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He Loved Me
He Loved Me

By: Londebaaz Chohan

I could not say that Henry was a gay boy but I really loved him. My name is Thomas; everybody calls me Tom. It was just a chance that in the dorm hall, his room was 2 doors away from my room. He did not match any classes with me so I could not tell, how was his daily schedule of classes but he was usually out like me for some early classes but then I did not see him back in the dorm till late in the afternoon; when most of the other residents were also back. What a stupid idea; not only the doors to opposite room were exactly face to face but there were windows that opened in the corridors as well facing the window of the room across the hallway. If the curtains were not drawn, with windows and doors open, everybody could see; what was going on in the other rooms. I just could not dare to walk into Henry’s room because with the windows and doors usually open, any one could have been watching and that would not help my cause a bit.

The 4th of July fell on a Tuesday and the college was closed from Saturday July 1st, until Tuesday July 4th. This was also for the dining hall. The dorm room residents were allowed to stay back but for food they had to make their own arrangements from outside. I was happily surprised to learn that every student from the dorm had left for their homes and it was only I and Henry left behind. I saw him early Saturday morning at the sink washing up as I entered. We said hello and started talking. He asked me if I would like to join him to walk a few blocks to the diner for the breakfast and I happily agreed. After getting done with the bathroom and shower, we met at the lobby and walked out to the diner on the other side of the campus. Sitting opposite from each other, I was getting killed as he took off his T shirt and now he was only in his thin undershirt displaying one of his nicely developed nipple peeking from the side and a shorts, displaying his legs and thighs. We spoke about every subject, living far away from the college and unable to visit home for every time the college was closed for a few days, the subjects we were taking and our preferred majors; when the time came to decide that. He said that he did not have a girlfriend but knew couple of girls and had had the chance to kiss some girls while he had also played with the boobs of the others but to be honest, he had not fucked any girl yet and his cock was very virgin for he did not even get sucked by anyone ever so far. Whether or not he was also a gay, I had no clue but his narrations about the girls did not carry much weight for me. In response, I also had to make up a story about my girlfriend, who was not at this college but back home.

I had been checking him out and somehow, he looked perfect to me as a boy toy bottom to be fucked by me. To me he was telling the stories that were not much believable because, I had seen him eagerly showing himself to me, if not to everybody else; helping me to keep my hopes up. Henry was about as tall as I; almost 6 foot. kaçak iddaa He was in a very good slim shape and healthy body with almost blue eyes and sandy blond hair. I was little more tanned than him, hazel colored eyes and muscular masculine look. Although I was in love with him but did not have the courage to tell him because if I did and he rejected me; I would not know, what to do and so I played it all cool and did not take the things much further. I would do just about anything to be in his company and now specially when he wore just an undershirt and a shorts. I prayed and hoped that he loved me back as much as I did to him and give me some signal of it.

While returning back, my breathing almost stopped when he mentioned of only 2 of us alone being on the dorm floor and invited me to his room. As I walked into his room, after changing the shoes and being comfortable in jeans; I was shocked to see him sitting on the chair by the desk in no shirt and a tiny brief, hardly covering his privates. We sat there, playing games on his computer and talking, although our conversation was very shallow. It was almost noon time, when I felt like taking a nap and invited him to come to my room provided he did not mind to share my single bed. He accepted my offer but invited me to stay in his room because he had a much larger bed with plenty of room for both of us. I thanked him for his very nice sweet offer while hiding my excitement.

We both stripped to our briefs’ and got to the bed. O’ my God!! he was so hot. His very smooth untouched skin with hairless body was astonishing and I was to be sleeping with him; a sure unbelievable dream come true for me. We laid face to face talking for a while and the room was almost dark with window and door locked and curtains drawn. Suddenly, I was caught off guards, when he leaned over and kissed me wet giving me a tingly sensation all over my body. Without thinking much, I pulled out a little and without realizing, leaned over and kissed him back. I just could not believe what was happening; I had hoped this to happen for quite long and now it was finally happening. I wished the kiss would never end and started stroking his back with my hand while he put his hand on my thigh very close to my cock. This went on for couple of minutes.

I realized that I had got a huge boner and judging from what poked me in my thigh, I was sure Henry also had a hard one ready. I pushed my hand under the lining of his briefs’ and tried to pull them down, while he raised his butt in helping me to do it and he pulled my briefs’ down. Ahh Fuck! Now our rigid cocks were kissing, touching each other. We shifted positions and he moaned and moved on top of me. We were both completely naked now. He pressed his hard dick against mine, much harder. I swear; I could cum right there but I controlled and held back because I was hopeful to make the best as I wished. We were still kissing frantically and my hands came to his well-rounded butt, squeezing there, little bit. I was hardly kaçak bahis feeling any hair on his bottom. Only place where I saw some hair on his body were; above his cock and that too he had shaved, except for leaving some as a design. While playing on his butt, I discovered his butthole and started circling my finger on the soft skin, as I stretched his crack. Henry took a break from kissing and amazed me, saying that if I was going to push the finger inside him; please make sure it was wet. I quickly put my fingers in my mouth and wet them good. Changing the position, now, I took him under me. Pulled his crack apart and smeared the spit on his hole and then pressed one of my fingers inside his butthole. I felt it slipping in easily although he clenched a bit and he also moaned loud. I kept fingering his hole for a while before adding my second finger to the mix. Now his moaning became much more frequent other than being loud and shameless.

Seeing him cooperate; I honestly wanted to fuck him because I had been waiting for this since quite long and whispered in his ear, if I could do some advance play with him and he only replied, “OK”. Getting his immediate and positive response, I asked him to go on his stomach and I crawled a bit further down on him till my face was on the exact level as his beautiful butt. Spreading his butt crack and stretching his cheeks with both hands, I slowly lowered my face to his hole. I had ass licked and fucked the boys before but I swear, I shall never forget the whiff and the aroma, that entered my nostrils from Henry’s ass making me over zealous. I wanted to fuck him for sure and even more important, I wanted to make certain that his hole was decently lubed or at least wet. I even had a thought to make up for the lost time with him to take his ass. As my lips yearned to lower onto his pink bud, I felt a tingling all over my body.

I do not remember any taste of his ass; not good as a chocolate treat or bad at all. I only remember tasting him close to my love. I kissed the lovely, tight and snug hole, spitting big on it making Henry moan out of control. Soon his very tight wrinkling got loose and I decided to venture in with my tongue. I vividly remember him squeeze and clench, keeping my tongue out but soon, his folds got loose enough and relaxed to let my tongue inside for the wet French kissing, loving it to no end.

Now, once again; I asked him if I could take it to next level and he surprised me saying that he had been waiting for this from the day one he saw me. I swear; my cock had never jumped so high ever before as he did to hear this from Henry. I hurriedly climbed up on him and wetted my serpent with huge blob of spit on my hand. I was concerned that my 8” long and much thicker dick would rip him open but this was no time to think twice. There was not a single ass before tonight, that had not fit snugly and comfortably on my dick. Of course hurriedly but gently, I lowered my cock to his hole and started pushing inwards.

After the cock güvenilir bahis head slipped through, I was surprised that the whole length went in relatively easy. Henry was definitely feeling pain as every pore on his body opened up and in a split second he was sweating like a dog. I wanted to start fucking him but he held me tight inside, making me realize that he wanted some time to get used to the huge presence inside his rectum and I laid on him, kissing his back, lowering my hands to his nipples and tweaking them rough and also reaching for his extra thick about 5” length hanging below with extra small balls like marbles only. A blond lock of hair fallen before his eyes; God! He looked a true faggot boy born for getting fucked. Soon, I felt him push upwards, as if nudging me to start fucking him.

I laid my whole body on top of his, moving my hips only back and forth. Soon the thrashing was so fierce that the bed started slamming against the wall. I could feel ramming far deeper into Henry’s ass hole. I knew, it would be hard to hold myself much longer and could cum quickly but the warmth of his naked body, the feel of his rectal sheathing moving on my cock with each jolt kept me going anyway. More I fucked Henry, more it felt that the tiny puzzle pieces were all falling in their right place to reveal a beautiful picture slowly. With continuous long, short and in between strokes; made me feel that I was getting dangerously close to spilling; which made me speed up my pumping in Henry’s rectum. The rhythm and pace all ruined as I fucked him brutally slaughtered his ass with my meat saw. Our breathing, gasping, moaning all mixed and mingled in one and loud with the ramming noise of my groin on his love globes and slamming of bed against the wall was creating a symphony like music making the orgasm to peak rapidly.

Out of nowhere, Henry’s moaning became much louder and distinct. His ass began flexing, fluttering under the high tides of orgasmic feeling and it was a wrecking experience for my cock as his ass ring constricted and relaxed in a very rapid sequence on it. I could not even cry that I was getting it all out of control, when my volcano got burst and I squirted my juices to the deepest ends in his ass with the force that made the pipes in my cock feel hurting for a while. The sensation was so intense that I kept spilling my seed even after the strong jolts were over. It was like the greatest climax I ever had. I still remember it like a slide show in slow motion, rapid heartbeat, gasping breath with sweat falling on Henry’s back from my body, eyes closed and head tilted back with loud growls of pleasure. Then I fell on top of him and could hear him breathing hard and rough like me. My cock was still nailed in him. He whispered, if I wanted him to lick me clean or he had a rag also ready for the job at hand.

I had to pull out of his ass with a bit of force and laughed thinking that we were stuck to each other like the dogs get knotted with each other after fucking. While Henry, licked me clean and milked me for every drop left in the pipes; he looked up in my eyes and my cock still in his mouth, he said; “Tom, I really love you”.

The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan July 24, 2019.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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