and savoured its taste. I cummed instantly on his face and was surprised to see that my offspring sipped every drop it.

He pulled me up and turned my back in front of him. My ass hole was made güvenilir bahis şirketleri wet by spitting saliva then he asked me to lubricate his cock. I swallowed its full length and moved my head back and forth to damp it. After that he aimed at my hole and penetrated with thrust into my ass. I felt his length in me and moved my hand to see how much his cock was in. I was shocked to notice that about 5” of it was still waiting to get in. Must be 11” the length of his cock, how big it was.

I have almost forgotten the feeling of being fucked since my last 5 years were without it. I felt like a teen girl who is about to have sex for first time. So it felt nice to be fucked again and nicer because it was done by no other person but my son.

He moved his cock in and out very quickly. My arse was red because he was colliding his thighs on it again and again. I heard his moan and knew straightforward that he was about to cum. He cummed in me again and again. Now he took his cock out my ass and rubbed it on my pussy. I was running out of control and started shouting,” fuck me son of bitch, fuck me you bastard or I’ll kill you.”

I think it done the trick he stopped playing and penetrated his cock deed in my pussy. I felt so nice that I can do anything for this sensation. He was again in me but this time he was coming in rather going out last time on his birth. His cock was still out a complete 4” out so I beat him on his chest and said,” What the hell you are doing, you are still out of me.”

He pushed his cock more and more in me to the point where pleasure becomes pain but I let him come in me. I felt dizzy for a moment the pain was unbearable. At last he stuffed his full cock in me. He moved it in and out again and again. I loved his cock rubbing against my wall.

All of sudden I felt a wave of joy ran through my body, I was about to cum. I cummed a huge amount. My pussy was stretched so much that my cum flow out of it and damped the bed sheet down under it.

I loved the way he fuck, he move slowly for a while then move his cock very quickly as if his slow motion is fast forward. He kept on doing it shakily and my breasts were swinging like wave. Suddenly his moans of pleasure became loud and he pulled out his cock from my pussy. I asked what happened he replied that he can’t cum in my pussy because it will make me pregnant. I told him that I was not in period so there was no harm in doing that, also I want him to cum in and it doesn’t matter me that I’ll get pregnant.

So he again pushed hi cock in me and started the most wonderful motion in this whole universe i.e. fucking. He moaned again but continued in and out motion. After a moment he exploded hi magma inside me. His cum was even more than he did in my ass.

We were tired so we lay down like that i.e. his cock in my pussy and him on top of me. He used my breast as a cushion and kept his head over them. I lightly and slowly massaged his head. We slept instantly without saying a word to each other.

I morning when I woke up I saw him not in bed. I called his name and he came naked with a cup of tea. When I finished that cup of tea he asked how it was. I told that it was nice but he will not be spared so easily and I grabbed his cock and put it in my mouth. It got erected in my mouth and I pumped it until his fluid was ejaculated. I swallowed every drop it.

From that day we were not like mother and son but we were like lovers and more like friends. We love each other very much and can do anything for each other.

We had enjoyed many nights together and days too. Because of our new relation we never wear clothes in house.

Our new experience will come soon in few days.

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