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The next day at work I began to wonder if I was making a mistake by letting my wife fuck Josh, Its all she has been thinking
about. Will she ever feel satisfied with me after being with him many thoughts were running through my head, we have been
together almost twenty years and have a pretty good sex life, will I ruin that if I let this happen. But I still
had strong fantasies of seeing my little faithful wife being destroyed by a big cock, I decided I wanted it to happen only
I now wanted to ease into it leaving the ultimate thrill for later. I got together with Josh and came up with a plan, He was
to bring a friend to work with him the next day that way Lisa could not do with him what she wanted which was to fuck him.
That night while we were in bed Lisa snuggled up to me and was very giddy and shakey as I began feeling on her she was very
wet but said she didn’t want to have sex tonight saying she wanted to be as horny as possible for tomorrow otherwise she
might not be able to go through with my fantasy she then asked me are you sure you want me to go through with it, I said
Honey I have been having this fantasy for so long,but maybe you are right and fucking him might be a bit much, so
maybe you should just give him a blowjob for now and see how you feel about it afterwards, she seemed to be thinking as she
grabbed my cock and began stroking it, she then said in a very sexy voice I know yoou really want me to do it look how rock
hard you are, she then began kissing her way down to my cock, she slowly sucked only the head in and out of her mouth as she
twirled her tongue at the pee hole, she almost made me cum so I pushed her head back a bit in order to prolong the feeling.
she looked up at me and giggled cause she knew I was about to cum she then began to very slowly stroke my cock and said I
will do it for you and besides it might be fun to experiment a little. As I have said before she has rarely given me blowjobs
in the almost twenty years we have been married I could probably count the number of times she has done it much less without
begging for it. I moved into position so I could finger her pussy as she played with my cock she was very wet as I easily inserted
three fingers which made her tighten her thighs around my hands, I began working my fingers in and out of her pussy, she moaned
loudly as she pumped her pussy against my hand I soon felt the familiar sound and wetness of her cumming when she calmed down
she again started sucking my cock, I had already cum but it was only a few drops as I had cum so many times in the last few days,
I then began to laugh and said honey if I didn’t know any better I would think you want this to happen more than I do, she
quit sucking my cock and looked up at me with a confused look on her face and said a bit defensively this was all your idea
not mine, I quickly told her I was only k**ding and I wanted it to happen, she then said I don’t have to do it I was going
to do it to make you happy, I again apoligized to her, but as she had already cum this was a good excuse for her to quit
telling me that I ruined the moment.
The next day I sat at my desk and watched, As Josh and his friend Tom entered the house it was hilariously funny that Lisa did
not expect Josh to bring a friend with him, because she was dressed in her sexy pajamas which consisted of a very sheer short
top with no bra and see through panties, when she realized Josh had brought a friend she immediately tried to cover herself and
ran from the room, when she returned red faced and fully dressed she apoligized and said she hadn’t realized it was his day to
work, Josh introduced Tom to her and said he had told me that he was going to bring a friend to help him work because he was going
to be leaving town sooner than he thought, Tom then reached out to shake her hand and jokingly said Im so glad you forgot that Josh
had to work today , she blushed and again said Im so sorry and embarressed, Tom replied please dont apologize I wish I could start
everyday with a lovely site like that. when the guys started working my wife called me and angrily said why didn’t you tell me Josh
was bringing a friend with him, How Im I supposed to make your fantasy come true now you will just have to call Josh and tell him
his friend will have to leave. I apoligized and said I had forgotten Josh was going to bring a friend with him to help with the
work. I was able to calm her down and asked her jokingly you weren’t naked when they arrived were you, she laughed and said
I thought it was going to be Josh that walked through the door so I wore my illegal bahis siteleri sexy nightie and when they both walked through the
door I was so embarassed I ran to cover myself, I asked what did the guys say she said they thought it was halarious and
teased me about it. I said what would you think of trying to seduce two young guys it might be twice the fun and it would be
fine by me as long as you tell me everything and you know Josh will be leaving soon so this might be our last chance to do anything.
It seemed like she thought about it then said no way will I do that I bearly agreed to do it with Josh no noway, I said
okay we will talk tonight. I quickly called Josh and told him to talk to his friend and try and seduce Lisa but dont tell him
about the cams or that I know anything about it. They were quick to start flirting with her I couldn’t hear most of what was said
but Josh was talking to Lisa without Tom around and she grabbed his cock as they talked she soon left the room and when she
returned to where the guys were she was wearing a tank top and some very short tight shorts that I had never seen before, she
would parade herself in front of the guys with her ass cheeks hanging out and a very clear camel toe,
the guys let her know they liked what they saw, Josh would grab her ass or slap it as she walked pass him soon both of them were
doing it, and it was very obvious Lisa loved the attention but not much happened beyond the groping.
I later found out it was our daughters shorts she was wearing.
That night in bed we talked I asked her if she had given any thought to trying to seduce both guys. she said she hadn’t cause it
would be to demoralizing and besides I might be saying that I want it to happen cause I am so turned on but later would
regret telling her to do it and think bad things about her cause she did it. She said the only way she would do anything is if I
told Josh not to bring his friend anymore, I promised I would talk to Josh, As we began fooling around and I had her turned on
she asked why would you want two guys to have sex with me what are you getting out of it, is it because you want to have sex with two
girls I assured her that was not the reason I said just the thought of her having sex with another guy turned me on
she then grabbed my hand and placed it on her pussy, as I fingered her pussy she moaned and said
mmmm that feels so good, she then continued saying if that was the reason then the answer is no I would never agree to let you fuck
another girl, she was getting really turned on now as I played with her pussy she was moaning nonstop and said the guys really liked
seeing her almost naked today and they teased her about it all day, she said they began to playfully slap her butt as she walked past
them, she giggled and said honey I felt so naughty and sexy, I asked if she enjoyed the attention they gave her, she said yes it was fun
she soon came very hard and soaked my hand, afterwards she said she didnt think she could really do it with two guys she then threw in
“I can barely handle you sometimes” she then asked
what is it with this change in you I dont understand you used to be so jealous if I even looked at another guy now you want me to have
sex with two guys dont you love me anymore. I told her I love her more than anything and I trust her and know we will always be
together with that we hold each other and drift off to sleep. The next day I didnt know what to expect so I just sat back in my
chair and watched I was surprised as I saw my wife dressed in some little shorts again and tank top which no doubt belonged to
our daughter, As the day wore on they again began grabbing on her and before long she would begin to grab at their cocks when they
grabbed her. At lunch time they sat at the table and the guy’s said they only had two more days of work before Josh had to leave
and they would really miss working with her, she also said she would miss them and it would be back to her old boring routine.
After lunch Lisa called the guys to the living room she sat on the sofa as the guys stood around wondering why she had summoned
them, she looked worried and stumbled for words finally she told them she wanted to give them something to remember her by she
motioned for them to come closer when they were close she reached out and began to rub their crotch they knew what she wanted
and both dropped their pants out sprang two cocks Josh’s cock hung down long and thick and Tom’s sprang upward smaller than Josh
but still a good size she reached out and began to stroke them, boy what a turn on that canlı bahis siteleri was to see my wife playing with two
cocks at the same time, that was the same amount of cocks that she has had in her whole life. she then opened her mouth to take
josh’s cock she concentrated on his cock to get him hard she licked from tip to his balls circling the head with her tongue as
he began getting hard she was only able to get slightly more than the head in her mouth she then began alternating between
cocks as she did that Tom was playing with her tits, she again began concentrating on Josh’s cock that is when Tom knelt down
and began sucking on her tits he soon had her top off sucking both nipples at the same time he then started trying to take her
shorts off but she stopped him and said she just wanted to give them blowjobs and that was all, it was then Josh began playing
with her tits and he layed her down on the sofa, Tom began rubbing her ass and pussy through her pants they had her moaning and groaning
she was pumping her pussy against toms hand he again tried to remove her tight shorts this time she lifted her ass to help him
he worked his fingers around the waistband of her tight shorts and soon had them off, he seemed like he was surprised to see her
hairy pussy, it was not real hairy but I liked the way her fiery blond hair looked on her pussy and did not allow her to shave it.
Tom began running his fingers through the hair and soon parted her pussy lips and began eating my wifes pussy mmmm what a sight,
he was only the second guy to do this to her as she sqirmed beneath the guys she began sucking Josh’s cock
Tom got up and was about to enter her but she stopped him, he back off and continued eating her till she had a
very strong orgasm when it subsided she told Tom to go ahead and do what ever he wanted, he quickly climbed on top of her and
guided his cock to her pussy rubbing the head on her opening she would lift her hips each time he began to enter her slowly at
first then took slow short thrust in and out of her pussy then buried his cock in her pussy pumping faster and faster,she was
kissing Josh and holding his cock Tom began pumping very fast she lifted her hips as he did and she soon had another orgasm, after
her orgasm she collapsed and just lay there resting and out of breath then finally told Josh she was ready for him, he layed her
on the floor and spread her legs wide and began fingering her pussy Tom sat on the floor next to her and played with her tits
he seemed to love her tits as much as I did he would flop them around from side to side and slap his face with them, by that
time Josh was ready to enter her he began slowly rubbing his cock over her clit she would lift her ass each time she did the
head of Josh’s cock would entire her pussy, when he began to put more of his cock into her pussy Lisa would put her hands on his
stomach as if to push him off but she would lift her ass higher He then began pumping his cock into her putting more of his cock
in with each stroke soon he had buried his enter cock
into her making her writh with pain and pleasure, I couldn’t believe how my wife could take that much cock with very little
resistence especially after being with only me for the last twenty years my cock is only four and three quarters inches hard
and thin I guess I expected to see alot of pain as he entered her thats what I wanted to see.
Josh began pumping her pussy pulling almost all the way out then burying his cock in her and by the look on her face she was in heaven
as both guy’s worked together to please her she soon had the most violent orgasm yet, afterwards they just lay on the floor
resting, after about thirty minutes Lisa told them she wanted to do it again Tom was happy to do it again but Josh said he needed more
time to re-coop he said he would
like to watch them and he would join in later, Tom began by tit fucking her she would flick her tongue out over his cock as
as it emerged out the top of her tits. It looked like I was looking at a porn movie with my wife as the star, she looked like
a natural as she handled both cocks. Soon they were entangled fucking and sucking till they all climaxed. after the guys left
my wife lay on the floor naked and fell asleep, she had slept for quite awhile and it was begining to get late and almost time
for the k**s to return home from school so I figured I better call her as I didn’t want the k**s to walk in and see her like this,
which would really have angered me When she answered I asked her if she had done
anything with the guy’s she giggled and said she had bahis firmaları teased the guy’s She said she would tell me the details tonight.
That night I told her I wanted her to ride me as she told me the juicy details of her day with the guys, she balked and said she
would give me a blowjob as she told me But I insisted she ride me as it would be hard for her to talk with my cock in her mouth,
when she climbed on top and slid down on my rock hard cock it felt like something I had never felt with her before very loose
and sloppy but I was happy and horny I almost came right then but was able to hold back, when she started pumping I had a very
big smile on my face and said oh wow they must have fucked you good, she studdered and said why do you say that, I tell her
because you feel so different, She said that’s because I am so horny and wet Ive been like this all day because I have been waiting
to tell you about my day. She began by saying when the guy’s arrived she was strangely excited but was not sure she could go
through with the plan, she said she was scared because she had been happily married to me for so long and didn’t remember how
to excite a guy much less two younger guy’s She said the guy’s were still talking about seeing her almost naked so she decided
to take her bra off and wear a flimsy tee shirt with some shorts, she said the guys seemed to like that and one thing led to
another and she said she didn’t remember how it happened but she ended up with her shirt off and both guys playing with her tits,
As she told me this her pussy became so sloppy wet I didn’t know if I was in her or not but I came hard. I asked her what it felt
like to have two guy’s playing with her She said it was heavenly and had her very excited She said they both dropped their pants
and began rubbing their hard cocks all over her she said she could not believe it was her there with two naked guy’s, she said it
was so strange because as she played with their cocks all she could think about was me, I asked what happened next did you fuck
them both. She said they were trying to take her shorts off but she stopped them She said she just couldn’t bring herself to let
anything else happen, she said she had gave them both a blowjob and at the time wanted to fuck them both but was still worried that
I would later be mad at her if she did fuck them, She said Honey you would not believe how big Josh’s cock is it was very hard to
take him in my mouth it made my jaws ache, she was holding her jaws and opening her mouth as she told me this, she said
Tom was a little easier she said that Tom really liked her tits she laughed and said he asked her if he could take them home. She
said Tom would always play with her tits she said it seemed as if he could not get enough of them, she said she had made both of
them cum and wanted to fuck them but could not bring herself to acually do it.
After we cleaned up and lay back in
bed I asked her are you sure they did not fuck them and you just don’t remember cause you were so horny, She kinda snickered and said
believe me if they had fucked me I would have remembered, I asked her do you think you will fuck them on their next visit, She said
she didn’t think she would cause it wouldn’t be fair to me since she wouldn’t let me fuck another girl, she said at least we have the
memories of what did happen, she then laughed and said its going to be hard to face them after what had taken place. Well needless to say
on the guy’s next two visits no work got done only a lot of fucking But she still would not admit it She would only say they had oral.
I was beginning to get angry thinking I had been taken advantaged
of not by the guys but my wife, because at night when we would fuck she was very sloppy I could hardly feel her pussy and when
I mentioned this to her in a joking way and telling her that the last two days that the guys were there seemed like nothing got done,
She would dismiss it saying it was all in my head but I had it all on video and wanted to show her but decided otherwise. The night
after the guy’s left we had sex she was on top and as she pumped up and down on me telling me how good I felt my cock had slipped
out of her but she still kept riding saying I felt so good, so I know for a fact that she couldn’t feel my cock in her.
About a week after the guys had left my wife was becaming very moody and snapping at everybody for any little thing, when I
ask her what’s wrong she would say nothing is wrong and at night when I wanted to have sex she would turn me down, One day I
sat her down and said is it the guy’s do you miss having them around, she looked at me and said things were fun when they were
here but what upset her was the guy’s not keeping in touch with her as friends and the fact she figured for sure Tom would come
around to try and get a blowjob she said it made her feel so used.

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