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The next day Rodrigo and Lorenzo lived like two hunks in heaven, having fun with each other and their bodies. Rodrigo had found a total top well-endowed stud, even bigger than Max. Lorenzo also had luck: after months with someone who struggled to be a bottom for him, he finally found a man who could endure all the expansion his cock caused in a hole.

The Venezuelan bodybuilder stayed in the apartment just in jockstraps, exhibiting his muscular ass. He did not give rest to the well-endowed Italian, riding and sucking him a few times in their bedroom. Unfortunately, Enrique and I did not see the scenes this time, but we became hard just imagining and hearing it.

My opportunity to be alone with Lorenzo did not happen until the next day. I finally found him on his own, after he came back from the beach. Rodrigo had gone straight from the beach to work out and Enrique had gone out to do some shopping.

Tanned, Lorenzo sat on the sofa, wearing the same red swim trunks from the first day, which indeed highlighted his enormous volume. He wanted to watch a dull soccer match, his favorite team winning without any threat. “Hey buddy, grab two beers and come here,” he said.

I took one and offered him a can of beer. “Who would have guessed that all of this was going to happen this vacation?” He laughed, trying to break the ice.

We were drinking beer and watching the game in silence for a few minutes, but I could not help it: His extraordinary volume attracted me. I hated seeing myself like this.

He was the one who broke the silence. “I hope you are comfortable with everything that happened.” While he was telling me this, he put the beer can near his thighs, displaying, perhaps consciously, that his cock was so thick that it could fit into the beer-can cock category. I gulped, showing that he was in control.

He continued: “I can’t believe you and Enrique were like sluts for Max. Were you willing to let him fuck you?”

“I’m sorry. I am happy that things ended differently. And for that I thank you.”

“It was an unexpected way for me to see your ass.” As he said that, his huge cock throbbed inside his swimming trunks. “And you also satisfied your curiosity about the size of my cock.” The silence took over. I could only watch his swimming trunks filling up with volume.

“Did you like seeing it hard?” he asked. I tried to play it cool. “Yes, it was nice, it’s big.”

Impatient, Lorenzo said he would go down to the gym. On impulse, I brought my thoughts to life. “Not only big. Your cock is huge and beautiful. I… I always wished I could have one like yours.”

“You can have it… in your mouth.” I froze when he suggested it. He added, “Maybe you need to look at my cock again to make a decision.” I stared at his crotch. The tip of his dick was already out of the swim trunks. Fuck. It was too big to be real.

“I also want to give you compliments. Your butt is juicy, muscular. I want to kiss your ass all over.” He turned me around and unbuttoned my shorts, pulling it down. He then got near my two, big, round, smooth muscle cheeks, admiring the dimples on the side of both cheeks and my tan line. “It’s perfect, makes me really hard.”

Nothing had ever been down there. He looked like he really loved asses. He made circular movements with his tongue, close to the butthole, reaching the entire area before massaging my hole with his tongue. I moaned a lot. He kept eating my ass, tirelessly.

The muscular Italian got up, turned me around, and kissed me, grabbing my hair. His swimming trunks were already insufficient to contain the strength of his erection. Part of his cock had already escaped his clothes.

He pushed my body toward his torso even more, so that our cocks touched each other. We were rubbing them as we kissed. He pulled his own swimming trunks down while kissing me. I was feeling all the pressure of his monster cock against mine. I decided to look below. We were so unequal in size, his beer-can thick shaft exceed mine in an unfair competition of volume. Based not only on what we were seeing, but also relying on Rodrigo’s accurate verification, his cock was more than 4 times larger than mine by volume. As I was fixed on the comparison for a long time, he also looked down.

“I am happy that you are fascinated by how big it is,” Lorenzo finally said. “Do you wanna feel the weight?” I consented, with a needy expression that ashamed me. He laid me facedown. Then he started to rub his big cock all over my body: my neck, my etlik escort back, my thighs, my feet. I felt I was exploding. When he arrived near my hole, I protested, “Not there”.

“Ok.” he laughed, as if he thought it was funny that I still resisted. He got to his feet, with his gigantic rod measuring more than 10 inches pointing towards the ceiling. “Try sucking it”. I opened my mouth as Lorenzo moved his cock closer to my face. Would all that fit in my mouth? The head of his cock touched my left cheek and he started to slide his alpha member all over my face, slowly, appreciating the feeling.

“Do you prefer it like that or do you like it rough?” he questioned.

“How rough would it be?” My question was followed by his actions. He gave me a hard beat in the face with that cock. I cummed wildly. I had not experienced the sensation of cumming so much in years. He was next. Squirt after squirt, he gushed his seed down my throat. I swallowed it all, hearing his moans. I never saw someone cum that much. After his last squirt, he pressed his cock head to extract his final drops. With his thick cock laying heavy on my face, the muscular Italian man smiled at me. “That was great. And risky. Enrique can arrive at any minute. He doesn’t deserve you. You should really talk to Ander when he comes over. I suspect he was always into you. You would make a great couple.”

This information surprised me. I always saw Ander as my best friend. Was he hiding something from me all these years?

Lorenzo was going to his bedroom to take a shower, but stopped and gave me more food for thought: “Ander knows I want to fuck your ass from day one. At first, he doubted I could do that, but I told him it had happened before. He was jealous, but now I presume he was jealous of you. Dude, he has a big crush on you. And so do I. We shouldn’t be alone.”


Two hours after that, I received, on my phone, a message from Max. He wanted to see me, before going back home, to discuss personal stuff. I met him in a bar. He was handsome, with a scruffy look and a new black he was wearing a white tank top, black jeans, and was pumped like a muscle beast. “I just arrived from a nearby gym.” He had bought bottles of wine and seemed a little nervous. Enrique was unaware of this entire plan, as Lorenzo was tired of him.

We arrived at the apartment at 08 pm. The Venezuelan bodybuilder greeted us at the door. He looked at Max with indifference. No one would suspect they once had a sub/dom relationship. Rodrigo was wearing just a jockstrap, his ass and legs seemed even more muscular than before, probably results of an intense leg day. And then the muscular Italian stud entered the room, wearing just white soccer shorts. His long cock swayed as he walked in our directions.

We all sat in the main room, while Rodrigo served some food. Lorenzo opened the wine and poured it on our glasses. His package was at eye level. It looked incredible.

After some alcohol, it became evident that Max was jealous of Lorenzo. He asked Rodrigo how he was doing. “It’s been wild. This stud is out of this world. There is no comparison with anyone.”

Lorenzo then said “I am the lucky one. Look at this ass.” Max salivated and started to say something, but Lorenzo interrupted. “I wanna know why you came here. The true reason. Say it without hesitating, Max.”

“I… I miss him. We stayed together for a long time. I understand why he is here, I really do. I just wanna know if I could be part of a threesome, maybe something like we both fucking him. We could also fuck Fernando,” he said, pointing at me. We can have a try, can’t we?”

“Come here, man,” the Italian man replied, talking directly to Max. Lorenzo was sitting, his legs widespread, and an inviting bulge. Max obeyed. When he got near him, Lorenzo turned him around, touched his butt, felt the fabric of his pants. Then, with a strong movement, he ripped Max’s pants, revealing a red jockstrap from an expensive brand. “Great, you did your homework. Your ass is muscular and hairy.” I was hard just from seeing it.

“So, a threesome, hum?” teased Lorenzo. “And what do you want me to do in this threesome?”

“I want you to fuck me with your big dick while I fuck him,” he said, in a mix of relief and shame. “I also thought about double penetration. Two big cocks in his ass.”

Lorenzo stood up. He reached for his own big dick inside his shorts, pulling all his inches out. It was semi soft, swinging heavy, ankara eve gelen escort showing off an insane amount of weight.

“FUCK, it is even bigger than how I remembered it,” shouted Max.

The Italian stud walked Max to the window, put him against it, and then pinned his arms above his head.

“Do you want this superior cock inside you?”

“Yes, yes, Sir.”

“Even knowing it will destroy your ass?”

“Only you can do it, Sir.”

“How much do you want?”

“Sir. More than anything.”

“So here is the deal: you are going to be fucked by them both. Yeah, including Rodrigo. And then I’m going to stretch you in a way you are going to know I was in your hole when I’m done. Forget you were a top. These are the rules. Do you want it or not?”

Completely dominated by Lorenzo’s alpha behavior, Max saw his wish of fucking Rodrigo’s thick ass one last time being shattered. He tried to convince Lorenzo, comparing his plan to what had happened between Enrique, himself and me.

“Listen, man, I am not him. You need an adjustment in your attitude.” Lorenzo sat on a white sofa near the window. Handsome and jacked, he possessed a well-proportioned muscular physique, a masculinity maximized by his 10+ inches and particularly thick cock. He was the apex of Alpha.

“If you want to stay here for this cock, we are going to have fun. You are not going to fuck Rodrigo. If that is the reason you came here, you can leave now.”

Mesmerized by Lorenzo’s virility and confidence, Max let his guard down. Looking directly at Lorenzo’s enormous member, Max murmured. “Fuuuck. I can’t believe I’m saying this but… I agree on your terms. Fuck.”

Grabbing his meaty monster and looking directly at Max, Lorenzo confronted him: “So tell everyone why you decided to stay here”

Max hesitated in giving an answer. He knew it would be definitive this time. Lorenzo’s cock was starting to stiffen. The shape, the girth, the curve, so perfect and visually appealing, even if it sometimes looked excessively huge. Max was speechless.

By instinct, he moved towards Max, tried to hold his gigantic meat with his fingers, caressing it. “Fuck, what have you done to me Lorenzo? I am obsessed with you. I came here to worship you.” He had already chosen.

“Right answer.” said Lorenzo, gently slapping Max’s face. “Rodrigo, bring Max his gift.” Rodrigo opened the box he had brought. There was a small tank top, designed exclusively for Max. In it was written “Bottom who bottoms for bottoms.”

Max took of his T-shirt. He was such a masculine and handsome man, with his lumberjack looks. He put the T-shirt Lorenzo gave him. It looked a little bit small for his burly body.

Lorenzo hugged Max from behind, kissing his neck. The German’s jockstrap was being challenged by his own long dick, fighting to be released. Lorenzo grabbed Max by the waist and turned him to us in order to expose his tight hole. “I want you to take a look at how it is now; to remember how it was before it’s ravaged.”

“Now look at this,” Lorenzo said while grabbing his own member with both hands.

“Thickness adds so much to the volume. There is room for a third hand. Or a mouth. What are you waiting for?”

Dropping on his knees, Max was freaking out about Lorenzo’s big cock, showing willingness to push his boundaries. “It’s indeed absurdly fat.” On his knees, Max took off Lorenzo’s shoes, facing his big feet. While Max licked Lorenzo’s feet, Lorenzo asked me to go near him.

He unbuttoned my jeans, stripping me down the same way he did the day before. He admired my butt for a while, touching it, feeling it. Ravenous for my ass, he pushed his skilled tongue as deep as possible into my smooth hole.

While Lorenzo drenched my ass with his tongue, I noticed how nervous Max was. He was licking Lorenzo’s feet and looking up to admire Lorenzo’s impressive balls. His nuts were hanging low, looking hefty. It was becoming clear how much power Lorenzo had over him.

Lorenzo explained the rules for Max: “You will need a warm up. They will train you so you can enjoy me better after. If you are wondering ”will it hurt?’ Well… I wanna make your hole twitch in pleasure. Don’t be frightened. If you want me to stop just say exactly this “Sir, please, stop.” And I will. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. Now, since you could not stop looking, come here to lick my balls. I hope you like them sweaty.” Happier than I have ever seen him, Max opened ankara escort his mouth, showing us just how hungry for them he was.

Giving everything within his power to pleasure Lorenzo’s monster cock, Max passionately licked his giant balls, moved to the thick shaft, and then swirled his tongue around the big head, where he stayed for some time, practicing.

“You will be fucked by them but you won’t lose eye contact with your Master. One by one, they will fuck you, preparing your hole for me.” Lorenzo was more muscular than ever, with low fat everywhere, looking sculpted and massive, especially his pecs, with an amount of muscle mass to die for.

Eager, Max looked at that huge cock in front of him and begged to have it in his throat. Lorenzo felt it was the password to start face-fucking him for real.

Finding a new purpose in his life in servicing Lorenzo, Max had been mentally training every hour to give the best oral Lorenzo deserved. Inch by inch, Max endured the pain, almost defying logic. As Lorenzo thrusted his monster down Max’s mouth, you could hear the sounds of the gag reflex, which Max had learnt to control, breathing through the nose.

With his jaw open almost to the point of breaking, Max’s mouth had become just a vessel for Lorenzo’s big cock. Having his mouth hole brutally wrecked, there were tears of pain and pleasure in his eyes. By then, Lorenzo was already in full dom mode, with Max embracing his destiny of being Lorenzo’s sub.

“That’s SO MUCH dick,” Rodrigo shouted. We were all around the two, impressed by the show.

Watching all the effort the German stud with hairy chest was doing to please Lorenzo made me hornier. He was on all fours. I stood up and positioned myself behind him. Lorenzo gave me his approval. The vision of his furry ass was tempting. I kissed it fervently, soaking his ass with spit.

Now that Max’s ass was completely wet, Rodrigo lent me some lube. I pushed my cock inside Max’s hole. He moaned a little bit, but almost ignored me, much more inclined to please Lorenzo with his oral abilities. I pounded him for some time, doggy-style, while he drooled on the alpha man’s dick head.

I was only the first to take part on the cock onslaught that would happen inside Max’s butthole.

“I am ready to fuck him,” said Rodrigo. The bodybuilder from Venezuela had a cock bigger than mine. Max tried to turn his face around and say something, but he did not get the chance, as Lorenzo gripped his hair and pressed Max’s mouth on his rock-hard giant cock. “Eyes on me all the time.”

“Yes, Daddy.” it was all Max could answer. Genuinely absorbed by Lorenzo’s girth being shoved roughly down his throat once more, Max moaned when his former sub penetrated him, using lube and saliva. The role reversal represented the death of any hope Rodrigo would be fucked by him again. Rodrigo spanked him in the butt, angry. “”Look at you… a good little cock whore, so desperate for a big dick. You fooled me with a fake alpha attitude. You’ll never fuck me again, do you understand?”

Rodrigo had almost zero experience as a top, but he felt it was necessary to show Max he simply could not see him as a Power Top anymore. Increasingly picking up the pace, Rodrigo was doggy fucking him.

Lorenzo pulled his cock out of Max’s mouth; he came up gasping. The hairy muscle stud caught a long deep breath. “You are a GOD, Lorenzo. You fuck like a god; you have the cock and the body of a fucking god.” Max was completely ecstatic by it, almost in trance.

Being a punishing top for the first time, Rodrigo saw Lorenzo’s disproportionately big cock, all wet from Max’s service. It reminded him how lucky he felt since he met him.

The German hairy stud was being spit-roasted by a dominant man and his former sub. But even that didn’t ease his anxiety. He looked at Lorenzo’s eyes and begged. “Sir, I need YOUR cock in my ass. I want the cock of the Alpha of the Alphas. That is you, sir. PLEASE.”

By hearing that, Rodrigo bred his own seed inside Max’s ass, cumming six times. When the Venezuelan bodybuilder pulled out the cock from Max’s hole, strips of sperm began to trickle, dripping from it.

“My ass now belongs to you. I need it,” said Max, his furry hole exposed.

Lorenzo told me to clean Max’s hole with my tongue. There was a mix of hair, Rodrigo’s cum, lube and sweat. I cleaned his furry round butt using saliva. I was reaching the point of cumming wildly. Stimulated by the scene, I turned to Rodrigo and said “I am gonna cum. Open your mouth now.” However, the bodybuilder shattered my hopes immediately. “Sorry, man, you are a hell of a hunk, but I only suck Lorenzo. It’s my rule.” With no alternative, I cummed all by myself. Rodrigo and I continued to watch the scene as voyeurs.

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