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The Family Business – Chapter 3
The script was written, the locations chosen and the participants ready. A couple of weeks ago, Jess had been a fairly normal, harassed and poor, single mother before her estranged father had died and left her half his film studio but with a sting in the tail of the bequest.

Jess had to participate in one of the films and this was a pornographic film studio. Having arrived in the Bahamas before she discovered the nature of the productions and having one of her first experiences of the filming being her mother as the bottom half of a girl on girl sixty-nine. This did not add to her wellbeing.

However, like far too many single people in London her sex life was substandard and the male actors were attractive and rather surprisingly, perfect gentlemen.

Ruth, her mother it turned had started doing porn in part to spite her father who was in his pain killer induced stupor totally unaware and partly because she wanted sex with the hunky and very pleasant male actors.

Before the night was finished, she was reconciled with her mother and watched Fliss the one of her daughters who was still a virgin get happily screwed during an orgy involving nearly all of the island’s permanent inhabitants. The site of Fliss, almost joyfully, bouncing up and down on that very large engorged cock had been a turn on. That it was her daughter that cause this worried her a bit but not as much as it should.

Now Jess was going to make the film and found she was really looking forward to it. The idea was her own and a porn spoof on Robinson Crusoe. With herself as the castaway and a very tasty and rather pleasant young Bahamian called Clinton, as Man Friday. They were of course going to be a lot closer that the originals. Jess was getting wet thinking about it.

The films the studio produced tried to have at least some story line and more than half competent acting, as well as sex. The film opened with some stock footage of a hurricane. Then they had some fun with Jess apparently coming a shore bedraggled and falling out of her torn clothing. The scene showed her being washed up and crawling out of the water with one boob dropping out of a ripped blouse was both artistic and erotic. That evening looking at the rushes she got turned on again watching herself. Was she turning into a nymphomaniac. In London she went for extended periods without resorting to her dildo.

They really built a shack for her to live in making use of what she would supposedly have available. The job was done properly as early on someone suggested that the shack would make a rather good beach house. It did and they managed to put together a surprisingly comfortable rope strung, bed. The film would have you believe that Roberta was denuding the local avian population of their feathers for the mattress though in reality they bought all the feathers. Jess had to learn how to sew to put together the mattress. Also, poor Roberta got horny, so carved herself a dildo from a polished bit if drift wood. This smooth hard wood proved to be as fun a toy as the film made out to be and Jess kept it.

The real action though was when Clinton, as Man Friday turned up. Jess forgot all about the cameras running or that her mother and daughters were watching. Clinton started kissing her passionately, running his hands over her body, Jess removed his loin cloth and knelt down to suck his rapidly hardening cock. The blow job was all the more pleasurable for the fact that she had been receiving lessons from Clinton and another actress Angela for the days leading up to the scene and managed her first deep throat.

Jess was no virgin, for goodness sake she was an un-married mother of adult girls but prior to inheriting this place her sex life was intermittent and not that exciting. A series of short-lived relationships with men who were neither hot nor very talented mostly interested in their own satisfaction. Not surprising these relationships didn’t last long.

Deep throating Clinton who was well endowed was an achievement that Jess was surprised to be proud of. All the time she was sucking and drawing the large penis further and further into her throat the camera was taking a close up. What really turned her on was that the camera was being operated by Jo, her own daughter.

One of the difficulties of their set up was that within the group living on the island they did not have all the resources the studio needed. The main cameraman Alf was fine all he did was film and pretty nothing much else. Eating and sleeping were necessities, sex wasn’t, so he didn’t. All Alf wanted was to take beautiful films and was quite happy to film porn as long as it was artistic. Pete acted as second cameraman but he was also their only other male actor. So, after understanding the situation Jo asked to see if she could be another camera operator. As it turned out she was a natural learning very quickly.

The other thing that Jess had realised was that her daughter was a total slut. Taking closeups was what the job required, fair enough but taking them whilst Jo herself was naked wasn’t. Also, the little tart had a butt plug inserted up her backside. Jess had to concentrate on what she was doing so she ignored her daughter but once Clinton had cum covering and the jizz poured out of her mouth and down her breasts the shot finished. Jess realised that Jo’s nipples were erect and her crutch very damp. The little tart was turned on by her mother’s performance.

Jess looked over to her other daughter to see if she was the same. Fliss was paying more attention illegal bahis siteleri to Pete who was fondling her breasts and kissing her. As Jess watched he entered Fliss and they happily started fucking. For a recent virgin Fliss was making up for lost time.

“Great shot Jo. I was watching and you got all of it. Are you happy that we move on Chris?” said Alf. Chris was the script writer and now directed the films. Chris was also happy with the shot and they moved on to the next.

“Clinton picked up Jess in his arms and carried her over to a flat rock previously selected for the scene. The rock was lovely and warm and it didn’t take a lot of acting for Jess to lie back languidly as it was her turn to receive pleasure. Alf filmed the shot from a distance moving around to different angles. This meant that Jess could lie back and enjoy
herself. The whole point that she was meant to look utterly lost in erotic pleasure, again no acting was required as she gently played with her breasts and nipples.

“That’s great as soon as Alf has taken the long shots go in for a close-up Jo get Jess playing with her breasts as well as what’s going on down below. No, not from that angle your shadow will get in the shot.”

After an extended time of being pleasured during which she came more than once and on one of these had it filmed by her daughter they had what was required so on to the next shot. The next shot was what Jess had really been looking forward too getting fucked by this hunk.

Clinton started slowly entering her pussy gently but going deeper and thrusting harder. All caught by Jo. Things went not according to plan at this point as Jess not just climaxed but gushed, boy did she gush. It felt incredible and an experience she had never had before it also wasn’t in the script. It was an extended period before she returned to the real world from Planet Ecstasy and became aware of the world around her.

Apparently, Clinton had been somewhat surprised and had pulled out of her when this happened. Chris had shouted cut and Jo decided that Clinton was in danger of being frustrated. The first thing she became aware of was that her co-star was right royally shagging Jess on the sand. Also, bloody Alf was filming it just in case it could be used in another film. Jess knew that she was rapidly losing the battle to prevent the girls from becoming the third generation of porn stars. Fliss possibly, she had a hope with, but Jo was like a c***d given free rein in a sweet shop, the little tart.

Jess found that she was getting less and less bothered.

“Clinton put her down you don’t know where she’s been.”

“Oh, he does mummy dear, he does. Oh, fuck don’t stop. I’m cumming.” So, was he, but Jess what not in the least jealous she was going to get plenty of the same? Glancing across to under the palms her other daughter was again being screwed by Pete and their make-up artist Sue now no longer required professionally was sucking on Fliss’s boobs.

Let’s have a rest it’s getting to hot and I am hungry. Anyway, I want to rewrite the script that shot is to good to waste. You were one really excited lady, Jess.”

“Not sure about the lady bit but oh yes, that was fabulous. Thank you Clinton I apologise for leaving you high and dry.”
“Hey it was a complement and Jo solved any problems. Your family are great fun to be in, I mean around.” His mischievous grin said it all.

During the afternoon the sun was all wrong for the continuity so the crew finished off the lezzie pick involving her mother Ruth and Angela the company’s accountant on their little studio. That everyone other than Alf fucked on camera as well as their other roles was a trifle strange but certainly made thing different. They didn’t have the seamy atmosphere behind so many porn flicks. They were just a bunch of very debauched people who enjoyed sex and weren’t bothered by other people seeing them do it on film. It was also very profitable for everyone at the results were well made and different which was reflected in sales. The fees for the artists being filmed reflected that fact.

Jess calculated the time in England and since it was evening decided to ring her friend Lyn on a skype call. Getting though she saw her friend wearing a jumper.

“Hi, Lyn, how are you?”

“Bloody awful, there are no jobs and it cold and pissing it down. Blood English supposed summer. You cow, you look sunburnt and wearing a thin top.”

“The weather is generally rather nice though it rains quite often about this time of year but sun in between, regardless it’s too bloody hot. We will be caught on the edge of a tropical storm this evening so we will out do you on the pissing it down stakes.”

“That makes me feel better because? At least the girls have got some bar work they miss your two though. Hell, I miss you. How is it going, have you found the catch your bloody father put in?”

“Yuh but I don’t want to discuss it over the phone. I have got around it anyway, well I can live with it is closer to the truth. Look it is working out here and I have even become reconciled with my mother. Once Fliss made me face up to the fact that mum had been under duress from my father and that she genuinely was upset and regretful about chucking me out it made it easier to forgive. It was a relief really, considering we are stuck together on a small island.”
“It sounds as though you are going to stay.”

“I think so, the only thing stopping us is you three. You know we discussed the possibility of you coming out here well would you consider it.”

“Do bears p*o in the woods. risksiz bahis veren siteler What for a holiday or permanently?”

“That would be up to you but I suggest a holiday at first. I can pay for it now I have inherited a business and in fact an entire island.”

“Bloody hell wait until I tell the girls. We will have to wait until I renew our passports. I’m so excited, I love you, girly girl.”

“There is a problem though. I had best explain it when you out here but you might not be so keen on the idea or us when you find out. I will promise you this I won’t try and stop you doing what you want if it comes to that. The plane tickets will be open returns.”

Jess knew that her friend was a bit strait laced and was unlikely to react well to what she discovered when she arrived. Lyn’s daughters wouldn’t be a problem she suspected since Pam and Barbara had been sleeping with Jo and Fliss for ages, whilst their mothers were out at work on night shift. But Lyn would have a hissy fit.

“Tell me when you get the passports and I will get the airline tickets. In the event you are comfortable with our set-up then there is a job for the three of you living in the warmth of the Bahamas.”

“Yes, pretty please, yes.”

“Wait until you know everything, I am worried you won’t be happy.”

They chatted for some time. It was clear that Lyn was very unhappy and missing her. It made Jess feel guilty because it would put pressure on her that wouldn’t be fair. The other thing that occurred to her was that she would have to sort out their flat in London and all their stuff not that they had much most of their clothes were with them.
Getting off the call she ran into Clinton who saw her face.

“You look sad, sweet Jess.”

“I have had a call with my best friends who is going to freak when she finds out I’m a porn star. She will freak even more when she realised that she and her girls may end up the same. “

“Normal types are they.”

“Well not the daughters they are as much tarts as my two. The four of them have been lovers under out noses for ages. It’s Lyn, she got pregnant not a lot older than me and won’t talk about how but its made her very cautious about sex. Before we came, she was the only one of the six of us who wasn’t snogging strangers in the pub.”

“Hey we can work our magic on her. If Pete or I cannot seduce her we are losing our grip either that or we need Angela. Come on let’s go to bed and cheer you up.”

“Bad man.” using skype she had been reasonably respectably dressed but off came the tee-shirt and then the shorts. Clinton led her into the bedroom and continued where they had been earlier. Again, he demonstrated how good he was at eating pussy but only waited until she was wet, which didn’t take long, and entered her. Jess wrapped her legs around her lover and let him do what the fuck he liked. This time he came first and they lay back and relaxed.”

“You haven’t cum love.”

“I don’t need too I have had more climaxes in the last few days than the rest of my life just having you inside me is enough. I guess that you and Pete will be delighted if you have even more pussy available.”

“Can’t say we will mind. Are they as tasty as you three?”

“The girls are gorgeous, Lyn could be if we can stop her worrying and start enjoying life. Now I can see that gorgeous prick rising again so finish me off.” They lay side by side and Clinton inserted his cock into her. The love making this time was a lot gentler almost relaxed. Jess’s climax was much the same long and sensual with her tits being gently caressed. Jess drifted off to sleep thinking it would be wonderful if Lyn could enjoy something like this.

The storm clipped the island that night and Jess wondered that if this was what the edge of a tropical storm was like, heaven help them if a full hurricane struck. The next morning the storm was largely gone but there was cloud whipping by high up. Chris and Alf insisted on refilming the scene where Roberta is thrown up on the shore now that the weather matched the scenario.

Jess was fucked on the bed in the hut, up against a palm tree with her feet of the ground supported by Clinton. On the bluff above the swimming beach. It was exquisite she was trying out every position she had heard about and a couple she hadn’t. Another day and it was finished. Apparently, that was a long production time for these things.

The next day was bizarre as they filmed a perfectly normal advert not for porn but corn chips. Since Alf was working with Pete editing Roberta Crusoe, they let Jo do the filming. Sue for once dressed in a respectable dress acted out the lines the ad agency wanted and the results was better than a lot of low budgets adds. Having the winsome young make-up artist do the acting definitely upped the quality. The lines were pretty lame but Sue performed them with animation and improved the whole thing.

Jess was in the office getting her head around the business side of things and was finding it hard she had worked at various jobs some in offices and lately night shift in a factory. It had not equipped her for running a company. Admittedly she had done a book keeping course so at least understood the accounts but the numbers were scarily big. It was giving her a headache. Ruth her mother and co-partner in this den of iniquity freely admitted she wasn’t a business woman.

Jess rooted around the draws looking for a pen and pad so that she could manually check the figure which might help her understand. Instead she found a vibrator. It was a welcome distraction from casino siteleri figures. Jess reclined in the luxurious office chair pulled up her tiny skirt and used it on her pussy. Jess hadn’t worn bra or panties since the day she arrived. The other hand crept to her breast and started twiddling her nipples. Jess tried to continue working but was getting increasingly distracted.

Ruth walked in, saw what her daughter was doing and smiled. Ruth stood at the door watching with her daughter oblivious to her presence so decided to play with her own tits whilst watching the show. After about five minutes Jess turned saw her mother and squeaked a cry.


“Don’t stop, watching you enjoy yourself was so much fun. Did you understand that lot?”

“Not really I can tell we are doing well but a lot of money seemed to end up in others peoples hands apart from our own web site where we get to keep it. I had a look at that and to be honest I found it a pain to use.”

“Pete who is more computer savvy reckons that the people who programmed in were overly impressed with their own cleverness and less interested in making it easy to use. At some stage we are going to have to do something about it.”
Whilst they were talking, Jess had got up a video of the afore mentioned Pete having a threesome with Angela and another women who Jess didn’t recognise. Pete was buggering Angela with enthusiasm as she moaned in between eating the third woman’s pussy. “

“Angela seems to like anal.”

“So do I, dear. Is that something that you and the girls might want to try out? I would best be off screen first and with Chris as he is less well-endowed that our super studs.” It was true both Pete and Clinton were way above average in the cock department.

I don’t know about myself and Fliss but Jo had a butt plug in when we were filming.”

“When you get a chance find out because its going to be less risk prone with good management. God it’s a long time since I had to do this mother shit. I don’t want to mess it up again”

Jess had a sudden sympathy for her mother and a warm feeling that she realised was affection. Jess went over and hugged her. They didn’t talk but mother and daughter hugged for some minutes something that had rarely happened even before Jess fell pregnant.

“Mum, can I ask your help with another problem that for me is liable to be a big one. “

Ruth agreed happily for it was an indication that the forgiveness from her daughter was genuine and wholehearted.
“My friend Lyn is going to come out here. I made a promise when I knew that I would have money that she could at least come for a holiday with the possibility of staying permanently. Fine until I found out what we did here. I could handle it but I am not sure she will. Lyn is a prude as far as I can tell, certainly she never dates. I have had boyfriends though in the eighteen years I have known her she hasn’t had one. To make matters worse her daughters are as bi as our two tarts.

The use of our rather than mine sent shockwaves of pleasure through Ruth. That she had been forgiven so completely and had a second chance seemed like a miracle to her.

“Oh my darling girl I will help in any way I can.” Ruth hugged her daughter, fiercely.

“I have paid a terrible price for my cowardice and it is only because you are big hearted and Fliss has a logical mind that I am not continuing to do so. If it is humanly possible, we will help your Lyn handle her problems perhaps we can even help her face them. I will talk to Gwen some of her training was as a psychiatric nurse for dealing with older patient who had dementia. Applying those skills to relationship problems may help”

“Who is Gwen?”

“The other woman in that threesome you saw on that video. Gwen was brought in as your fathers nurse when he got really ill. It was a bit difficult concealing what we were like here but she took it all in her stride. A few months ago, she got drawn into the fun here and shortly after took part in the films. Gwen is staying on with us on the excuse that we are far from medical aid so a nurse makes sense, the reality is she is as much a slut as the rest of us. You will meet her tonight as she is returning to the island after a boob job. Apparently, she felt that ‘B’ cup was inadequate. I spoke to her last night she now matches Angela.”

“I can see me and the girls doing the same but not until after we have dealt with the Lyn issues and resolved it one way or the other.”

“Whilst I have you alone, I wanted to check I have seen the girls and they make their attitude pretty obvious. However, you haven’t. How do you feel about sex with girls?”

“I don’t know, I think I am probably straight because I have never had any inclination towards it. Even after watching you or Fliss having fun. Sorry Mummy.”

“Oh well can’t have anything I have got you to consider taking it up the bum.”

It seemed a collective decision to go and meet Gwen returning. The speed boat came alongside with an attractive woman in shorts and tee shirt. Climbing out the boat she ran along the key to the welcoming party and pulled off the tee shirt and her breasts jiggled erotically.

“Do you like my new boobs.” She announced in a broad Brummie accent.

“They are lovely dear. Gwen may I introduce my daughter Jessica and grand-daughters Joanna and Felicity,”

“Oops hello, eh sorry. I got a little carried away I am rather proud of my big new tits. Sorry.”

“We like them said Fliss and Jo together, they looked at each other mischievously then stepped forward and kissed a breast each. Jess just smiled broadly.

The girls weren’t the only ones to pay attention to Gwen’s new friends. All the girls were kissing and sucking them in between touching each other. If Jess gave them a little kiss as it seemed unfriendly not too but then retreated in Clinton and Pete’s arms ignoring the lezzie orgy going on around them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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