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Grand Theft… Bike?
Another day on the bus. Fuck this. I’ve been an avid bike commuter for the last few years, and as it turns out I’m just not built for this public transportation thing. Being crammed into a hot sardine can with fifty other people who apparently don’t have access to a shower is not my idea of a relaxing commute. On my bike, my commute is my time, and I love every minute of it. But that ended a couple of weeks ago when some asshole decided he needed my bike more than I did. Stolen from right in front of work in the middle of the day.
I was doing my usual bus commute routine, the new norm, avoiding eye contact and searching craigslist for a new bike that would meet my needs without going over budget. Unfortunately, the budget isn’t very big and once you’ve had a nice bike, it’s hard to go back. So imagine my surprise when I see the same model I had stolen from me for $300 less than it was worth. I could go a touch over budget for that. It’s worth it. Things took an interesting turn when I scanned through the pictures and realized this wasn’t just the same model, it was my fucking bike. Same rims, same tires, same rack, same lights, same everything. There’s no way this thing wasn’t mine, and now I was going to get it back.
I texted the number in the ad just hoping it was still around, and thankfully it was. I asked if I could come by and take a look. I have cash in hand! Or so I said. I had no intention of bringing cash. Luckily the seller seemed quite motivated to blow this bike out the door way under what it’s worth, so within a few minutes I had an address and a time scheduled to meet up. I was getting my baby back and I couldn’t be happier. And I knew exactly how I was going to do it.
It was only a few hours later that I was hopping off the fucking bus again and heading up to the apartment where the bike thief lived. The building was nicer than I expected, I guess I just assume all thieves live in squalor. Or at least they should. I had taken the time to get my plan straight and I was walking into this situation with total confidence. A website where you could make and print out a fake police report was pretty helpful, and I thought it should be more than enough to get things going my way.
I’m not gonna lie, as I knocked on the door my heart did start to speed up. I was a bit nervous and was trying to focus and to calm myself down while I waited for an answer. The door opened and I was not quite expecting what I was presented with. A girl. A bit younger than me. She had on a short black skirt and a low cut tank top. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that she was hot as fuck. Great I thought, douchebag’s girlfriend is home. I hope this doesn’t complicate things.
“Hey, I’m here about the bike. I was texting with someone earlier about it.”
“Oh yeah, that was me” she said. “Come on in.”
I did a quick scan of the apartment, a tiny studio that seemed almost more like a hotel room, and it seemed like no one else was home. Did some jerk really pawn off the deal of stolen goods onto his girlfriend? Does she even know?
“I gotta admit you’re not quite what I was expecting. No offense. How’d you end up with a men’s bike that’s uh… A little too big for you?” I couldn’t help but take some glances when the opportunity came around without being too obvious. “Yeah, it was my ex-boyfriend’s. He moved out last year and never came to get the stupid thing. I’m tired of looking at it and just want to get rid of it.”
She was lying… Why? It had just been stolen a few weeks back. It certainly hadn’t been sitting in her apartment for a year. This was getting interesting now.
“So that explains the cheap price then I guess.” I played along, looking to fish a bit and see what I could find out. I wasn’t ready to let this go so quickly, I want to know who’s responsible.
“I don’t really know what it’s worth honestly, and I don’t care too much. It’s just been sitting right there and I want it out as quick as possible.”
I bet you do want it out as quick as possible. No one wants stolen goods hanging out for too long. Blow-out pricing is a good way to get rid of it. It’s also a pretty common tactic.
I walked over and looked at it a little closer, even though it was obviously mine, I needed to see what other info I could get out of her.
“Huh. Sure doesn’t look very dusty for something that’s been sitting here for so long. Seems like it’s had a pretty recent tune-up, too.”
I could see her getting a little uncomfortable, nervous even.
“I don’t know what to tell you. It’s been right there. I don’t like it to get too dusty in here.”
She doubled down. Why would she do that… Unless she’s hiding something?
“So what do you think, do you want it or no?” She asked, getting into a hurry to conclude the transaction. Or at least to get me out of her apartment. She was definitely nervous. Now I felt pretty confident that she was the one who took it, but I was about to find out for sure.
“So, here’s the thing. I definitely want it. But there’s a problem.”
“Is it the price? I can come down a bit if you can do cash just for a quick and easy deal. I really want to get it out of here tonight.”
“It’s not the price. The main issue is that it’s already mine.”
She looked a little confused and didn’t know what to say, so she didn’t say anything.
“And casino şirketleri you see, I don’t like the idea of having to buy back something that’s already mine. Especially when I have this.” I pulled the fake police report from my pocked and unfolded it, handing it to her. “You see, when you stole this bike from me, I filed a report with the police. Luckily I had the serial number on the paperwork from when I bought it new, so there’s no denying that this is the one I had stolen.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about, you should go now. We’re done here.” Trying to take control of the situation. Cute.
“Let’s call the police and see if they agree that we’re done here. Sound good?”
“Look, I don’t even care, just take the bike, you can have it. Keep your money and just take it. You don’t need to call the police. I didn’t even steal it.”
“Obviously I’m going to take it. It’s already mine. And obviously you’re not getting any money. You stole it.”
“I didn’t steal anything, just take it and go, I don’t even care.” She was getting nervous now. Very nervous. This was starting to go my way. The opportunity that presented itself here is not quite the one I expected. I was still going to get back at the bike thief, as planned, but now I saw a way that I could teach this thief a lesson that would be much more fun for me.
“Well you see, now I am thinking this is bigger than just the bike. You probably didn’t quite realize what you were doing when you stole it, but this bike is worth well over $500. That means that it’s not just theft, it’s grand theft. A felony. That means you’re looking at jail time for this one. So I think it’s a bit bigger than just a stolen bike at this point.”
“I don’t know what you want from me, I already told you I didn’t steal it, I don’t know what else I can say besides just take it and get out of here, I want you to go.” She did want me to go, and she did want this stolen property out of her apartment, that’s for sure, but she knew she was losing control of the situation, and fast.
“I am tired of the bullshit. If you want me to go, fine, but first I want to hear you admit it. I want to hear you admit that you stole it.” She paused for a second, considering it, so I thought I’d better up the ante. “Or I’ll call the police and have them come decide. Keep on denying it and maybe they can only get you for possession of stolen property. If you want to risk it that’s fine with me.”
Another pause without an answer, so I pulled out my phone, “I’ll go ahead and make the call then.”
“Wait! Okay, look, I didn’t steal it okay… But I know who did. I can tell you who it is and where, just please don’t call the cops. I don’t steal them, I never have, I just…”
“You just sell them. Because people are much less likely to confront or accuse an attractive girl such as yourself. Have I got the idea there?”
“Yes, that’s all, I swear. You can take it now and we can just forget about this, I’ve learned my lesson and I’ll never do it again. I’m done, I really am.”
“Seems like that would be a great deal for you. I’m just not sure how it’s a good deal for me. I walk out of here with my bike, sure, but I am already going to do that no matter how this goes from here anyway, so I’m not really getting anything out of this deal. I’m just doing you a huge favor. Rewarding you for being a thief and stealing from me. How does that work for me?”
“Do you want money? I don’t have a lot but I can get you more, I can pay you. Whatever you want just tell me, we can do this without the cops.”
“Money is great, sure, but I don’t think a little cash will do the trick here.” I looked her up and down as she stood quietly, growing more and more uncomfortable as she tried to bargain her way out of a bad situation. “I’ll tell you what. I’m going to do you a favor and I’m going to let you off easy here. I’m going to let you work your way out of this. That sounds better than going to jail I’m sure.”
She didn’t know what to say. She was starting to get where I was going I’m sure. I wasn’t sure if this would work, but one thing was for sure, my cock was starting to get hard thinking about all the things I wanted to do to her. She didn’t have an answer.
“I’m a very reasonable guy. If you work with me, I’ll work with you. We can make this easy and go our separate ways, as long as you can follow instructions and do what I want you to do. So why don’t you go ahead and take off your shirt for me.”
She started to open her mouth and speak, but nothing came out, so she stood quietly again, visibly shaken.
“Sounds pretty easy doesn’t it? I think it’s very fair. So I’m going to go ahead and tell you again, but you should know that I don’t like repeating myself. Take off your shirt. Or I can call the police at any time. Your call. I’m not going to wait around.”
“Okay, okay, fine. I… I’ll do it. That’s all I need to do right? I’ll take off my shirt for you and then we can be done here?” She was stumbling over her words a bit, and that only made me harder. I knew she was letting go of the idea that she could control the situation and so did she, but she was still holding out hope that she could bargain with me. Foolishly.
“All you need to do? I told you that all you need to do is what I tell you to do. And that’s what I’m telling you to do right now.”
She casino firmalari looked down for a second, considering her options, or lack of options, and she slowly started to raise her shirt, and then she stopped. “Look, I’m not going to have sex with you okay? I’ll take off my shirt like you said but then I want you to go.”
I paused for a while just to let her nerves run wild, and it was working. “I didn’t tell you to have sex with me now did I? I’ve already made it clear that all you need to do is what I tell you, and I’m officially out of patience.”
She started again to raise her shirt after a moment, never looking up from the floor. And damn did she look good. There was a problem though. Sexy as it may be, that black bra was blocking my view. I just couldn’t accept that.
“The bra now. Take it off.”
“But you said-”
“Take it off. You know the arrangement and I won’t be explaining it again.”
“Fine… If I do it then…” She knew there was no point in finishing the question and reached back to unclasp her bra. She held it in place in front of her, hesitating for a moment to finish taking it off, but she understood the situation she was in and complied.
She dropped it to the floor, revealing her perfect tits for a moment before bringing up her arms to cover them. “Okay can we be done now? I did what you said.”
“Put your arms down. You think I wanted your shirt off so that you could cover yourself back up? Hold them behind your back and keep them there so that we can be sure you don’t forget.”
She complied. She was starting to get it, and I could feel her starting to submit to the situation a little more with each step.
I moved toward her, bridging the gap between us, and before she had a chance to say a word, I took the opportunity and grabbed her breast, groping it hard.
“Hey!” She started, taking a quick step back and covering herself with her arms again. “You said to take off my shirt, you didn’t say anything about touching! I told you I’m not going to fuck you so forget it! I’m not letting you touch me.”
“Fine,” I said. “Shame we couldn’t do this the easy way,” I continued as I pulled out my phone as if to dial the police.
“Wait! What are you doing? You can’t call them, I did what you said!”
“I told you to put your arms behind your back and keep them there, and yet here you are covering yourself up. You are not good at following instructions and I already told you I’m out of patience. You’re not leaving me a choice.”
“Okay, fine! Just get it over with, you can touch me but then you have to leave, I’m not doing anything else!”
I stared at her for a second and she put her arms back behind her back.
“Good” I said. “I’d hate to have to do this the ugly way like that. Now don’t forget the situation we’re in here.”
I slid my hand up her body from her waist to her breasts and began to grope them again, rubbing them hard as she stood, hands behind her back, waiting for me to be finished and hoping it’d be quick. She was backed against a wall now and I gently held her against it, just hard enough to let her know that she needed to stay put even though she could’ve easily pushed away. I wanted to know that she was submitting to the situation, and I wanted her to know too. I leaned my head down and started to lick and suck on her nipples, and she let out a noise and moved uncomfortably, but didn’t pull away. I kept at it for a little while, thoroughly enjoying her body as I licked, sucked, and bit until I was content to move on. My cock was still throbbing in my pants, harder and harder as time went on. I liked having her in my control, and I can admit that I even liked when she resisted a little. It just wouldn’t be as much fun if she made it too easy.
I backed away, looking her up and down. She let her arms down and let out a deep breath. She clearly thought it was all over now. It was adorable. All the more surprising for her then when I told her what to do next.
“Now get on your knees.”
She froze. “What? No way, I’m not doing that! I told you already I’m not doing anything else. I did what you said, I let you do what you wanted, this isn’t fair.” She sounded unsure of herself. She knew she didn’t really have much of a choice unless she wanted to potentially deal with a felony charge. Of course, I knew that was bullshit, but I didn’t mind keeping it to myself.
I stood silently, letting her sweat it to see what conclusion she came up with on her own.
“I don’t want to do it. I am not doing anything else so you can just leave!” Her voice was too shaky for me to take her demands seriously.
I knew I had to catch her off guard to keep this going my way. I had been too nice up to this point… It was time to put her in line.
“Really… What makes you think I care if you want to? You stole from me, and you need to be taught a lesson. Seems like it’s my job to help you learn. So here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to suck my dick now, and you’re going to do a good job. I’m not your loser boyfriend, so you better do it right and make me happy. Now get on your fucking knees.”
Sure, I was completely bluffing with the tough attitude. I had no idea if it was going to work, but with my cock feeling like it was going to tear through my pants at any moment, I sure hoped so. It wasn’t long before she started to lower herself güvenilir casino slowly down, getting on her knees, quiet, hesitant, and begrudged.
“Now undo my pants.”
She reached up and with great hesitation started to work with my belt. With my pants opened, getting a look at my hard cock pressed against my boxers, she made another effort to bargain, a little desperation showing through as she looked up to me. She probably didn’t realize that the view of her looking up from her knees was not about to help her cause. “I’ll give you a hand job, let me just give you a hand job okay? Please? I’ll… I’ll do it however you want, however you like it. I will do a good job and make you happy, I promise. Please?”
A proposal I might have had to accept if this were going differently, but as soon as I had her on her knees I knew she was mine.
I reached down and pulled my boxers down, my cock springing out rock hard and pulsing with anticipation. I don’t know how I’d even held off this long. I reached down and ran my hand through her hair, placing my palm against the back of her head. She looked back down. I pulled her head gently toward me, and she submitted with hesitation intact. I felt my cock press against her warm closed lips and rubbed it against them, a strong hint that she didn’t seem to want to pick up on. Her hands sat with palms against my thighs as if ready to push me away at any minute, but she didn’t.
“Open your mouth. Now.”
She complied after a second, and I continued gently lowering her head down, enjoying every inch of my cock sliding slowly across her tongue and toward the back of her throat, and when it hit, I stopped for a second. She looked up at me as I did.
“Is that as far as you can take it?”
She tried to pull her head back to answer, but of course I didn’t let her. Unable to answer with her mouth full of cock, she let out a whimper instead. I have to be honest, the sound of her little protest was fucking hot, and it got me far more excited than I would’ve expected. Was I enjoying this too much? Do I even care?
“Well, we’ll have to work on that then.” I started to guide her head again, slowly bringing it just to the point where my cock could almost come out of her mouth, and then guiding her all the way back down. Her whimpers and whines continued every so often, and I could feel the pressure building with them as I felt the subtle vibrations in her mouth cause by each little moan.
“Suck it.” She started to suck harder as she followed my lead. “Good,” I said. “Now keep going. Make me happy and we can take care of this whole situation.”
I slid my hand up to the top of her head, laying it there as a reminder, and she continued on her own, her head bobbing up and down slowly as she sucked it hard.
I reached down and fondled her breasts rubbing them as she sucked me off. She seemed to be getting it now, so it was time to push her a little further.
As she took my cock deeper into her mouth I returned my hand to the back of her head and held her head in place when I felt the back of her throat.
“Take it all” I said, and she looked up at me, trying again to say something, pointlessly. I didn’t really care what. I guided her head back just a bit and then pushed it back down a little harder, shoving it deeper now and holding it for a moment before letting her up. I let her take my dick out of her mouth for the first time then as she gasped.
“I want all of it in your mouth.”
“I can’t, it’s too big” she said, pleading.
“You’ll figure it out” I replied, guiding her back toward me. She opened her mouth cooperatively this time and took my cock back down. “Take it all.”
I pulled her head back down slowly and shoved it deeper than before this time. She looked up at me as my cock filled her mouth, pressing against her throat and making her eyes water, sending black streaks across her face.
I kept it up, guiding her a little further each time, and she continued to submit cooperatively as my dick went further and further down her throat. Her only resistance those fucking hot little whimpers. Maybe she could tell I liked it and was trying to send me over the edge to get this over with. Either way I wasn’t about to complain.
“That’s it. Alright… I’m going to fuck your throat now.”
“Shhh, just relax.” I brought her head back down and pressed past the resistance of her tightening throat, and with a push I was through. My dick in this sexy little thing’s throat was unlike anything I’ve ever felt. I brought her back and forth, taking it a little further each time, and after a little while I buried my cock all the way down her throat.
“Good girl, there you are. Now hold still.”
I held her head steady and began to fuck her throat, shoving my cock all the way down until her lips pressed right against the base each time.
“Now put out your tongue and lick my balls while my dick is in your throat.”
It took her a few tries, but soon she was doing it all on her own, my hand acting only as an encouraging reminder. She brought it all the way to the back of her throat and held it there, her tongue pressed out against my balls, rubbing her tongue against them. I felt like I couldn’t hold it in any longer, and as nice as it sounded to blow the massive load that had been building into her mouth and watch her swallow it all, I wasn’t done with her yet, and I knew exactly how far I could take this. As far as I wanted. I guided her head back one last time and let my dick slide out from her mouth. She looked up at me expectantly.
“Get up and take off your skirt.”
To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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