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My school days
After writing in the about me section in this profile, I started thinking about my life and things and I couldnt fit it all in there, so I decided to write some accounts of my life that I hope people will like, this first one is about my school days.

I was a shy boy and spent much time alone and was bullied quite regularly by a number of different boys at school and out. My nickname was toad, or variations, fat toad, smelly toad, slimy toad and so on. I was overweight and did sweat a lot especially in the summer. I’d get pushed around, get my stuff hidden things like that. There was one lad in particular in my class called Peter who used to bully me with his friend Stephen ( I can remember their names very easily after all these years). He was a sort of tough boy of the class I suppose you would say looking back. Steven was his friend that was always with him. I suppose you could say bullying was quite common then, and you just had to put up with it really, it was their way of showing they were becoming men. I got quite good at avoiding them, but I couldn’t always as they were in the same class as me.

Sometimes I’d spend break times in the toilet to keep out the way and wank off in one of the cubicles. I was already a chronic wanker by then, and would usually do it 5 to 6 times a day, sometimes more, up to 11 or 12 times. I know that because I kept a note for a while in a book that I had, my record was 21 times in one day. I had already started a porn collection then, mainly magazines I had bought off of other boys, fiesta, escort, mayfair, knave and so on, and I had a small collection of knickers and bras that I’d acquired here and there. The mags you used to get then weren’t that strong looking back, but still very exciting kaçak bahis for me to see naked girls with their legs open showing their pussies, I couldnt get enough of it! I still do masturbate excessively and for about the same time each day, but tend to cum less often, maybe 2 to 3 times a day, which comes with experience I think.

Anyway one day I was seen by boys who’d looked over the top of the cubicle and I hadn’t realised they were there until I spunked my load and I heard them giggling and running off. I was a bit embarrassed at being caught. Of course everyone got to hear about it. Peter and Steven started to tease me about it, calling me a wanker and so on.

A few days later we were in a classroom before a lesson and they were teasing me about it which I was used to. And it escalated which these things tended to do, with naughty boys trying to outdo each other, and one of them started telling me to show my cock and there and a couple of others joined in, and it wouldn’t stop and also some of the lads were getting very aggressive and lairy, and were physically taunting me. So in the end I think I must of thought it best to get it over with so I dropped my trousers and pants. Then of course they told me to start playing with my penis. Spunk your load then you fat toad they were saying and things like that, so I carried on until I spunked.

Of course, it didn’t stop there though, and it happened again in the playground or in a empty classroom, or sometimes on the way home. I’d be told where to go sometimes by Peter sometimes by others, they would gather round me and tell me to do it while they abused me verbally. No one tried to do anything to stop them and they thought it was a good laugh.

Then one day in a chemistry class I tipobet güvenilir mi think it was before the teacher arrived and Peter bought one of the girls over called Trudi Makepeace, and he told her that the Toad had something to show her. He told me to go in a little store room they had for chemicals and other stuff and he followed me in with Trudi. I’d never spoken to any of the girls as I was too shy. Although I used to spy on them in the changing rooms and have fantasies about them. Trudi was a quiet girl and not a slutty one, which is why he chose her I think looking back. Peter told me to show her my cock which I did. I then masturbated in front of her and I remember seeing her face. I think she was a virgin and had never seen a hard cock before. And she gave out a little cry I remember when I shot my load.

After that I remember feeling quite horny later having done it in front of a girl for the first time, and I wanked off 2 or 3 times thinking about it. But a couple of days later when I was in a lesson the school secretary came in and called me out the lesson and took me to the headmasters office. The school secretary was called Miss Hampton I remember, but we used to call her Miss Plumpton because of her big mammaries. Trudi and her parents were sitting there outside his office and I had to wait a bit before going in, so I guessed what it was about. Then I went in and the headmaster was there with Miss Hampton and he asked me whether it was true I’d done what I did in front of Trudi Makepeace. I admitted it straightaway as I’ve never been a liar. There was no mention of me being told to do it by Peter, they just thought I’d gone up to her and done it.

Mr Warton, the headmaster, was very angry. He then tipobet giriş brought Trudi and her mum and dad in. And he made me apologise to her. He then got out his cane which they still used to do then. I think I was the last boy to be caned with 3 stokes, which was the most you could get in one go then, before they stopped it. I had to hold out my hands and he did it on my palms which was specially for masturbators, in front of Trudi her mum and dad and Miss Hampton. I started crying as it was painful and I was ashamed.

That wasn’t even the end of it as they got my mum in later and I had to go and see the Headmaster again and he told her what I had done. She was very angry as it made her late for work. She told my father who hit me later on. I remember my mum saying “I knew you’d turn out to be a pervert”. I don’t know how she knew that, just something she saw in me I suppose. They were both very worried about what friends and neighbours would think about me being a pervert. I also thought it was unfair as my dad would openly masturbate and my mum never said anything.

The bullying seemed to slow down after that, it seemed they had lost interest in me after my caning. Peter also left and moved away with his family, and he even came over and said goodbye to me when he left, which was very nice of him. So the last 2 years of school were a bit quieter. I made a friend called Toby who came from another school, he was like me and we started to do things together. He was the first person I wanked in front of without being forced to do it I also exposed myself to his sister who was a nice girl. We would look at mags together and spy on the girls. We also came up with an invention which was nothing more than a mirror on a stick really, but we used it to look up girls skirts. Which is something I still enjoy. There was no phones for taking upskirts then. If we got spotted we’d run off, and never got in trouble for it.

And so it went on really until I left and i was glad to leave in the end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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