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Cum Loving Husband
My wife loves to feed me cum out of her pussy or ass. I love to suck her clean. But lately she has been making me suck her boyfriend’s cock till he cums in my mouth. She puts lipstick on my lips and feeds me his cock. She says it makes her real horny to see me suck a cock

One day she brought home a friend of hers from work a long legged blonde with big tits. Well, there I was hoping to get to suck her pussy or ass. My wife made me strip and masturbate in front of her till I got real hard. Then she had her put 3 fingers in my ass I almost cum all over my self. Well she finally stopped probing my ass and my wife told me to get down on my knees. I did and the woman stood up and lifted her skirt and lo and behold the blonde had a 12-inch cock and was 3 inches in diameter. Boy was I surprised I started sucking and licking and sucking and licking till he dumped a big glob of white thick cum in my mouth

My wife said I did a good job because now he will be able to fuck her longer. She made me get him hard again this time by licking his ass and sucking his balls he got hard in a hurry. Then she made me take his cock and stick it in her pussy while I was sucking on her clit 30 minutes later he cum all in her hole and I licked it up.

About 2 hours later my wife had me jack-off for her while she played with her pussy her boyfriend got hard again and this time my wife said he was going to fuck me in the ass, kaçak bahis about that time I shot a load of cum in my hand and she made me eat it. She said that way I won’t be dripping cum all over the bed as he fucks my ass.

I was surprised when I got down on my knees in the doggie style and I felt a tongue licking on my asshole probing my anal ring I looked back there and it was my wife licking my ass she was also milking my limp cock back to life. All of a sudden she quit licking and I felt a Big hard cock invading my asshole she had her hand around it and was feeding it into my ass (my wife fist fucks me twice a month) it felt real good after about 3 minutes. He was force fucking me hard I was taking it all the way down. I started leaking pre-cum so I told my wife and she went down and licked it all up. Well he cum real hard and I could feel him swell up and the cum was so hot in my ass. As soon as he cum he pulled his cock out and my wife inserted a butt-plug to keep the cum in my ass longer.

She was mad at him for not fucking me longer she said for that mistake you are going to take the butt-plug out of my husbands ass and clean the cum off of it. Then you are to lick his asshole till he is clean. I felt him pull the butt plug out, and cum started leaking out of my loose ass. I felt him licking on my ass and all of a sudden he stuck his tongue right up my hot asshole it felt good he licked for a while and tipobet güvenilir mi than he quite. My wife came over and looked at my ass, she reached down and stuck a finger in my asshole and removed it, she stuck the finger in her mouth it tasted like cum. she told her boyfriend that he had not done a good job of cleaning my asshole so he must be punished. So after he got back down and started licking my ass again she came over and said. That is enough I want my husband to fuck him till he spills his cum. I got up and got behind him and fucked his ass real hard till I cum. And than the bitch made me lick my cum out of his ass.

One time my wife had 3 men from her office come over for a weekend sex fling I didn’t know anything about this sex party until the night it started. My wife came home from work and she said we were going to have company over. She wouldn’t tell me who it was she only instructed me to go to the bathroom and Nare the hair off of my cock and balls and then she tied my balls up real tight so I couldn’t cum till she said so. My cock was as hard as a rock she reached down and licked my tied up balls till they were big and purple.

About 7:30 the doorbell rang I was told to answer the door with nothing on. As I opened the door I saw 3 men that my wife works with they came inside and sat down. My wife introduced me to them and told them that I would be everybody’s slave for tipobet the weekend. Than she made me tell them that they could fuck my mouth or ass anytime they wanted also I would suck, lick, fuck, eat, stroke any part on there body they wanted, me to, with that being said everybody got naked. My wife started fucking and sucking all three of them as I watched and played with my cock. Five hours later my wife had cum leaking out of all of her openings, she must have had 9 to 12 loads of cum in her pussy and ass. My cock was still rock hard I had not cum yet. None of the men asked me to do anything, I was wanting to be used as a pussy but at the time I would suck cock or anything.

She told the 3 men to go take a shower and leave her alone with me for a while. As soon as the door was shut she had me down there eating and sucking all of the cum out of her pussy and ass. It was messy, my face was soaked but it tasted real good. She than untied my balls. It felt so good to have my balls untied. She had me get down on my hands and knees and she had the men come in the room and fuck me one at a time. She was playing with my cock and ever time it felt like I was going to cum she stopped and all that would be there is pre-cum.

The bitch milked my whole load of cum out of me with pre-cum stopping and going licking the pre-cum up a little at a time. She had robbed me of my cum without feeling like I cum. When all of the men had fucked me twice dumping they’re cum in me. My ass had never felt that loose. My wife made me scoop the cum out of my ass and masturbate my cock with it. I cum and cum but nothing came out but it felt good. We all fell a sleep till the next morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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