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Meeting Robert
Robert and I met through a bisexual dating site. I guess it was a midlife crisis for me but I suddenly had a desire to get it on with a guy, preferably older. Robert was 65, retired, and married. I was 42, still working and married. When I was younger, i would play with couples and would enjoy being with both. Now, I wanted to spend more time with a guy and everyone i knew from before was either too far away or I lost touch.
Robert was about 5’10”, solid build like a barrel, with silver hair and beard. His cock was thick and about 8 inches long. I’m 6’, lean, with an average size 6’ cock.
So I called off work that morning and drove over to Robert’s house. He had arranged for his wife to be out for the day so we could meet. As I walked up to the door, my cock was hardening with each step. Robert answered in a bathrobe and let me in.
We didn’t say much and he reached out and rubbed my easily visible hard-on. He told me to follow him to a bedroom. He dropped his robe and climbed into the bed while wrapping the sheet around him. I rapidly undressed and I could feel him soaking me in with his eyes which made me blush. He laughed and told me that I was a very handsome young man and opened the sheet to welcome me into the bed. With an aching ccck, I climbed inside and drew myself up against him.
His cock was hard and seemed a lot larger than I had guessed. I placed my hand on his chest and brought our cocks together. I began grinding and felt his güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri hand lower onto my ass. He pushed me onto my back and said “Boy, your about to go off. Let’s fix that.” He cupped his hand under my ass and turned himself so he was on top and lowered his mouth onto my cock. He corkscrewed his tongue down my shaft and I lit up. My whole body stiffened and my cock began to churn cum into his mouth. I could feel swallow but I kept chugging cum into his mouth and he lifted his mouth off me. Cum spilled from his lips and he wiped his hand across while jerking my cock off. “Holy shit! That was too much!” he said laughingly “You didn;t say anything about cumming out gallons!” He stood up and told me he had to get a glass of water. I felt drained but my cock remained half-hard. I was buzzing with horniness.
As he strode back into the room, I couldn’t help but notice his cock remained hard, He put a glass of water on the table and I pulled myself to the edge of the bed to meet his cock. I grabbed the shaft with one hand and cupped his balls with the other. I started stroking his cock and as I juggled his balls I would rub my fingers across his taint.
His cock was about a quarter larger than mine which is about the diameter of a pepperoni stick. The head was an enormous bulb and holding the shaft in my hand extended about 2 inches past. My cock only give about an inch or so past my hand.
I started to suck the head güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri of his cock. I pressed my tongue under the “V” and rolled my top lip under my teeth and started to suck it. I darted my tongue back and forth and sucked the head into my mouth but no further. Robert moaned “I love those blue eyes.” as I looked up at him and slowly pulled the head out my mouth, He held my head and when I let it pop from my mouth. Robert moaned again “Holy fuck that is hot!” He took hold of his cock and fed its head back into my mouth. He teased it back and forth and I kept sucking on his head until I felt pre-cum roll onto my tongue. I grabbed hold of his cock and pulled it out of my mouth.
I started to chug his cock as far as I could. My cock was rock hard and didn’t go unnoticed. Robert took it by the handful and rolled it through his fingers. He asked me if I liked his cock and I replied with an mmm-hmmm and kept sucikng him down. He asked if I wanted to fuck his cock and I gave him the same response. He pushed me onto my back and climbed into the bed. As he slid into the bed he pulled me towards him so our cocks pressed against each other. He dug his fingers into my ass crack and pulled me closer in and started to grind. I felt his middle finger creep down to my asshole. He started to rub it in small circles, I held onto his shoulder and pushed onto him so I straddled him. He brought both hands to my ass and I reached güvenilir bahis şirketleri back to take his cock into my hands. I pushed myself back and pressed his cock into the crack of my ass. He pulled my cheeks apart and I ground my hips. He reached over and took a bottle of lotion and squirted some in hand and then slid it down his cock.I grabbed my knees and pulled them toward my shoulders and spread my ass. I started to take deep breaths and closed my eyes. Although I visibly tense in all regards, I wanted to relax for his huge cock.I felt the tip of cock press up against my ass and begin to push its way in. My cock was rock solid and pulsing back and forth. I began to tremble as my body started to give in to his cock. I can feel the stretch as his thick head began to submerge inside me. And then it happened! I moaned loudly and spasmed as his cock slide all the way in. Robert let out a long groan and grabbed my legs so they wrapped on his sides. He held his cock deep inside me. The he pulled it back. With every millimeter he retracted his cock, cum began to spurt out of my cock, I was moaning and trembling. Robert said “Oh fuccCCkkk!!! Look at that!!!” and drove his cock back in. He pulled it away and I was completely helpless. A moaning, trembling, and cumming wreck. He fucked me for who knows how long…I was completely out of my mind. Then I felt his cock erupt inside of me. He might have shot some lightning up my ass because my whole body shook from the hot injection of cum. Robert collapsed next to me, I felt like I had a 105 degree fever or just ran five miles. I was completely exhausted with cum rolling out of me. Then we heard a woman’s voice “What are you boys up to??” and saw Robert’s wife standing in the doorway with a lecherous grin……TO BE CONTINUED

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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