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Asian GF Jerks Me Off in Movie Theater
Here’s another true college story from my hot Asian wife and I…

One summer, we were both taking classes- me in the morning and her in the evening. We couldn’t live on campus during the summer, so we went from fucking everyday to celibacy. (Remember her mom was pretty strict and so we didn’t have a lot of unsupervised time together during the summer.) It was driving us nuts.

After my class, we met to catch a movie before her class started. It was the middle of the day and a weekday, so it wasn’t crowded. We sat in the middle of the theater. As the lights went low, I looked around and whispered to her “There’s nobody here… it’s like our own private showing.” She smiled.

As we were watching, we were holding hands. Suddenly, I realized that we were more-or-less alone and we could fool around. (I know- why did it take so long?) canlı bahis I pulled her hand to my lap and started rubbing it against my cock- which was straining against my jeans. My GF seemed not to realize what I was doing for a minute. Once she did, she automatically pulled her hand away. But then she smiled again and reached down and started stroking me on her own.

I reached down, unzipped my jeans, and pulled my cock out. I was rock-hard and leaking pre-cum. She leaned over and wrapped her lips around it. I love cumming in her mouth, but she hates it. When I started thrusting, she sat back up. “Please,” I was close to begging, “I need to cum.” She didn’t say anything, but took my hand and put it under her T-shirt. I started massaging her breasts with my left hand while unhooking her bra with my right (I’m actually pretty good at the one-handed bra unhook.) Once mobilbahis güvenilir mi her tits were free, I pulled her close and worked her shirt up. I started sucking on her hard nipples (those nipples were nice and big even before she had k**s). She moaned… and then she did something I never saw coming…

She reached up and took off her T-shirt. Right there in the theater, she was topless. Her small, pert breasts and erect nipples there for anyone to see! She grabbed hold of my jeans and boxers, fully undid them, and then slid them down to my knees. This was not some discrete fooling around in the theater, this was full-on exhibitionism!

She was wearing these tight little Daisy-Duke denim shorts and I reached to pull them down, too. “Uh-uh,” she said, “I have my period.” Damn. “But here…” She climbed over and straddled me. Then mobilbahis giriş she started stroking my cock as she leaned forward and put her breasts in my mouth. I was already close and this was too much. I just was thinking about what an usher would say if he came in and found us when I couldn’t hold back any longer…
“I’m going to cum,” I told her.
“Cum,” she ordered.
I started shooting. I was pumping hot, sticky cum all over us. It was all over my jeans, all over her stomach and shorts. I just kept cumming…

After what seemed like a few minutes, I finally finished. I sat there, spent. She slid back into her seat and put her shirt and bra back on. I pulled my pants together.

“Do you want to cum, too?” I asked her.
“No,” she said, “too messy. I’ll touch myself at home tonight and think of this.” I laughed. I don’t know how her period would be messier than being covered in cum.

When we left the theater, the cum was mostly dry. But she still had some crusty wet patches on her shorts. We kissed goodbye and she went to class. It got me semi-hard again to think that someone might see that and know my GF was covered in cum…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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