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The Kitten, The Domme, & The Wall
The following fictional post contains scenes of some rather shocking sexual torture. All fictional characters involved are over the age of 18 and have fictionally consented to everything that fictionally occurs.

Proceed ahead with a kinky mind, for the most enjoyment! 😛


The Kitten, The Domme, & The Wall

“Welcome to the Pleasure Palace”, read the bright pink neon sign above the huge marbled archway at the entrance of the lavish palatial mansion. Gorgeous, stunning women in various exposing lingerie are parading around the place, enjoying the company of other guests, both male and female. Some even taking part in lewd sex acts right there in the main hall!

A young couple eagerly enter the mansion together, arm in arm. Both are filled with anxious excitement and naughtiness for the fun evening of debauched sex and fleshly sin ahead of them.

“I’m so glad you talked me into this for my birthday treat!”
The young, fit, blonde-haired tanned girl, Kitten, gleefully cheered to her tall, dark and handsome man.

“Hehe, after tonight, you’re going to owe me one!”
Her boyfriend John replied to her with a saucy chuckle and a very playful elbow to her side.

“I’m sure I will! …Thank you!”
She beamed a bright appreciative grin.

They entered the palace together, and received a small cartoon map of the palace/grounds from a very scantily-dressed greeter. All of the many rooms/locations on the map had different names for their designated areas, each catering to specific fantasies and sexual fetishes one could have.

They both stopped in their tracks, and studied the map together, like as if they are looking at the menu of a restaurant, deciding on just what they fancy.

“How about it, babe?”
John asked his girl.

“Hmm.. It’s all so tempting…”
She bit her lip, scanning her eyes over each named room.

“Ooh, what about Orgasmic Orgy? Or, maybe The Petshop? That’d be very appropriate for my sexy little Kitten…”
He suggested flirtily to her.

“How about Freakshow?”
She sneered at him playfully.

“You always were a little kink-freak!”
He teased her, as she giggled and hit his arm.

“Oh, Bondage Dungeon! Remember how much fun we had when you had me cuffed before?”
She pressed her fingertip onto the name of that room on the map.

“Fuck yeah, I remember!”
He chuckled.

She began to read aloud the little description on the map, beneath the room name.

“Get ready to serve some hard time in the Palace’s dungeon, in the company of one of our superior dominatrices, who love nothing more than punishing those of a very naughty mind and an even naughtier spirit! Doesn’t that just sound like so much fun?!”
She almost squealed in excitement.

“Uh, I guess.”
He bit his lip, a little unsure at the prospect of dealing with such a powerful dominating woman, but then the thought of watching and taking part in his sexy Kitten submitting to such a woman, really got his blood flowing!

“Fuck it, it’s your birthday, babe! I want you to enjoy whatever you desire.”
He smiled at his girl.

The young, lustful couple somewhat anxiously began to follow the directions on the map to the dungeon. Unsurprisingly, the directions led to them going down into the palace’s basement. Bright neon signs and arrows on the walls also helped them to find their destination.

There was many smaller rooms in the main dungeon hall. The sounds of various groans, moans, whip-smacks, barked orders, and other tantalising sounds echoed from out of the rooms.

One large wooden oak door with a tiny barred window at the top, leading into one of the smaller chambers, was open.

They anxiously entered into the room together, and was met by the sight of an utterly gorgeous dark-haired woman in a leather corset and leather knee-high heeled boots, and nothing else! She stared at them with such fierceness glinting in her smokey eyes.

“Close that door!”
She immediately barked at them.

John laughed at her demand, slightly nervously, and closed the door to the chamber behind them both.

“You think this is a joke, fucker? Enough laughing.”
She demanded him.

“Sorry, miss!”
He grinned real cheekily, while Kitten bit her lip to stifle her own nervous laughter.

“Keep grinning, fucker, it’ll just give me more pleasure wiping that stupid grin off your face!”
She sneered as she marched over to the couple.

“Ooh, she’s a feisty one!”
He jested to Kitten.


He suddenly yelped out in shocked pain, as the dominatrix had just zapped him with her electric wand.

“Got any more remarks about me, fucker? Or do you need another zap?”
She asked very sternly. Her beautiful angelic face was completely belying her devilish mean streak.

Kitten couldn’t help but to laugh at her goof of a boyfriend being such a goof.

“Oh, you think that’s funny when I zap your boyfriend, bitch?”
The sexy domme turned her attention to Kitten.

“Yes – I mean, no ma’am!”
She quickly stifled her laugh and forced her grin to disappear, as she stared up into the domme’s eyes.


She suddenly shocked John again with the wand.

“OW!! Quit it!”
He yelped quite aggressively, as Kitten bit her lip hard again, really fighting the urge to even grin, let alone laugh like she wants to.

“Go on, laugh.”
The domme ordered Kitten. She immediately relaxed and started giggling at John’s pain.


Kitten got zapped.

She yelped out, but didn’t seem as hurt by the shock as John had been.

“Laugh again, bitch.”
The domme told her.

Kitten quietly pouted and shook güvenilir bahis şirketleri her head to refuse.

“That’s what I thought,”
The domme leered at her… And suddenly zapped her again.
“That’s for disobeying my orders!”

Kitten murmured, this time not really feeling so fazed by the sting of the shock. It just tingled for her.

“Right. Let’s get this fucking straight. You both will do exactly as I say, and maybe I’ll let you enjoy the punishments I dish out to you. Disobey me, and I promise you, I will make your punishments as unpleasant as possible! And trust me, you do not want me making them unpleasant for you! Understood?”
The domme sternly explained the situation to them.

They both agreed in unison, both staring at her in nervous fear, and yet also with anxious excitement.

“That’s ‘yes, mistress’!”
She gave them both a quick sharp zap with her wand. Kitten quietly squeaked and giggled at her shock, whereas John yelped.

“Yes mistress!”
The couple then both very quickly answered, having learnt their place.

“On your knees. Now. Both of you.”
She ordered them.

Kitten was more than eager to bend her knees. John, however, was a little hesitant.

“You got a problem with your ears, fucker? I said get down on your knees!”
She barked at John.

“Ugh, fine. I’m kneeling.”
He scoffed and knelt down.

“Why, you insolent little fucker!”
She stepped right up to him, he looked up at her from his knees, although his eye did keep glancing quickly towards her exposed and very pretty vagina that was fairly close to being eye-level to him.

“Sorry. Yes mistress(!)”
He sarcastically answered to her.

“Say that again to me.”
She ordered him.

“Yes mis-”

The domme suddenly spat in his face, aiming her spit right at his open lips. Such an act took him aback. It took a moment for the feel of the warmth and the sweet minty taste of her wet foamy spit to register on his lips and tongue.

“Another sarcastic word from your throat, you fucker, and I’ll be jamming more than just my spit down it!”
She declared as she harshly pinched his cheeks between her finger and thumb, smooshing his lips together at the sides.

“Yesh mishtresh.”
He answered way more sincerely. And then licked the droplets of her spit off his lips.

“That’s better, fuck-face.”
She sneered and stepped back between the couple.

“Now, lick my boot. Both of you.”
She ordered as she stood with one foot in front of the other, her hands on her hips.

Both John and Kitten crawled towards her foot, and took it in turns to bow their heads down and run the tip of their tongue over the shiny black leather of her heeled boot.

John was only brushing the tip of his tongue briefly over the leather. Kitten, however, was being a much better sub for her mistress, giving the boot one long firm lick from the toe to halfway up the shin. It clearly pleased the dark mistress, as she smiled down at her every time she licked her boot. John, however, was displeasing her.

She told him in a derisive tone of voice as he brushed his tongue against her boot.

“I sincerely hope he licks your pussy better than he licks my boot,”
She then said to Kitten,
“If his pussy-licking is anything like his boot-licking, I’d ditch his pathetic weak tongue for a man who really knows how to use his tongue!”

“Yes, mistress.”
Kitten just casually answered her comments, before running her tongue adoringly over the wet surface of the boot.

“Enough licking. Which one of you deserves to be put onto my Wall of Pain?”
The deviant domme stepped back and asked, as she pointed to the far wall of the chamber which had wrist and ankle restraint-holds screwed into the cold grey bricks.

John looked at Kitten, who looked back at him with a real excited glint in her pretty blue eye. She was practically bubbling at the surface by the thought of being locked up at the mercy of the domme like that.

“Uh, well it is my Kitten’s birthday, mistress, so…?”
John stammered to the domme.

“Is that so? And you think she deserves my Wall of Pain?”
The domme asked.

“Yes, mistress.”
John answered, having gotten a reassuring look from Kitten.

“What do you think, bitch? Do you deserve my Wall of Pain?”
The domme asked Kitten.

“Yes, mistress!”
Kitten almost squealed in her obvious excitement.

“…Tough shit!”
The domme jeered at her with a sadistic grin,
“You get whatever I decide to give you. And I’m not going to give you that.”

“Yes, mistress.”
Kitten sighed.

“The only one who’s been a real naughty fuck-head down here in my chamber, is this fucker!”
She grabbed a leather collar from her nearby tray of instruments, and tightened it around his neck. She tightened it just one notch too tight, making the collar just that bit too uncomfortably tight for him.

“Time to be punished for your naughtiness. Come on.”
The domme told him as she then grabbed his collar and pulled him up to his feet, and dragged him by the collar over to the wall restraints, with Kitten crawling behind them.

She faced him with his back to the wall in front of her, and then pushed his back hard against the wall.

“Lock him in tight.”
The domme ordered Kitten, who immediately jumped to her feet and grabbed one of John’s hands by the wrist, and began securing his wrist to one of the restraints, while the domme tied his other wrist to the other restraint.

“This is so much fun!”
Kitten excitedly squealed to him in a hushed voice.

“Glad you’re having fun…”
John sighed as he felt the restraints tighten around his wrists.

“Make sure it’s good and tight. We don’t want him getting loose anytime soon.”
The domme instructed her as perabet güvenilir mi she sneered an excited grin of her own while pulling on the wrist restraint as tight as possible before locking it securely in place.

“Has he been a naughty boy?”
The domme asked Kitten.

“Yes, mistress! Such a naughty boy!”
She giggled gleefully right in John’s face. He stared quite shocked at her, as this was definitely a whole new sadistic side he’s never seen from his Kitten before. He didn’t know whether to be turned on by it or just plain frightened!

“Good! Then he shall be very thankful to be punished for it!”
The domme grinned with sadistic joy.

“Yes indeed, mistress! Don’t be rude, John, say thank you to the nice lady for punishing you!”
Kitten chuckled in her horny excitement and teased him, before bending down to secure his ankle to the ankle restraint on the wall, without even needing to be told to do that.

“…Thank you, mistress.”
John sighed.

The mistress ignored his thanks, and allowed Kitten to have the honours of tying his other ankle to the other restraint, so that now he was stood there against the wall with his arms and legs spread wide. Completely tied up and rendered so helpless against the wall.

It all happened so quickly, that it only dawned on him just how well and truly fucked he now was when he tried to move an arm, and felt the full resistance of the restraints. He really couldn’t get out of those restraints. And he knew just how sadistic the domme is, that any pleading or begging from him will just fall onto deaf ears with her, and his Kitten is far too lost in her horny excitement of the whole situation that she would not do anything to help him at all. It suddenly all became way too real for him. He was well and truly fucked now!

The domme suddenly ripped open his buttoned-shirt, spilling the buttons everywhere as the fabric tore away, exposing his untoned stomach. She then undid his belt buckle and unzipped his pants, pulling them and his boxers down to expose his cock and balls.

His cock was only at a semi. He was clearly turned on but at the same time, he was too fearful of just how helpless and at the mercy of these two women he is to fully enjoy swelling up…

“Don’t be nervous, it’s OK,”
The domme suddenly spoke in a calming, almost comforting tone of voice to him as she tenderly stroked his cheek,
“Please. Don’t you worry. Me and your bitch are going to have a real fun time punishing you!”

She then immediately slapped his cheek, spat on his open lips, and then handed Kitten her electric wand.

“Have fun punishing him!”
The domme ordered Kitten as she stepped back to watch, as Kitten began to gleefully torture her man with stinging zaps from the wand.

“This is so fun!”
Kitten declared in wild, unadulterated, sexual glee, while John kept yelping and crying out from the shocks.

“Oh stop your pathetic whining! The volts are only strong enough to feel like a little pinch.”
The domme laughed at him.

“You feel how much it fucking stings then! OW! OW!”
John cried out as Kitten continued to laugh and zap him.

“What’s that? You want me to join in and zap you too? Well, if you say so…!”
The domme laughed as she grabbed another electric wand and started zapping him along with Kitten.

John yelped with every zap, although his groans and yelps were being drowned out by the loud laughter of both Kitten and the domme, as well as the loud cracks of the electricity against his skin.

“I bet you wish you had helped more often to clean the dishes now, huh?!”
Kitten sneered at him with a big beaming playful grin as she zapped him.

John cried out. He pleas went completely ignored as Kitten and the domme zapped away at him.

A short while and many stinging zaps later, both the domme and Kitten stopped and watched him writhe around against the wall.

Kitten then teased him by moving the wand closer to his skin, only to stop as he desperately tried to move out of the way of it, but unable to go anywhere. She did this a few times, enjoying how much he would flinch every time she drew the wand real close to him.

“Hehehehe… You big baby!”
She teased him with a soft chuckle, as she then zapped her own arm with no reaction just to show him how little the stinging zaps affect her obviously less-sensitive pain threshold.

She then zapped him once more, just for good measure!

“OK, that’s enough of that.”
The domme finally said, much to John’s relief!

She took the wand from Kitten, and put both the wands down onto her tray, as John sighed in relief. He then looked down at his body, inspecting the damage, checking for any marks, yet to his surprise, there was no marks or damage to be found at all. It was like as if he hadn’t just endured that torture, although his nerves were still vibrating. And even more to his surprise, he cock was rock hard. He felt so confused, those zaps felt like absolute torture to endure and he hated every single second of it, and yet his cock was standing stiffer and prouder than he’s ever seen or felt it before.

“Now, for the real torturous pain to start…”
The domme leered real evilly towards him.

“Oh god, what are you going to do to me now?!”
He swallowed a heavy anxious fearful gulp.

“I’m going to fuck your bitch. And the only thing you can do about it is stay locked against my wall, and watch!”
The domme told him with real evil glee on her angelic face.

John sighed heavily as he felt his cock strain really hard at just those words. He was confused as that did not sound tipobet painful at all, but he obviously didn’t want to say that and feel the wrath of the domme giving him something that is painful, so he just bit his lip and pretended that he hated the sound of that!

Of course, the raven-haired mistress knew full well just what kind of distinct torture and unique pain it was going to be for him to endure watching his girl being fucked for a long while…

Kitten gulped anxiously too, only she was really excited about the prospect of being taken by another woman right in front of her man!

Before either of them knew it, Kitten was stripped naked with her wrists cuffed behind her back, as the domme was stood in front of her kneeling body and making the bitch slobber all over and deepthroat the thick rubber cock of her strap-on.

“Wow, your bitch can really deepthroat a cock, huh? I doubt she learned that with your pathetic cock. I bet your cock doesn’t even tickle her tonsils!”
The domme cruelly teased John as she pulled on Kitten’s hair to jam the rubber cock down her throat until she gagged.

“Make it nice and wet for me. Yeah… What a good little cocksucker you are…”
The domme praised her as Kitten choked and gagged and slobbered all over the rubber cock, and drooled her spit all down her own chin, making a right slobbery mess of herself.

The domme suddenly pulled out of her throat and pushed Kitten down onto the floor in front of John. From his point of view, he could see Kitten’s naked crotch as her open legs faced towards him. With Kitten on her back, the domme pulled the crotch of the strap-on to one side and squatted down over her face, making her lick her pussy.

“Wet me, bitch.”
She ordered, not that she needed to as her pussy was already oozing with her slippery sex juices.

Kitten thirstily lapped at her wet pussy, licking away happily at the sweet warm tastes and flavours of the superior pussy grinding down against her lips.

The domme reached a hand behind her back and began to stroke and pet Kitten’s little pretty wet naked pussy, with John seeing every little intricate detail of the domme’s fingers working around both on and inside that soft fleshy wet mound.

After a short while of that, the domme decided John had seen enough.

She stood up, moved Kitten around so that she was now on her knees, her head pressed down against the floor and her bum held high up into the air, facing towards John. The domme secured her strap-on back in it’s correct position over her crotch, and knelt down between Kitten and John.

“Aww, am I in your way?”
The domme asked John as she lined up the head of the rubber cock to Kitten’s wet little entrance. He didn’t answer, he was just in too much pain from his cock straining so very hard. He was just so horny and in such desperate need of relief that his cock was painfully twitching and oozing pre-cum like a leaky tap.

“Too bad all you get to see of your bitch being fucked, is my superior arse as it jiggles with every thrust of my hips, as I slam my rubber cock deep inside your bitch’s pussy!”
The domme teased and taunted him.

And with that, she began to fuck Kitten. Hard…

Eventually, the strap-on came off, and the domme started using another toy on Kitten’s soaking wet cunt. A little bullet-vibrator, directly on her clit.

After a really good long fuck in various positions and at varying levels of service and worship, giving and taking, all of which lasted a good couple of hours, Kitten was completely spent and covered in her own cummy juices, as well as the cummy juices of the domme too.

She looked a mess, her hair all damp and wild from being soaked in sweat and cum, her skin sticky and oily from sweat and pussy juices, and her cheeks flushed a bright shade of hot pink, which matched the colour of the sore flesh of her well-fucked pussy. Not to mention the hand-prints all over her asscheeks and tits.

But at least she was beaming a great big happy and fully satisfied grin. She couldn’t stop giggling from the overwhelming feelings of satisfaction and sexual bliss.

The same could definitely not be said for John!

He looked every bit the tortured soul. His limbs aching and sore. His legs itching from being on his feet all that time. And his cock looked so pained in it’s desperate aching! There was a small sticky puddle on the floor in front of him from all the pre-cum that had leaked from his straining stiff cock. he was so ready to cum, just one little brush of a fingertip would be enough to set his creamy load off. And yet, as the domme eyed his desperate situation up, she just grinned in supreme self-satisfaction, and turned her back on him.

“Come, let’s get you cleaned up.”
The domme spoke softly and gently to Kitten, as she helped her up off the floor.

“Yes, mistress.”
She softly sighed and giggled.

“W-what about him?”
She then asked the domme with another post-multi-orgasm chuckle.

“Oh he’s going nowhere. Don’t worry about him. He’ll still be here when we get back from our shower.”
The domme cruelly chuckled as she led Kitten out of the chamber.

She flicked the lightswitch on the wall by the door, plunging the room and John with it into darkness, as the two girls exited the room. The door slammed shut behind them.

And with that slam, maybe it was the soundwaves of it echoing off the walls, that gave John’s cock just enough of a stimulation to finally make him orgasm.

He couldn’t see because of the darkness, but he was well aware just from the hot oozing he felt of the cream over the skin of his shins and the damp fabric around his feet, that he had just completely messed himself and his torn clothes with a great big ton of thick sticky creamy cum.

He just sighed in some form of relief, as much as he could feel relief while still being fully aware of just how stuck he truly is, and waited helplessly for either his Kitten or the domme to return…

The end!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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