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Auntie Paula enjoys my dick
During my young years, every summer time my parents used to go for some vacation at seaside, to stay at my Auntie Paula’s house.
I was well into puberty and had been masturbating for two years. My Mom sometimes would forget to close her bedroom door so there were many times when I could see her undressing or getting naked after a shower. I used to feel aroused watching at her; since she was a hot woman…She was just forty years old at that time…
But my Auntie Paula was even hotter than my own Mom.
One day during that unforgettable summer; she came from outside getting some groceries. Auntie was wearing a light blouse tied in a knot at the bottom so I could see her belly, which was flat and tanned. Her jean shorts were very tight and her buttocks were trying to push out…
She was standing on some calf high black boots with high heels. Her fingernails were also painted in coral red and her sweet lips were colored by a glistening red also. She looked hot and sexy…
My cock got instantly hard in my shorts when I saw her. I could not help it. I had no control. Auntie Paula left the grocery bags on the kitchen table and just looked at me. I thought she stared at my bulge for a second; but she just smiled…
Then she told me it was a very nice sunny day. She would go upstairs to change into her bathing suit and then we could go to make a walk at the beach. I replied I was ready to go.
After Auntie climbed upstairs, I went up after her to see what I could see; just taking a peek through the crack of the door.
Auntie Paula walked out of her bathroom, unbuttoning her blouse.
I pulled my cock out and started to stroke it. Auntie unzipped her jean shorts and pushed them down her legs, slipping them over her boots. The little bitch was not wearing any thong.
Now she stood in the middle of her bedroom, standing just onto those sexy booths. I could see her perfect round ass cheeks and the reflection of her front in a wall mirror. She then pulled something out of a drawer. It was a nice rubber dildo.
The thing was fairly long and wide, and had a suction cup at the bottom. Paula started to rub it up and down her pussy lips and then I thought I was going to come in my hands, just there in the alley.
“Are you watching me, little pervert güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Victor…?” She then said…
“Are you stroking your cock…? I know you have a nice big one…”
I stood there motionless; I could not dare to breathe…

Then my sexy Auntie licked the suction cup part of the dildo and stuck it onto the chair she was standing in front of. I watched as she slowly lowered herself onto the dildo, guiding all the way inside her pussy until she was straddling the chair and I could see her pussy lips spread very wide around the base of that rubber piece.
Auntie Paula was looking right at the crack in the door. And she started to moan softly as she rocked back and forth on the chair.

Soon her movements got faster and faster. My stroking got faster… I felt I was close to the edge. But Auntie Paula came before; as she pinched her hard nipples between her red hot fingernails and looking right at me through the crack of the door…
She cried and moaned louder, as I started to cum too, but I put my cock back in my pants. I quietly ran downstairs and went outside…
I lied down at the back yard on a lounge chair in the hot sun, thinking about what I just witnessed.
My cock immediately began to grow hard again.
I started to stroke it again, thinking about the scene upstairs. Then Paula walked out and I stopped what I was doing. But I was sure my Auntie could see the huge tent in my pants caused by my raging hard on.

“You could get a bad burn today; let me put some oil on you…”
Before I could say anything about it, Auntie was sitting on my thighs, my cock sticking up right between her legs, and there is no way she could not have noticed.
She started rubbing oil on my arms, and then moved to my chest. Then she moved down to my belly and went past my shorts, touching my hard dick accidentally…
“Well, well, well… what we do have here…? She asked smiling…
My slut Auntie touched it again gently and my hips moved up and into her touch, as my eyes rolled back in my head. Then she started rubbing the oil on my thighs. Her fingers moved up, into the legs of my shorts. My cock was very hard and it was pulsating.
I thought I was going to cum right there. But then Paula suddenly stopped rubbing me and stood up in front of me. makrobet She was wearing now a tiny green bikini. Then she slipped the bottom thong down her legs until her ankles; letting it drop to the grass…
She was staring at me in the eyes the whole time. She grabbed the oil and rubbed it on her thighs. I could see her glistening pussy lips.
Paula leaned on me and took my shorts in his fingers. She pulled them out from my body and she smiled as she saw my hard erection there…
She straddled me and I tried to protest, but she put a finger close to my mouth and ordered me to stay quiet.
Auntie took my hand and she sat down onto it. I could feel her hot cunt and her wetness onto my fingers. She started moving back and forth, making some soft moans as my fingers brushed her wet pussy lips.
“Oh, little Victor… you are making Auntie feel so good…! “.
So then I guessed what she wanted and started to rub two fingers inside her; in and out, in good rhythm with her own movements…
Her whole body suddenly shook as she had an intense orgasm. And then she felt onto my chest, totally relaxed.

Then Paula stood right and she smiled at me.
She made me take my hand off from her wet cunt and she started again to move back and forth; this time onto my hard swollen dick.
Paula just smiled with an evil grin as she saw my face sweating in desperation. I wanted to fuck that sensual bitch; but she wanted just rub her pussy lips against my hardened young cock…
I could not stand it anymore. I grabbed her hips and lifted her body onto mine; just enough to let my dick to stay upright. Then I left Auntie slid slowly onto my hard cock head.
She looked me in the eyes as her sweet cunt engulfed my hard on.
Paula moaned and closed her eyes, feeling my dick stretching her nice sweet cunt. I was really in Heaven…
Auntie rode onto my cock until she came again, crying, screaming like crazy and shaking her sexy body onto mine.
I saw her coming like a bitch in heat and then she finally fell again onto my chest. A while later she dismounted and smiled at me.
“I will make you come right now, my little pervert…” She said.
Then my Auntie went to her knees and took my hard cock between her soft red lips. I thought I was going to die when I felt her tongue swirling around makrobet giriş my hard dick. She made me explode in less than a minute and she swallowed all the sticky cum I left in her mouth.
After making me cum, Auntie just walked naked into the house.
I stood there on the lounge chair, trying to recover my breath.
Then I heard Paula calling my name from her bedroom.
I went there and found my Auntie on the bed, on all fours…
My young cock went hard in just two seconds.
“Stroke your cock for Auntie Paula…” She begged me.
Then she walked up behind me, pressing her breasts against my back as I started to stroke my cock. She reached under my arms and around my chest and started to scratch and pinch my nipples.
She whispered in my ear. “Does that feel good, babe…?”
I moaned and she backed off.
But then she grabbed my cock and started to stroke it.
She got down on her knees and started to suck it. All the time she was looking up into my eyes with lust in her sensual look…
Again I was getting very close to losing it. I wanted so badly to cum all over my slut Auntie’s face. But again, as if she could read my mind she stopped sucking on my cock.
She stood up, and leaned over the edge of the bed, putting her ass up in the air.
“Fuck me baby. I want that young meaty cock inside me now…”
I got up behind her and did as she said. I grabbed her nice hips and slowly entered her. Paula pushed herself back against me until I was all the way inside her soft wet cunt.
Then she moved away and then back again. I started to follow her pace, sensing I was buried deep inside her.
We moved together forward and backward, always so deep.
It was a dance of lust. She looked at me in the mirror. And soon I felt myself building slowly; it was so intense.
I grabbed her waist and stood there quiet, buried deeply in her nice wet and warm cunt. Then my body shuddered in a brutal orgasm and I emptied my balls deep in my sexy Auntie’s womb.
Paula just laughed and said it was fine for her…
She moved forward and slipped off from my still hard dick.
Auntie got to her knees again and she licked me clean.
Then she slapped my buttocks and smiled again at me.
She went to the bathroom for a shower and told me now we finally would go for a walk on the beach…
As we got the beach, we found my mom was there, enjoying the sun. She looked at her dear younger sister and both just smiled.
Then I knew my Mom knew it…I was pretty sure…
As Paula went for some drinks, Mom turned at me smiling.
“Tomorrow your Auntie Paula will teach you about anal sex…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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