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Dinner was at 8 PM, I had already taken my shower and was waiting on her. Continuously my eyes were scanning the clock, 6:45, 6:52, and 7:00. My mind could only wandered into what was partaking. After another 5 minutes I stepped out onto the balcony. The sun was just beginning to set as my eyes caught her through the window, as though it was the first time I had seen her. The smile was coy, but short as she finished putting on her jewelry. At 7:15 she cracked the door, “Are you ready?” I found myself giving a quiet nod. The Uber was just pulling up as we stepped out of the front door to the hotel. I waited as she slid across the back seat, feeling my eyes peruse her legs from heel to mid-thigh.
I followed her into the back seat. The conversation canlı bahis to the restaurant was light with several pauses, my right hand laid across the back of the seat, left itching to be anywhere but on my lap as the dim light of day started to fade. As we pulled up to the restaurant, I asked the driver “Can you pick us up at 11?” my hand reaching for hers to help her from the car. We only had 10 minutes before we were seated, we talked just as we normally had but something was different. We followed the host to be seated, both of us starving. My eyes watched as she walked, the way the dress moved, her slight sway. We arrived at the table, seated across from each other for only until our drinks arrived. Our conversation continued bahis siteleri as I moved next to her. Similar to our previous conversations, interrupted only by our order.
The food was exquisite, through the laughter I couldn’t stand it. Finally I piped up “What took you so long to get ready?”
The laugh was perfect in between bites. “You really want to know?” I couldn’t withhold my reply “Yes!” Her eyes moved slightly down and I knew the answer without an uttered word. My hand slipping off the table, along her thigh, slowly upwards, making sure my fingertips reaching her inner thigh, lightly gripping as I could feel her warmth. My fingers ran along the tendon teasingly, finally reaching her pussylips. Tracing the edges, my fingers spreading bahis şirketleri her apart as they ran her entire length. I pulled my fingers back and tasted. Our dinner finished, we moved to the bar. Sipping the margaritas slowly, talking as I noticed she had purposely pulled her dress up. The light glistened off her wetness. Halfway through our second drink I couldn’t bare it any longer. Calling for the check, I reached my hand slowly underneath her, slipping my middle finger inside. Her pussy gripping my finger slowly and releasing. Inching deeper, until my palm was pressed against her pussy. Signing the receipt quickly, “Let’s go”. We quickly turned the corner of the building, halfway down I pushed her against the wall. My hands pushing her dress up as I knelt, her leg instinctively ran over my shoulder. Pulling her against me by her ass, I slowly teased her wet pussylips with my flicking tongue, tracing, sucking, and delving into her opening as we could hear others passing by.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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