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Cuckold Story Part 3 – The Wife Continues
A couple of weeks after Shelley’s first session with Simon, her fortnightly day off came around again. I hadn’t said anything but I wondered if she would be visiting him again, and spent the morning thinking about it in the office and rubbing my cock. I got a text message early afternoon saying ‘I’ve been naughty’ with a smiley face. It seemed Shelley was enjoying the game as well as the sex.

That night she told me the story. She had sent a message to him to say she was coming, when she got there he was naked and grinning. She laughed and said I want a coffee first, I didn’t get one last time. She made herself one while he stood in the kitchen stroking himself hard. She went into the lounge and waited while she sipped bahis siteleri canlı her drink, enjoying the teasing. He was more than happy to play along, enjoying playing with his cock in front of her.

Feeling in control, Shelley told him to come over and eat her pussy while she finished her coffee. He dutifully went over, removed her jeans and panties and fingered her for a minute or two. He then proceeded to kiss the inside of her thighs, before probing in and out of her cunt with his tongue, and sucking her pussy lips. He kept that up for several minutes. Simon pulled away so he could finger bang her with two fingers, while sucking hard on the clitoris.

“Oh yeah that’s good,” Shelley moaned, and he continued until Shelley bucked up and moaned bonus veren siteler loudly as she came hard.

Simon stood up and thrust his cock as deep into Shelley’s mouth as he could and held it there. Eventually he pulled out leaving her gasping, before doing it several more times. She complied with no complaints, liking the cock in the back of her throat. Then she grabbed it by the base and pumped quickly back and forth with her mouth, sucking back the mix of saliva and pre-cum she made.

“Yeah suck it you dirty slut!” Simon exclaimed, and I could tell from the way she spoke about it that she loved the talk. She pulled his cock out and sucked his balls, before he took her into the bedroom.

She lay down on the bed and spread deneme bonusu her legs, he mounted her and rammed all the way home in one hard stroke.

“Fuck me hard,” Shelley commanded, and he gripped her shoulders and fucked with everything he had. The bed squeaked loudly and banged against the wall, and Shelley loved it. He stopped for a moment to take a breath, before resuming and bringing my wife to a massive orgasm, then squirted his creamy load into her.

“It was a big load too”, she told me, “it was still leaking out when I was on my way home.” The image of her cum-soaked panties excited me totally.

When she left he grabbed her and said “Next time I’m going to give it to you in the ass.” To which she replied, “Who said I do that?”. His answer “You did, one night here when you were a bit drunk.”

The thought of it turns me on, I told my wife that and she was surprised I would want her to go that far. In truth, the further this goes the sluttier I want her to be.

Funny part, she said she didn’t even finish her coffee.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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