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Inspired by this post by chrisffn099

My first job after school was in an office where an older guy took a wee fancy to me. Everyone knew he was gay but he was never a pushy or creepy type so, I was happy for us to go out sometimes together for the day on business or hang out with him at times on office nights out. He always asked me if I was going out with someone even though he knew I was single. Looking back, although I had no thoughts about him sexually at all, I realise he knew me better than I knew myself.

So one day the chat got round to games and we found that we both played knew how to play chess. A challenge was duly made for a tenner, more than I could stomach to lose back then but, hey, I reckoned I was fairly good at it so was quietly confident of making a few quid.

Dale lived not too far from me so one evening I jumped on my bike and went round. He had the board laid out, offered me a glass of wine to sip on and we got playing.

After a cagey start where we swapped a few pieces I got the upper hand taking a bishop without reply. The wine was tasting better already !

But Dale stuck at it and things stayed close as we played out our strategies… and my glass was regularly topped up.

Then it came, I was too focused on my plan to see the trap he had set and I lost a bishop and knight in quick succession. As we entered the end game he exploited my weakness until the inevitable checkmate.

I was gutted but I never welch on a bet so handed over the money. We chatted the game over canlı bahis and agreed it had been close for most of the way. So I must admit I was immediately tempted when he offered a re-match but my cash was gone.

‘Strip chess it is then’ he laughed, ‘if I lose you get your tenner back, if I win you lose your clothes’.

‘No way’ I laughed ! But then he played with my head some more. ‘Tell you what’ he said’ if you win you get your tenner back, but for each piece we lose during the game we have to take something off or do a forfeit’.

I blame the booze but this actually sounded okay to me; I was going to get my money back and maybe get to tease Dale a bit along the way 🙂 So we shook hands and set the board back up.

Things did not go quite as I’d expected…… Dale was trading pieces at virtually every opportunity the cheeky sod. Shoes, socks shirts and trousers were soon piling up. As I continued to try to think ahead, if was pretty clear he was playing a whole different game….. and playing it well ! And then the inevitable came, I lost my seventh piece, aaargh, I was about to get naked in front of the gay guy !

Dale was beaming as I stood up. Goodness knows why but I decided it would be easier to get through if I turned round, but of course as I slipped down my pants I was giving him a great view of my young butt… ‘such a cute bum’ he purred.

My face was probably beetroot red as I turned round cupping my hands in front of me. ‘No cheating’ he said, ’hands behind your back’.

I watched his eyes play over my slim body as I drew my perabet arms back and he even pursed his lips a bit, ‘nothing to be ashamed of there’ he reassured.

Even though I was frankly mortified at the whole thing, my cock seemed to have a life of it’s own and had filled to a full-on youthful erection. And I could see he had a very noticeable bulge in his pants that he was making no effort to hide !

I sat down and considered my next move, hell, he had got me naked but I still wanted my money back ! But in all honesty, the game was in Dale’s hands and he took full advantage again. First he offered another swap that I couldn’t refuse so off came his pants with a flourish before he cried out ‘Forfeit’!

I was gobsmacked, I’d forgotten that’d even been mentioned.

‘Here’ he said standing up ‘you’ve got to hold it for ten seconds’ as his semi hard cock swayed in front. ‘No wait…..’

‘No stalling, a deals a deal’ he laughed

‘But I’ve nev…’ I stammered.

He moved closer and I obediently took his cock in my hand. It felt warm and grew immediately and, dare I say it, it felt good ! I couldn’t help but start to stroke him, a bit mesmerised as the head of his cock peeked in and out of his foreskin.

‘Mmmm, you’ve got a nice gentle touch’ he said as he began to stroke my hair’, ‘it’s fun having a cock to play with isn’t it’.

I smiled shyly ‘it’s really nice’.

‘You can give it a kiss if you like’.

I started to shake my head but didn’t resist when I felt his hand pulling me towards him so his cock was quickly just a few inches perabet giriş in front.

‘You’ll like it’ he said quietly as it touched my lips.

I began to protest but as my lips parted his cock just glided in. Maybe it was down to the wine, but I let my mouth open wider and I took him in deeper, tightening my lips around his shaft.

Truth is I was LOVING the feeling of his cock filling my mouth as I sucked on him, I loved licking and kissing his shaft and I happily complied when he told me to kiss and lick his balls. By now he was practically humping my face as my tongue slipped under his balls into his crack. I pulled back and sucked him more as I gripped his bum cheeks, with Dale telling me all the while how good it was, telling me to suck harder and kiss and lick him.

Before long he pulled back saying he was going to come. I’d always enjoyed seeing it in porno’s and secretly wondered what it would be like to take a load in the face so I stayed put and just moved my gaze between his eyes and his cock, loving seeing the pleasure on his face as he tugged off in front of me until he began to spray me with his come.

It was a heck of a baptism, cum landing on my cheek and my lips and chest, I felt it hit my tongue and into my mouth, a bitter sweet mix that will forever stay with me. As his climax subsided he slid his cock back into my mouth and I eagerly sucked up what remained of his come and swallowed it down.

‘Wow’, he said, ‘I haven’t come like that in so long, you must have learnt to be a great little cock sucker after all that play time with you’re school friends. From now on we’re going to have lots of fun and games together aren’t we’.

I looked up at him, his cum still sticking to my face and body, and smiled sweetly as I saw his cock harden again…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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