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Part One

The truth was this: Joe and Kimberly were seeing too much of each other. They were not only next-door neighbors and lovers, but now they were working together in the same bookstore.

When Joe first started working at the bookstore, the two lovers were excited to be together even more. But over the last two weeks, with Joe working as a supervisor, quite frankly he as being a douchebag and a pain in the ass. In the eye of her fantasy, Kimberly thought he would rule with a firm but gentle hand. But this was not the case. He was not firm — he was taking his power and acting like a complete dickhead about it.

Kimberly sat at the breakroom table and sighed, drinking a soda and eating a bag of pretzels. It seemed the two of them got along much better as a couple instead of co-workers. She was sorry she ever mentioned this job opening to Joe, sorry that the whole thing had happened. Joe entered the breakroom with a bag of McDonald’s food and sat across from her. He chatted in a friendly, open way as if nothing had come between the opposite lovers.

“Yeah, so anyway,” Joe said. “I talked to Mr. Kessler just now and he told me to tell you to come in early tomorrow morning. He said you need to work on the Fourth of July sale that is coming up. He says you’ve been slacking off.”

The young redhead glared at him. “And I suppose you agree with him.”

“Yes, in a way. I think your parents have spoiled you and that you’re used to getting your own way. Not everything is going to be handed to you on a silver platter, Kimberly.”

She didn’t like this side of him. It was a side she had never seen before. In their relationship, he had been the firm leader, but never demanding or obnoxious. In the workplace he was both. She got up out of her seat and angrily tossed the empty soda can in the garbage can, causing it to clang noisily in the otherwise silent room.

“What’s your problem?” he asked her.

“You’re acting like a complete douchebag. You’re supposed to be my lover, not my boss. Don’t tell me how to do things.”

He looked at her, astonished, and she swung the door open, heading back onto the floor to finish her shift. As the day progressed, Joe realized he had been letting his authority get the better of him. His natural leadership skills took hold, and he was one of those hardasses at work that everybody hates. He attempted, twice, during the day to apologize to her, but she wouldn’t hear of it.

That evening, after their shift ended, he offered her a ride home. Again, she refused and said she’d take the bus. He muttered something underneath his breath and got in his car.

“Thank God this day is coming to end,” he thought to himself.

Once at home, Kimberly sat on the couch and shed a few tears. Normally Joe was so sweet and endearing, a natural protector. She was at a loss at what to do — should she quit? Should she talk to Mr. Kessler about Joe? She shook her head, unable to come up with a solution.

Her father, walking in through the front door, noticed her condition immediately and expressed his concern. “What is it, pumpkin?”

The daughter, in a stubborn and agitated state, knew that it was an exercise in vanity to tell her father what was happening at work. She knew that no matter what he said that she would somehow combat whatever logic or compassion he presented to her; not wanting to fight another uphill battle, she simply shrugged and told him it was nothing. Tiredly hauling her petite body up the stairs, she went to her bedroom, undressed, and snuggled in for a long sleep.

Part Two

The next evening, after having the day off, Kimberly lied in bed reading one of her favorite comics, Betty he deserved it!

Still, even with his behavior at work, he did know how to melt her little 22-year-old heart. Joe — 68 years old and as feisty and horny as ever — was the greatest lover she’d ever had. She had been with a few guys in college, but nothing could compare to his lovemaking skills. He was just a master in the bedroom and was a genius at sex. She sighed. The telephone on her nightstand rang and she picked up the receiver.


“Hi Kimberly, it’s Joe. Baby, please hear me out…”

“I’m listening.”

“Baby, you’re absolutely right: I treated you so poorly at work and you deserve much better — I’ll never treat you that way again. I didn’t call you earlier because I know you needed your time to cool off. I apologize.” His voice was sincere and sad. She was touched by this genuine show of affection.

“I forgive you, Joe.”

“You do? Just like that?”

“Well, I was angry for a while, but I’m done now. I’m ready to move on with things and kiss and make up.”

There was a silence over the phone. “You mean…Did you want to make up now?” he asked, almost dumbfounded.

She laughed and fell back on her pillow. “Yes, Joe. I think you know etlik escort what I mean.”

“Oh honey,” he moaned. “You know I can’t resist you.”

“Come over right now,” she said to him. “Dad is gone, and I have the place to myself. My bedroom is up the stairs, first door on the left.”

At this, she hung up and hurriedly dressed into sexy lace panties and a matching bra. She straightened up her bedroom a bit, smoothing out the comforter and lying on top of it sexily, one knee bent, her arms bent at the elbows with her hands near her head.

About ten minutes later, she heard the front door open and heard a man’s footsteps walking through the living room and up the stairs, gently, with much caution. The lamp beside her bed glowed and cast a sensual light throughout the room.

Joe opened her bedroom door and saw his young lover posing sexily on her bed. Funny really, but he had never been inside her bedroom. It was beautiful, just like the girl lying down. Her room was filled with pale shades of yellow, blue, pink, and flowing white. It was feminine and girly, just like the girl who lived in it. His heart began beating fast and his stomach dropped to his feet in anticipation. The young girl grinned at him and waited patiently. He walked to her slowly, wanting to savor every moment. He leaned over her bed, stroking her long, red locks of hair.

“Baby, you look beautiful,” he said, looking into her eyes.

She smiled at him. “I’ve missed you, Joe.”

“I’ve missed you too, sweetheart,” he said and planted his lips on hers. He felt her full breast straining against the confines of her bra.

She sat up and reached behind her, unclasping it for him. The bra hung on her tits so suggestively; he sat beside her, feeling her round and firm breasts, kissing her more passionately now. He took off her bra, leaving her only with her panties on. How this beautiful creature was before him, how forgiving she was of his bad nature, he could never figure out.

In the middle of passionately kissing and caressing one another, Kimberly’s lips momentarily let go of his and she sighed, “Oh Joe.”

“Yes, yes,” her urged her on.

“Let me see you,” she said. “All of you.”

He stared lovingly into her eyes, his whole expression speaking volumes. He stood up before her and she helped him off with his slacks. She always thought he looked so sexy in his boxer shorts. He was so hard and big for her, and she licked her lips at the thought of him inside of her. The young redhead stood in front of him, unbuttoning his shirt, running her fingers along his naked chest as she did so. He watched her enjoying his body and loved the lust that was held on her face for those moments. Joe knew she enjoyed his body, and her loving, curious, wide-eyed expressions only furthered his lust.

They fell back on the bed and he very teasingly, cautiously, peeled back her panties to reveal her bare and pink pussy, so invitingly taunting him with a wink of wet desire. Though he had seen her nude pussy many, many times, he always marveled at how innocent and sexual it seemed at the same time. He reached out and stroked it and she arched her back, eager for his touch.

Her long hair fell against the pillow as she moaned, and he crawled between her split legs and looked into her sexy emerald eyes. He took his cock in his hand and gently pushed himself inside of her. They looked into one another’s eyes as he pushed his way in, the silent communication speaking to each other.

His body moved in and out, the older man and young girl enjoying the contrast of their ages and bodies: one tight, taut, and slim, the other slim, but with appropriate aging and coarse hair on his skin. Her tits, rubbing up against his broad chest, was a sensual conflict that made the two of them move their bodies in a slightly faster motion.

Still, the odd couple, enjoyed this long session of sex: the delayed pleasure, the teasing, the flirtatious glances and smiles.

He grinned and spoke to her in a deep, sexy voice: “Baby, you feel so good around me.”

She kissed him, responding to his compliment. “Joe, you feel so good. I couldn’t stop now if I tried.”

He gathered up her small shoulders in his arms and began to buck his hips like a madman. God, how this was pure ecstasy for both of them. The slapping of their skin, their moist desire squelching and leaking down to her sweet bottom and innocent-looking bed. Oh, how he wanted to corrupt and protect her all at the same time. By his fast pace, she could tell he was getting close to his climax and she grabbed the back of his thighs, feeling them, molesting them as only she knew how. Her soft touch drove him wild, and he came, spurt after spurt, into her opened and ready slit.

Joe began to rub her clit furiously with his thick fingers, up and down, and in circular motions. His softening cock was shrinking ankara eve gelen escort inside of her, but her pussy greedily clutched onto it, never wanting it out of its grip. She suddenly wrapped his arms around his shoulders, hanging onto him tightly. Her body prepared her in a still moment, and she came like a sexual maniac, trembling and shaking in his strong arms that held her.

They had brought each other to the heights of lust and sexual passion. They remained in each other’s arms after the orgasms, looking into one another’s eyes, sweat painting their brows, and a grin slyly crawling across each of their mouths.

Part Three

As the end of June was approaching, Kimberly’s dreams of becoming a teacher’s assistant were becoming closer within her reach. She had gone to several interviews thus far — some that had gone well, some not so well — but none had served the goal of working in the teaching profession as of yet.

Living in Davenport, Iowa, it was quite a trip to Chicago. By this time, she had saved enough money to buy her own car and could get around pretty well in the Midwest by herself without having to rely on public transportation.

A trio of interviews at an elementary school in Chicago had gone exceedingly well. Still, she wasn’t sure if she got the position that she wanted and she remained, quite nervously, sitting by the phone waiting for them to call.

Finally, they did.

The superintendent of the school, Mrs. Rose, offered her a full-time position as a teaching assistant at the school starting on August 24th. Kimberly readily accepted and now faced the new challenge of finding somewhere to live in the Chicago area. The thought of facing her new and uncertain future without Joe frightened her. Still, she knew she needed her independence and her freedom to start her new life.

After a long and frustrating battle with several landlords in the Chicago area, she finally secured an apartment for herself. She and the landlord agreed that she could move in on August 1st. This would give the young woman enough time to start settling into a new city before starting her exciting career.

Quite honestly, Joe had mixed feelings about this. For all selfish reasons, he wanted her to stay with him so that they could continue to see each other constantly. The other half of him — the thinking half — realized that she was a mature young lady with ambitions and dreams, but this, too, also posed a problem, as he found those characteristics irresistible. Still, he faced the fact that he was soon to lose her, and their parting would be a miserable day.

Part Four

It was July 4th. Joe and Kimberly lied on a blanket under the night sky in the park, watching the fireworks shoot off. There was a gaggle of people around them, watching the same sights. He held her closely and tenderly. They talked about the future and then, inevitably, they found themselves teasing one another, flirting back and forth like they usually did. An odd silence took place between them.


“Yes, Joe?”

“This may seem like kind of an odd question, but have you ever…you know, had certain roles in the bedroom?”

She paused for a minute and then spoke. It was like she was reading his mind. “Are you saying you…you want to be my daddy?”

He groaned out loud at her last word. “Yesss,” he hissed sexily. “Baby, I’ve wanted to be your daddy since you came home from college.”

She sat up on her elbow, grinning mischievously at him. Without warning, she kissed him with a fire he had not felt in her before. They made out on the blanket, ignoring the people and the fireworks going on all around them. His hand on her hip, he could feel his cock growing. She grabbed his hand and led him to a woodsy area, secluded from the crowds. “What on earth is going on here?” Joe asked himself.

The young girl took control of him and propped his back up against a tree. He didn’t know what she was going to do, but he would bet that he would enjoy it thoroughly. She got down on her knees before him and unbuckled his belt, pulling off his khakis and boxers in one fell swoop. Oh my God, was she really going to…? Out in public? He grew twice as hard at the thought of it.

With his slacks and underwear down to his ankles, his cock sprung free and presented itself to the young lady in a most obscene manner. She eyed it hungrily and began to lick it up and down like a popsicle, her painted fingernails grabbing hold of the bottom of his shaft. She stroked him up and down gently, allowing each drop of precum to be squeezed from the head, which she obediently licked off.

“Oh baby, that’s it, suck daddy. Suck your daddy, sweetheart.”

Not being able to wait any longer, she wrapped her generous mouth around his cock, sucking on him and laughing at his discomfort. The blasts of the fireworks ankara escort and ooh’s and ahh’s of the crowds not far from them made their little display all the more daring and naughty.

She jacked his cock, first softly and then furiously wanting him to get off now more than ever, as he was assuming the daddy role for her.

“Do you like it when I suck on you, daddy?” she asked, licking the underside of the head and glancing up at him.

“Oh fuck, oh baby, you know I love it.” He looked up at the treetops but, not wanting to miss the erotic sight before his eyes, he looked down at his little cocksucker, wanting to drink all of her in.

Her low-cut, tight t-shirt made for a generous view of her cleavage and he didn’t mind being obvious as he got an eyeful. She stopped licking and sucking for a moment and ran the head of his cock along her bared tits. He nearly fainted dead away at the picture of this. His semen stained her porcelain skin in the moonlight.

She started to suck on him once again, opening up her throat and deepthroating him. Joe could never get enough of this. His sexy, masculine body broke out into a sweat and he ran his fingers through his hair. He knew it wouldn’t be much longer before he was gone to her completely.

He held her precious face in his hands, the obscenity so prevalent that he wondered if she was aware of it. Her angelic face sucking on his tool, God, it was too much to take and, holding her head in his hands, he burst into her throat, rope upon hot rope coating her mouth and her throat, as she swallowed and ate him up hungrily.

“Oh God,” he moaned, his head tilted back. “Suck on it for daddy, baby. Oh, what a sweet little mouth you have there.” She clenched his cock tightly with the vacuum of her mouth, sucking every bit of lust and letting it drop to her belly.

Like a good daddy’s princess, she dutifully cleaned up his cock with her tongue and, standing up, she helped him pull his pants back on, buckling the buckle as their mouths teased one another. His hands rested on hers as they kissed in the dimness of the trees, the firecrackers sparkling, the crowd completely unaware of the intimate scene that had just unfolded not far from them.

Part Five

Over the month of July, the old geezer and the young woman shared many more sexual adventures — both in private and in public. They tried new positions, satisfied each other in new and sexy ways, and generally just used each other in the most delightful and pure way as only a very compatible pair can do.

Kimberly put in her two-week notice to the bookstore and the tension at home about her parents’ separation had eased somewhat. Her mother, Pauline, still lived with her Aunt Gina until the married couple could figure out what to do about their relationship. One day, unexpectedly, Kimberly got a call from her mother.

“Listen,” Pauline said. “Honey, I just want to congratulate you on your new job coming up as a teaching assistant. I know you’ll do great.”

Kimberly smiled. “Thanks Mom. I needed to hear that.”

“Well, I mean it, sweetheart. I heard the news from your father that you’ll be moving to Chicago?”

“Yes, I am.” (Kimberly was unsure if her father told her mother about Joe). “I’m really going to miss…I’m going to miss the old neighborhood.”

Her mother chuckled on the other end of the line. “Yeah, it’s where you grew up. I can quite understand that.”

“Yeah, after some time being around students and schools and learning how to teach, I’ll be ready to go out on my own as a teacher.”

“I know you’ll be great at it, sweetheart.”

Her mother’s enthusiasm and encouragement both surprised her and warmed her at the same time. The two had never been particularly close, though they weren’t what you’d call distant either. Maybe something in-between. They exchanged pleasantries for a few more minutes and a slightly awkward pause passed between mother and daughter.

“Listen, honey,” her mother started. “I know this sounds like an odd request after everything I’ve done to this family, but can you put your father on the line?”

Kimberly smiled. “Of course, mom, anytime.”

Having taken the phone call up in her room, she shouted downstairs to her father to pick up the phone in the kitchen where he was making lunch. Before she hung up the line to give her parents their privacy, she heard her father smiling on the other end of line when he spoke:


Part Six

And so August 1st arrived. Moving day. The big shebang.

With the help of Joe and Bobby, Kimberly packed up her belongings — music albums, clothes, books, diaries, shoes, make-up — in short, everything that she needed to live on her own was boxed away for her future life in Chicago. How odd that a single life could be boxed up and put away like something from a rummage sale. But yet, that’s how it is.

As Kimberly and the two men went in and out of the house, packing boxes and bags in her little car, Bobby started to get emotional, and a few tears came to his eyes.

“Sweetheart,” he hugged her, dropping a bag of clothes at his feet. “I’m going to miss you so much.

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