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I would like to tell you something that happened to me years ago. When I was 18 years old I started to realize how attracted I was to my sister she is 15 years older than me so she had that older woman thing going on plus she has a great body nice tits just right. She was married with two kids her oldest was just five years younger than me so I was always at her house hanging with my nephew but it gave me a chance to be close to her. I started by going through her panty drawer and looking through her panties then I would get bolder and act like I tripped and get a feel off her she was annoyed but did not say anything . She was very forgiving and I took advantage of it.

I would spend the night at her house every weekend her son would go to bed early and she would let me stay up as late as I wanted she wanted to be the best sister because are farther was so strict she let me do anything with in reason . So I would sneak out of the house and peak through her bedroom window I got some really good shots sometimes. The first time I saw her naked was the end for me I knew I had to fuck her I did not know when but I knew I had to have her.

There was other times when I saw her fucking her husband and I was in heaven. So like I said I got bolder there were times when I was watching the late movie and she would stay up late an watch it with me and make the mistake of falling asleep during the movie she would always be in her nightgown I did not have to worry about her husband when he falls asleep its for good until the next morning so I would work my way over to her laying on the couch put myself down by her legs so if something happened I could act like I was watching the movie. I would move the material ataşehir escort of her nightgown so I could look up between her legs sometimes if she had her legs spread I could reach up there and feel her pussy ever so lightly I did not want to wake her because I did not want to have to explain myself but I did take unbelievable chances because the pussy was driving me nuts.

That when on for two more years until I turned 20 I was thinking I would get over this phase of my life by now and I think she was thinking the same thing she had to know I wanted to fuck her but like I said she was very forgiving and cared a lot for me but I just could not get her out of my mind. There was one day when I went to work and I got off early so I swung by my sisters house I was 20 and she was 35 her kids were in school and her husband was at work she asked me if she could fixed lunch for me so I said sure while she was fixing lunch I was standing there talking to her and just started noticing her body she had a little sundress on and her sexy tanned legs look so great I could not control myself I came up behind her and reached around her and felt her pussy and rubbed her tits she stopped what she was doing and turn around and told me to stop we could not do this I told her I was sorry but kept my hands on her and I told her I could not help myself that I really wanted her she told me she understood but it wasn’t right we could not do this. I told her we could do it right now nobody would know and I could make her feel really good and I told her how long I have wanted her I was just out of my skull with lust.

She said hold on and slow down and we could talked about this she walked over to the front door kadıköy escort and locked it so nobody could just walk in. She went into the livingroom and told me come sit with her She told me that she knew how I felt years ago but was hoping I would get over it. But I have wanted to make love to you and cant get over it she stopped me right there and and said look I love you but lets be honest you don’t want to make love you want to fuck me lets call it what it is and I laugh and said that she was right and at that moment I kissed her and gave her a little tongue and she did not stop me so I reach for one of her tits and rubbed it.

Well this was going good I was thinking! She said that somebody could catch us and both of are lives could change and I told her that her kids wasn’t going to be home from school for several hours and her husband would not be home until 6 pm and she hesitated and I went to my knees and slid my hands under her dress and grab her panties before she knew it and started to slip them off she put up a small fight but not much of one . Before she knew it I was under her dress and licking her clit and she just gave up she laid back and let my tongue do the work.

Here it was this is what I have lusted after for two years and I have my tongue in it this was great I started working on her pussy licking and rubbing it. And she started moaning so loud and I realize right there how bad she needed fucking. Her and her husband had a normal marriage meaning that they did not fuck half as much as she wanted to and that was find by me because if I could convince her that we could do this anytime she needed to without getting caught I would be in like flin.

I reach up and unzipped bostancı escort bayan her dress and took it off her and went right back to eating her pussy she grab my head and rammed it back where she wanted it god I was in heaven she pulled my head up until I stood and as fast as she could she unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out and started sucking it god it felt so good.

You got to understand this woman was 15 years older than me and I spent a lot of time around her she took care of me a lot of the time I saw her as my mom almost and I have lusted after her for two years and here I was with my cock in her mouth in her livingroom god this was great!

She took my cock out of her mouth and said lets go to the bedroom we went in and I grab her put her on the bed I started to mount her she slowly guided me in and one push and I was in. In the pussy I’ve wanted for so long I started pumping she was yelling at this point fuck me fuck me fuck me!

She needed a good fucking and I was the little brother to do it. We fucked for the next half hour in every position that I could think of I came twice she sucked my dick and got me hard the second time I don’t think she was done with me she really wanted to fuck again I would not dare refuse her the second time I was coming I ask her if I could pull out and come on her face I was young and influence by all the porn I was watching she had a strange look on her face but she said I could I don’t think she ever had anything like that happen to her like that before her husband barely touch her so I don’t think he ever came on her face but she was a real trooper as good as any slut you would see in the movies when I came sprayed her face and rammed my cock down her throat I could not believe it I just fuck my sister.

We got are cloths on and agreed that we both needed to do this and it felt so good and she said that if we can keep to are selves we could do it again. I should have done this two years ago!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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