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Gilda Knew All


Hello I am Samuel. It is well over 10 years but I can recall the events of the day like yesterday. My elder brother told me that his daughter’s big birthday was coming. He told me the month and the date and the bad news was that he would definitely be unable to take a day off because he had to be away for one of his sales meetings out of the city. His wife had left him almost 2 years ago for a younger man and he had nobody else to ask for help but myself. He stressed that he knew, I was not yet married and did not have any child of my own but he said, it was only a birthday not a complicated wedding ceremony and also promised to tell his daughter to keep it a very small group until he returned and then she could have a bigger party for her friends and classmates from her school and this new college, she had joined couple of months ago. My brother asked to help him. He was actually begging me because, he could not figure any other way out plus he knew, I could not refuse because at that time I lived with him without paying any rent, waiting for my business to get moving before I would buy my own house.

There is no doubt, a girl reaching 18 years is the most beautiful creation of the nature and Gilda was no less, rather she was exceptionally pretty with long silky legs, lathe body, most perfect, curvy and hard pear like boobs with the toffee nipples matching the medium sized grapes fitted and always erected firm on the top. Her almost red hair cascaded down to her shoulders in the natural curls to further accent her beauty. Last month when my brother and she were just back from their weekend cruise, she looked like a creature sent to the earth from the heavens in her tan. Even today, as my thoughts drift back to her beauty, my hand always slides under my jeans to rub the meat mass over the underwear fabric causing the silky moisture to flow out immediately.

I told my niece that an extra special day of her 18th birthday was coming and as her father had something urgent, he could not avoid being at work, I shall do all the possible to make it a memorable day for her. Of course the sex education classes in school had explained a lot but she always asked me the sexual questions that popped in her mind and I always reminded her to wait till her big birthday. The way she spoke with me about the sexual queries, I was certain that she knew much about the man and the woman melting together in sexual coupling and although, I was tempted to bring her the photographs of the adult men and women having sex, I refrained from the idea. I had no idea that my niece was still virgin or the nasty boys at school and now in the college, overzealous with excessive hormones in their blood and the balls, had knocked her out, breaking the seal of her virginity, but I could not ask her and only hoped for the best always telling her to wait for her 18th birthday to find out the most about sex.

About a week before her birth day, on a weekend, her father had to go to the office for finalizing the big sales meeting coming, I sat with her to watch a porn video, I had brought. The couple in the video were humping in many positions and performing all the necessary steps in human sexuality, like kissing, licking and taking each other’s sex organs in the mouth or putting their mouth, tongue and faces in the sexual openings. The remarks she made to the scenes, obviously told me of the level of the information she had about the sex and what I had in my mind. The video was much better than the still pictures and she watched with great interest as the woman licked the man’s long, thick uncut cock before taking it in her mouth for sucking and the man kissed and licked her pussy and the big pussy button before putting his, tongue, mouth, face and the fingers in her cunt folds. I could tell, she was most surely getting very excited, giving me a clear idea, what I had to do on her birthday.

As much eager I was to deflower her, I was also afraid to think that, if she was still not pendik escort fucked by anyone, my monster size cock might not fit in her fully. Whatever, my resolve was there to make her enjoy with my expertise and experience instead of letting any very novice and neophyte rookie youngster to do her rough and raw to rip her innards. I had the shock of my life, after the video ended when she turned to me and asked, if my cock was as big as the man had in the video. I was shocked and also surprised about the openness of her thought. I only answered in positive without providing any more details, to make her know, what to expect. She got up, gave me a gentle kiss on my forehead and whispered that she would be waiting for her gift on the birthday next week, before leaving the room.

Finally the day came and we both knew, it was our fuck day. I was all ready for a good pussy fucking of my niece. We had been whispering gestures to each other and I had even rubbed my dick on her body through my jeans. We both were much frank and bold with our filthy expressions and language. Somehow, due to her repeated talk, now I was also thinking that there was a possibility of her pussy being not as big for my cock but I kept assuring her that everything would be fine and I shall be gentle with her. Then she went to college and I went to my office to return later in the day.

On my return home, the bedroom door was half ajar and I saw her getting ready in her bedroom. I went in and gave her a big hug which was far more intense than our regular hugs. I kissed her breasts and told her she was a pretty girl and a good girl as well. Her boobs were almost naked and a delight for me. My hands began moving up and down her skin. My voice was relaxing her. Slowly my hand moved from outside of her legs to inside and slightly up as well with each caress, until I was now inside her skirt touching her panties with only a very feeble and week fabric between her naked pussy and my fingers. My being gentle had removed all her worries and she was feeling quite hot, relaxed inside. I reminded her that I was going to make her enjoy and show her all the delights a man can bring to a woman and made her promise once again that it shall be our secret and she shall not talk about it to anybody ever.

I shifted the position a little but my hand was still rubbing the front of her panties under the skirt. My other hand got to rub over her naked breasts complementing her size as well as the firmness of the breasts and the nipples. I took quite a lot of time rubbing her panties and feeling them getting all wet. I do not know, why I repeated it that her exude was to help the movement of my cock in her pussy and to my shock, first time she uttered to know that. Now my niece was getting a bit bolder to ask me if I liked her boobs and to take them in my hands to play with them and hard sucking of her nipples. I confirmed to her that I loved her boobs a lot and then bent over to suck her nipples as she asked to do it harder.

She was also asking to put my hand in her panties. “Oh, you little baby girl slut”, I told her, “You really want to be the slut, uncle’s little slut” and slid my hand in her panties. I felt a flow of high voltage of electricity through my body as my fingers touched her pussy flesh inside her panties. She was loving it and enjoying it so much that unconsciously her hips started to move against my fingers as if she was fucking my hand with her pussy but not very deep.

Only a few minutes of this teasing and I just pulled my hand from her panties and started removing my clothes. First the shirt then the trousers and the underwear and socks. Now she could see my cock, which to me also looked much bigger than ever before, standing hard and attention in front.

“Oh my God uncle, it is really very big”. Exclaimed Gilda.

“Yeah, it is babe. I want you to lick it and then suck it in your slutty mouth”. I told her and leaned towards her face. She opened up to accept my shaft for sucking the cockhead. Gilda maltepe escort was really excited and took me in her mouth much deeper. She had started gagging on it. I knew she was getting hurt and choked but I was loving it and she must be tasting my pre cum also which had started to seep out of my cock hole. Enjoying it, I grabbed her head on the sides and began thrusting even harder. I think she was enjoying the delightful taste of my fluid and swallowing it as quick as she could. I was fucking her face back and forth with a zeal sending the ripples of thrill into her body and soul. For a long while she sucked the cock until he rapidly took it out of her mouth. Reaching under her skirt, I almost ripped the panties off her body and then took her skirt off with one harsh tug making Gilda totally naked and loving every minute of it. Now climbing up the bed, I knelt between her legs, grabbing them roughly and opened them wide to run my tongue up and down lapping her tiny cunt folds. My fingers were playing with her clitoris as if it were a banjo key and also with the inner, tiny wet cunt lips. I could feel the shivers going through her with loud moans as I started pinching her nipples. Finally, I stopped licking her pussy and knelt between her legs, grabbing her ankles and lifting them high up and wide until she felt my cock tip touching her cunt flaps.

“Oh uncle! Are you really going to enter my pussy and fuck me? I hope it does not hurt”. Gilda was sounding much worried and concerned.

“Yes my little cock slut, uncle is going to fuck you now and yes, it will hurt also because your cunt is very small compared to my penis but the good thing is that it will only hurt for a little while and then it will stop hurting changing into the total joy and pleasure. You will really enjoy my cock fucking you, my baby”. I gave her the true, long answer and she was satisfied and happily ready to take the pain and pleasure both.

With pressure, my cock tip began to slide slowly in her. Of course, I felt very nice in the beginning but as I penetrated her more and my girth began to dilate her pussy channel, she started to hurt. The pain grew and grew as my solid meat dong went in her cunt deeper. “Oh uncle, it is hurting too much. I feel as if my pussy is being totally defeated”. She was crying.

“Well, don’t be a bitch now. I told you it would hurt. If I pull it out, the empty pussy is going to hurt much more. If I push in slow, it will hurt the same but much longer. So uncle has to do what has to be done and fuck you real hard, fast and deep”. Once again, I gave her the long but the true answer and while she kept screaming, I charged forward and rammed my cock balls deep in her pussy and began fucking her hard and fast, drilling much deeper. My huge cock was feeling crushed inside her tight warm quivering oven. As I continued to fuck her with long strokes, she definitely felt the pain going away which was obvious from the change of the moaning tone arising from her belly. Now she was definitely moaning with pleasure delivered by my cock in her pussy and suddenly she was asking me to please do not stop and keep fucking her. Obviously, she was enjoying very much. After fucking her for about 10 minutes, I wanted a change in the position to fuck her and pulled out of her. Dropping on to the edge of the bed I asked her to come over and sit on my bamboo facing me and put both arms around my neck. She took no time to get up and jump on my lap, feeling my hard cock against the slit of her ass and the cunt as I bent to kiss her lovely lips. While she reciprocated my kiss, I lifted her body from her solid hips and lowered her on to my cock and let go to drop and be fully impaled on it. With the up and down bouncing, standing up, she was wedged on my cock while we both appreciated and whispered about the fun it was producing. I think she had her first orgasm as I could feel the rippling and twisting of her body. I continued to fuck her and the fuck juices from her pussy dripped out of her onto my kartal escort pubic bone, balls and the legs.

Suddenly I stood up with my back to the wall and fucked her in some acrobatic positions and motions while she remained pierced on my cock and I could feel her cunt convulse and contract around my cock, enjoying another of her orgasm and expelling a lot of her fuck juices.

“You have not climaxed as yet”, she talked to me. “Can I make you a helping suggestion”? I was in a mood to fuck her more but something in me wanted to listen to her. “What!! Did you say, you had a suggestion about fucking you”? I was curious. “Go ahead”!! I said, “What you have on your mind, dear baby”. “It is something, I heard in school days”, Gilda continued, “From couple of my girlfriends”. She was a bit hesitant but did continue saying that a longer and thicker cock that hurts very much during the pussy fucking is awesome for anal fucking because, a longer cock causes the most severe pain when it hits the cervix and as there is no such barrier in the ass, even a horse cock can easily fit in the rectum and the partners can enjoy the anal sex as well and as much as pussy sex. I heard her scientific research with a lot of interest but posing as if I did not know or it should not be done, being a forbidden sex. During her talk my cock had limped a little and I had pushed my couple of fingers in her very drippy and slick pussy to have her sticky, jelly like syrup on my fingers.

Just as she stopped talking, I made her go on her hands and the shoulders, which raised her ass high in the air for me and brought my slick fingers to the hole of her anal entrance. Before I realized, she pushed her ass back to rub her ass on my fucking apparatus, which was already getting stiffer again. She screamed as she got rammed deep in her tiny, tight asshole. I quickly raised one leg and with one foot on the bed, other foot on the floor, making a strong working lever, I began fucking Gilda in her ass. “Oh my God, Uncle Sam. It was a wrong information given to me, it still hurts too much”. Gilda was crying that I had crossed her every barrier and she could feel me striking against her belly button. I was rubbing her clitoris all along and suddenly, she was once again shaking hard and moaning with the pleasure of her ass being fucked. I enjoyed another of her orgasm in her pussy and the severe flexing of her pussy was also making her ass to squeeze on my cock.

Soon, once again I had her sit in my lap with my cock hoisted deep in her ass and she lapped all of her own cunt juice that was left on my fingers. I was doing all possible to ram my hard cock in her very deep ass and bouncing her up and down as if she was my doll. Then once again I lifted and asked her to take a position on her back. I had decided to fuck her ass face to face while enjoying her facial expressions and contortions of her face as my long and thick cock took her ass from above. She did as asked and I fucked her for another at least 10 minutes, calling her my bitch and my cock slut among other names. Now developing a fancy for her open mouth and eyes closed with an awe, I pulled out of her ass and brought my very well glazed cock to her open mouth. Gilda did not hesitate for a minute and began sucking it exerting very strong pressure on my balls to get ready to off load. It did not take me too long to fill her mouth with my semen. My cock throbbed non-stop and expelled a bucket full of my precious life giving juice, splashing and splattering all over her face.

Finally when I was all spent, we thanked each other. Gilda was very thankful to me for her birthday gift of the best kind and I thanked her for giving me a chance to make her birthday special. We lay side by side for a long time talking and planning what was to be told to her father when he came back from his meeting and also planning to celebrate her birthday many more times a year instead of only once a year. We both decided that pussy fucking was mostly for procreating sex and anal fucking was for the recreational sex and to keep a good balance of both, whenever we fucked. We also promised to keep it as our secret.

Please provide comments. AWC February 28, 2021.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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