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So, tonight is our night for phone sex. I went throughout my drawer finding the cute, blue panties even through voicemail. My panties we’re dripping wet after listening to that message. After lighting the last candle I lay down on my bed and rolled around in the softness of my sheets. I immediately called you back anticipating this so called “surprise.”


“Hey love”

“OOhh…..sounds like some one’s ready to have fun! You say with excitement”

“*Giggle* yeah. MMMMmmmm……I just couldn’t help myself with that voicemail. I had to touch my pussy for you; it was sooooo wet baby. Also, what’s this….”surprise” you mentioned? “

“*Chuckle*You’re just going to have to wait like a good little slut, but if you’re that horny for me babe, then let me taste you?”

“Baby, but you’re at home…..I want you so bad over here though, and don’t you……?”

Just then, I hear my doorbell ring. My heart skipped a beat as I went over to grab my robe, then leaving towards the front door. I opened it to see you standing there in a white wife-beater and tight etlik escort jeans showing your huge bulge.

“AAAAHHHHhhhh……I see. This was the surprise, huh?”

“Yup baby, I just had to come over and have you. I need you……I….”

Before you could finish your sentence, I stood on my tip-toes to kiss you. Wrapping my arms around your neck, I could definitely feel the warmth as you do, I straddle you, feeling your growing cock beneath me. I kiss you and tell you to be patient. You feel cold metal against both you wrist deducing they’re handcuffs. Whispering in your ear I say…

“Surprise! (^.^)”

“Oooo… kinky tonight, aren’t we?” looking at me intensely.

“Oh, darling, this only scratches the surface of tonight’s fun.”

“Well, what else do you have planned?”

I look deep into your eyes, smirking, and just enjoying being in control as I begin to kiss you again. I place a blindfold over your eyes and move down kissing and sucking your neck. You can feel your pulse quicken on my lips as I move closer, caressing you. I giggle feeling ankara eve gelen escort your hard cock press through your boxers. Untying your blindfold wanting you to witness your own pleasure, I toss it to the ground staring back at you seductively. I get off of you and get on my knees gently touching you through you boxers.

“You like that, baby”

“Baaaaaby! Don’t tease me like that! I want you so bad now!”

“But, babe, I want to make this last forever… me, ok?”

You nod trying to hold back the giggles. I continue to stroke you through your boxers, feeling the electricity shoot through your body. In that moment, I wanted you so badly. I couldn’t take it anymore; my body was calling out to you, and yours for me. I got off and pulled down your boxers revealing your hardened cock, staring at you with lustful eyes, grinding into closely.

“Baby, please…” you begin to whisper “…pleeeeeease let me go! I need to hold you!!”

I answer your request and undo your binds. In no time you easily lift me up and slam me against ankara escort a wall kissing me roughly “Bend over, Bitch” is all I hear you say. I follow your orders, and before I can even think, you’re already licking my tight little pussy. You know how much I love it and hear it in my moans. Taking your index finger, you slowly slide it into me, finger-fucking me and gradually gaining speed, getting me wetter, and wetter, closer to cumming. As I’m screaming to you about my orgasm, you stop.

“BAAAABY!! Mmmmm, why’d you stop?” Looking at you with puppy-dog eyes.

“Babe, you know I like teasing you; building up your O’s, besides, I want to cum with you…”

I comply and turn over missionary style. I can tell by the deep gaze in your eyes that you love me dearly, as I do you, and with one swift motion, were together, moving in time with each other. Losing all perception of time. Every quick trust of your cock bringing us closer to cumming. “Oh babe! I can’t take it anymore!!!” you scream, warning me you’re close. I, too, clinging onto the edge, and with one more hard pound, we both cum together. You releasing your cum into me and I still grinding into you. You slowly pull out of me using your last bit of energy to climb into bed next to me. Clinging on to your chest before drifting off, I whisper to you:

“Baby, thanks for coming over.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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