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My Neighbours – Part 2

Part 1
……….A couple of hours later I was woken by a car roaring into that neighbours drive and within an hour I could hear her riding his huge Maori cock he roared and you could hear her muffled scream. I start fantasizing of his huge cock filling her mouth till she gets him wet, it sounds like he is chewing on her pussy lips creating mini orgasms till I here her telling him to ride her pussy harder then a slap oh I think his cock slipped into her arse then you hear the riding and the moaning out loud as she is about to cum then everything goes silent, by this time its nearly 3am.
Were the father has gone we have no idea, but long may the new mans cock touch its mark servicing both females in that household. My cock is so hard now.

This illegal bahis siteleri summer has been so so hot everyone in our neighbourhood has their doors & windows open to get some air circulating while the ceiling fans are going 90 mile an hour just so we can sleep at night.

Part 2
Well we are experiencing another very hot dry summer, like last year most of us leave our doors & windows open during the evening. Ceiling fans are on full speed just to move the hot air around. Some just sleep naked on top of the bed others have a light sheet d****d over them to stop midges and annoying night time bugs.
Our Maori HUNK neighbour has been at it again, his tree trunk legs and similar shaped arms.
Any women or guy for that matter would melt under risksiz bahis veren siteler the ministrations of his firm hands & long fingers.

I noticed several weeks ago a lot of noise coming from the neighbours. Leading up to Christmas they installed a pool, so most of the summer our Maori hunk’s k**s have been over swimming, I noticed the older boys are starting to loose their puppy fat bulking up in the right places. Man can’t wait to see how they look in 10 years. These boys are already starting to look amazing.
There has also been a lot of the daughters friends male & female arriving in their own cars to use the pool. On several occasions I have heard a young mans voice moaning fuck me, FUCK ME, OH FUUUCK MEE, then letting casino siteleri out a scream followed by a Bull roar seconds later. On occasions young female voices are heard purring then getting louder as they near orgasm after orgasm, then a few minutes later there is a Bull roar. This guy has amazing stamina. Some evenings we can hear the orgasm scream whether male or female then moments later a Bull roar. within the hour the Bull has got the girl/s moaning and screaming for him to fuck them harder. This last weekend there were two younger women’s voices demanding for Him to fuck them, he must have been teasing them next we hear screams of orgasm then come on fuck me harder, then another voice yelling for him to fuck her. Ones mind tends to wander with all this happening 2 houses away behind closed doors. The mother is usually out when this is going on.
In the evenings he is servicing the mother, we can hear her moans & orgasm to then everything goes quiet till the following day. Sorry the pic below is nearest I can get of our Neighbour Bull

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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