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Muslim Arab Dick part 2
As told to me by a good friend (I’m so jealous)

A few months after meeting a young 26 year old Jordanian man in an adult video store for sex, I happened to run into him again at a Churches Chicken near my house. It was shock to see him working there. My dick went hard and I almost felt faint seeing him. He was well hung with a 9.5-10” thick monster cock!

He recognized me and I noticed he went over and said something to his co worker who looked to be only about 19-20. He also looked to be of Middle Eastern decent. They spoke in Arabic and he pointed at me. It was getting late in the evening and I noticed that I was the only one in the restaurant. Aman unzipped his pants and he pulled out his dick. It was soft and he held onto himself and he motioned with his head for me to come around the counter to the back. His partner unzipped his pants and much to my güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri surprised pulled out his big cock as well!

I couldn’t resist I was under his and his co workers spell, Big dick syndrome. I had to suck them both. I was so turned on I didn’t care if someone else came in and saw me sucking them off. They both moved to the back room which is slightly out of view from the front. Aman had is cock out and looked so inviting. I dropped to my knees in front of them both. They looked like Gods with both of their massive tools dangling in front of me.I took Aman’s cock into my mouth first and devoured him sucking and sucking bobbing back and forth feeling his manhood grow in mouth and throat until it was rock hard.

At the same time I grabbed a hold of the younger guy’s equally massive tool. He was taller than Aman and maybe his dick was an inch makrobet or two longer! His was a foot long. This would be a challenge to take both of these guys dicks up my ass! I sucked on Aman then I would switch and suck on Hussein’s dong, jacking the other one off at the same time. As I sucked a customer would come in and order. I would then only suck on the one until he finished with the customer having to stick his hard dick back in his pants. They were so big it was hard to hide their hardon’s. It was so close to closing time that Aman who was in charge locked the front door and had me strip my pants off and he always carried lube with him wherever he went. He had me bend over the counter with my bare ass sticking out and he lubed and loosened up my hole and he mounted me first and then Hussein followed with his even bigger giant dick. I couldn’t believe that makrobet giriş I got pounded in the rear at the Church’s Chicken.

These two guys destroyed my anus. Taking turns like a tag team match! I have never been fucked as hard as what these two Arab men did. They bruised my bottom so hard that my rear hurt for a week. I had to use a soft pillow to sit down. Now they both had my phone number and it has turned into a regular bi weekly sex triangle. They like to double pole me. Taking both of their monster dicks in my enlarged rectum.

Aman lies down and has me mount his cock with me facing him and then Hussein shoves his big long 12” schlong in beside Aman’s. Then each taking turns fucking me and it feels incredible so stuffed so full! Unbelievable! Talk about being submissive! I am their sex slave and I love it! They both live in my house now and I serve them as their sex slave and servant. They bring plenty of their other friends from back in the Middle East visiting and soon I will travel around with them entertaining them and all of their acquaintances.

Nothing like finding your place in a Muslim Arab world!
Signed sore and stretched!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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